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Does anything change now that you can only get +25% noncombats? Optimal tire stacking in Burnbarrel, for example.

There are many possible goals for Hobopolis: Helping Richard make items in order to build stats for leveling, collecting nickels and gaining Dungeon Loot are the most common. Those are fairly simple so this guide shall focus on the three items that require efficient strategies: Hodgman's whackin' stick, Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat and Hodgman's imaginary hamster.

Each of these special loot drops require Hobopolis to be completed in a single day. That means that after you open the sewers, you must defeat Hodgman before rollover, or your clan will not receive any of the special items. To gain Hodgman's whackin' stick you will need to complete Hobopolis in less than 3700 turns, to gain Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat you'll need to complete Hobopolis in less than 2300 turns and to gain Hodgman's imaginary hamster it will need to be completed in less than 1100 turns.

Maximizing Non-combat Frequency

You need to know how to maximize your non-combat frequency to kill multiple hobos at once and clear Hobopolis quickly.

A Maze of Sewer Tunnels

Hobopolis runs trying to make Hodgman's imaginary hamster drop require special strategy in the sewers, which is discussed in this section.

To clear the sewers each person must "explore" 100 times. Each enemy you defeat counts as 1 exploration. Choice adventures that involve a Sewer Tunnel allow you to gain a variable number of explorations, speeding up your run.

An equipped hobo code binder will count for up to 9 explorations when you explore each Sewer Tunnel, depending on how many glyphs are in the binder. "Item encounters" will count as 1 exploration, depending on which randomly selected checks are used. The items involved will be used up if the appropriate random check is triggered.

Encounter Value
Monster (C. H. U. M. chieftain, C. H. U. M. , goldfish, or gator) 1
Sewer Tunnel: 3 Tunnels (Glyph test, ~3-7+) 1
Sewer Tunnel: Ladder (Glyph test, ~10-14+) 3
Sewer Tunnel: 3 Ladders (Glyph test, ~17-20) 5
Sewer Tunnel: Goldfish (unfortunate dumplings) 1
Sewer Tunnel: C.H.U.M. (sewer wad) 1
Sewer Tunnel: Drunken C.H.U.M. (bottle of Ooze-O) 1
Sewer Tunnel: Iron Bars (3x oil of oiliness for each bars encounter) 1
Sewer Tunnel: Sewage Pipe (gatorskin umbrella equipped) 1
Sewer Tunnel: Grate 5

First of all, maximize your non-combats as discussed above. Then equip your hobo binder in your off-hand. If you don't have many glyphs in your hobo binder, then you'll need to make sure that your inventory contains a supply of sewer wad, bottle of Ooze-O, oil of oiliness and unfortunate dumplings.

Secondly, it is helpful to have someone who will trap themselves in the cage, called "cage bait". This means that the first person into the sewer is expected to adventure until reaching The C.H.U.M. Cage. Once caged, they are expected to stay in the cage until every other member of the clan has gotten through the sewer. This will prevent any other member of the clan from being caged, as only one person can be in the cage at a time. One of the other members of the clan passing through the sewer is expected to free him on their journey by choosing to "Head down the ladder" when they reach The Former or the Ladder. Even after this is done, the cage bait will still appear to be locked in the cage until they choose to "Wait for rescue", which should not be done until after everyone has cleared the sewers. The cage bait can log out if they wish and log back in later when they're ready to play once more.

The first people through the sewer are responsible for turning valves, which decreases combat frequency, and opening grates, which allows another clan member to pass through the last grate. There are a total of 20 valves and 20 grates, all of which should be turned and opened. It is recommended that players use DrEvi1's Raid Log Manager to keep count of how many have been done. Once all grates and valves are complete sewer passage will be much faster.

Hobopolis Town Square

For runs aiming for Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat and Hodgman's whackin' stick, people will want as many turns as possible. This means eating and possibly drinking in the marketplace to gain adventures from the best food and booze in the game. To do this, keep running negative Combat Frequency modifiers and make sure your hobo binder is still equipped. When the marketplace non-combat appears, enter and head to the food court.

Each person can eat and drink in the hobo marketplace (for 20 nickels each). Note that you can eat only once and drink only once per instance, but you can do both. Going to market will add to the run's turncount, but there should be plenty of leeway.

  • Marketplace Food: 5 Fullness for 60-80 adventures (avg of 14 adventures/fullness)
  • Marketplace Booze: 5 Drunkenness for 40-60 adventures (avg of 10 adventures/drunk)

Every kill should create a scarehobo part. Each scarehobo will kill 6-10 hobos. You need to create a total of 214 of each part to complete Town Square, so divide the work up amongst the group. Coordinate in chat and check Richard to see what parts need creating and make sure that each element doesn't go over 214. It will possibly require some more hobo killing at the end due to the range of the scarehobos. Do not tell Richard to make scarehobos, as it is easy to lose track of the number of parts and how many scarehobos you have created.

Once the tent shows up people can mosh if there are a bunch of willing clannies with class instruments equipped, but it isn't necessary unless you are trying to get a hamster. This is discussed more in-depth in the hamster section.

Side Areas

To minimize turn count in the side areas you will need to pay some attention to the order that you complete them. You must not complete Burnbarrel Blvd. before Exposure Esplanade. You must not enter The Purple Light District until after you've prepared it in Exposure Esplanade and finally you must not enter The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground until it has been prepared in The Purple Light District. Which side areas you choose to complete are important in runs for Hodgman's special items.

Exposure Esplanade

The key thing here is to note that each player only gets to yodel their heart out out only once per dungeon instance per ascension, so it is optimal to maximize the number of people in the zone or to have players ascend in order to complete multiple big yodels. It is also helpful to avoid having hobos cry out frequently, which can deplete hundreds of icicles from the zone. Carbohydrate Cudgel is one way to kill hobos without having them cry out; plinking strategies can also work on high-level characters that can withstand the hobos' special attacks.

Once Burnbarrel Blvd. is at image 8 or higher, going CLUE will no longer produce icicles, so this must be completed first.

  • Piping Cold: Go all CLUE on the pipe at the beginning of the run to maximize icicle production. Towards the end of the Esplanade once there are plenty of icicles you need to turn the second valve 21 times to open the club in The Purple Light District, although you may want to turn the valve fewer times if you intend to flimflam the crowd in Getting Clubbed to get access to A Chillier Night in The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground.
  • The Frigid Air: Always open the freezer. This is necessary because the adventure won't go away until you do this five times and this choice won't harm you or add any hobos to the area.
  • There Goes Fritz!: For basic runs in which you're killing hobos instead of using CLEESH or free runs, and in which you aren't sitting on the yodel NC while waiting for other players, there are different correct strategies depending on the number of yodelers available. These numbers assume players are running -30% combat rate modifiers and that the adventure occurs with 4% likelihood.
    • With 1 available yodeler, together make 101 pipes, yodeling a little along the way, before switching to yodeling your heart out.
    • With 2 available yodelers, together make 73 pipes, yodeling a little along the way, before switching to yodeling your heart out when you encounter There Goes Fritz!.
    • With 3 available yodelers, have one player first make 54 pipes and yodel their heart out if they encounter There Goes Fritz!, and then have all other players kill hobos and yodel their hearts out.
    • With 4 available yodelers, have one player first make 40 pipes and yodel their heart out if they encounter There Goes Fritz!, and then have all other players kill hobos and yodel their hearts out.
    • With 5 available yodelers, have one player first make 31 pipes and yodel their heart out if they encounter There Goes Fritz!, and then have all other players kill hobos and yodel their hearts out.
    • With 6 available yodelers, have one player first make 25 pipes and yodel their heart out if they encounter There Goes Fritz!, and then have all other players kill hobos and yodel their hearts out.
    • Returns from using more than 6 players diminish quickly.
    • If players are willing to use CLEESH or free runs on hobos to reduce turn count, the pipe thresholds will be higher. Even more optimal strategies involve players making pipes and sitting on There Goes Fritz! until all players have reached it, and then having one player yodel their heart out and finish making pipes, followed by all other players immediately yodeling their hearts out.

Burnbarrel Blvd.

The key thing is to keep count of the number of tires. Use DrEvi1's Raid Log Manager to note the total number of tires on the pile, and you can keep track of how many tires are added with dungeon announcements in clan chat. A few people with the most combat modifiers on should do this area, to avoid confusion.

This zone must not be progressed past image7 until after Exposure Esplanade is done. Otherwise, you won't be able to make more icicles.

  • Hot Dog! I Mean... Door!: Leave the door alone, as it adds hobos to the area.
  • Piping Hot: Leave the valve alone, as turning it will add to the number of times you need to divert water or flimflam at the club.
  • Getting Tired: Pile up a stack of 34 tires, then knock it down. Make another pile of 34 tires and knock it down also. The next pile should only be 29 tires, to only kill as many hobos as necessary. After this you will be close enough to Ol' Scratch that more tires would be adding turns, so ignore the non-combats and kill hobos. If you got more non-combat adventures than usual, it's possible that you could need a larger last tirevalanche.
    • 34 tires is optimal because the combat frequency is decreased in proportion to the number of tires on the pile. After this point the noncombat aventures occur rarely enough that it is more productive to knock down the tires, and reset the combat frequency.

The Heap

A simple zone that can be adventured in by any number of clan members. You should maximize non-combat frequency to get the most volcanoes to get the Stench level of the zone up to 8 so the clan can explore the junkpile.

  • The Compostal Service: Begone; Be green will decrease the stench level. However, if 5 instances of I Refuse! or You vs. The Volcano have passed without using Be green, you will want to use Be green in order to ensure that this NC remains in the Adventure Queue. Otherwise, You vs. The Volcano will be much less likely, which will slow you down.
  • You vs. The Volcano: Kick the stuff into the hole
  • I Refuse!: Explore the junkpile. It's possible for each clan member to wait at the non-combat for the rest of the clan to receive the adventure, and then explore the junkpile together without having to build up stench again. This doesn't make your run faster, but will give clan members more chance at special items.

The Purple Light District

The key to this zone is getting into the club. Contrary to common sense and the rest of the game, this requires boosting combat frequency. You need to flimflam and have diverted cold water from the Esplanade a total of 21 times. If you've previously diverted water 13 times, you now need to flimflam 8 times. These flimflams also serve the purpose of opening up A Chiller Night in the Burial Ground. Remember to increase Combat Frequency!

Do this before the Burial Ground. Even if cold water was diverted more than 13 times you need to make sure that you flimflam 8 times or else the A Chiller Night adventure won't appear as much as you need to finish the area quickly. Any number of people can do this zone as long as they keep track of total flimflams.

  • Getting Clubbed: Make sure water was previously diverted 21 times from the Esplanade. The club should be open once the PLD unlocks, so from the start choose "Try to get inside" and then "Pick several fights" to kill 10% of all the sleaze hobos. Once the PLD moves to image 7 or 8, pick "Try to flimflam the crowd" 8 times. Now return to entering the club, until the PLD reaches halfway through image 9. At this point stop boosting combats and kill hobos normally.
  • The Furtivity of My City: An unlikely encounter with combat frequency boosted, but if it shows up "Intimidate him" increases the stench level in the Heap by one, allowing I Refuse! more often.

The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground

To kill this zone efficiently requires non-combat modifiers and dancing in the A Chiller Night adventure. This adventure has a certain amount of preparation required to kill many hobos. It requires three turns of watching the dance which kill no hobos at all. Then the effectiveness of the dance will slowly increase the more it is done. Optimally you will want only two people in this zone, no more. A single person could do it, but that would require more adventures than you want a single person to have to use in a single area. Each flimflam in the club will allow you to encounter A Chiller Night 5 times. The most optimal way to do this zone is to flimflam at the club 8 times. This is enough for 2 people to study dance moves 3 times and dance 17 times each.

Hodgman's whackin' stick

While it is not necessary to defeat every single boss to gain a Whackin' Stick, it is considered preferable since that way you can gain a lot of additional loot in a single day. Optimally this will be done by a group of 10 people. Following the method outlined above, the entire dungeon can easily be cleared in 2900 to 3400 turns. That means every player will need to spend 290-340 turns each. If you eat and drink in the marketplace along with Hi Meins and Super Cocktails, it is easy to have that many adventures. To build up a safety buffer it is a good idea to bank turns from the previous day so you can start off with 200 turns before eating, drinking and spleening.

After you open the dungeon you will have to kill Hodgman before rollover so it is a good idea to unflood the sewer just after rollover and have someone ready to become cage bait before anyone else goes in. That way every member of the clan can feel free to spend their turns whenever they are free in their own time. It makes recruiting players for the run much easier.

Next everyone goes through the sewer with the first players opening grates and turning valves until 20 of each have been completed.

Then scarehobo parts are made. As soon as the side zones are opened, players should complete them according to the above plan. Finally make the last scarehobos and have Richard go on a scarehobo spree to kill off every hobo in Town Square. There may well be a few hobos left, so kill them off and make final scarehobos as you see fit.

Finally, the zone bosses and Hodgman are all that are left alive. A single player of level 20+ can buff up and kill them all. It is recommended for a single player to do this since it saves buffing costs. If the boss killer increases item drops by 500%, the expendables that they drop should easily bring in enough money to finance the dungeon along with a bit of a profit. There are no special instructions for killing Hodgman as he'll be at his weakest since all his assistants are already dead.

This method will usually produce 10-13 pieces of loot to be split by the 10 players involved and recoup the million meat you spent to open the instance. Quite a nice haul indeed.

Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat

The optimally sized party for an overcoat run is 7 people. Fewer than that and you'll have to eat an expensive diet to get enough turns or else skip zones. More than that and you'll have to split the loot too many ways.

The run proceeds mostly like a Whackin' Stick run, except that you are only completing two to three zones. You only need to complete The Heap to weaken Hodgman enough for an ordinary high level character to kill him.

After that, you can choose which sidezones and bosses you wish to clear, but if you are running short on turns or don't have enough players then you can just finish Hobopolis Town Square and The Heap.

It should be noted that since you are not finishing all the zones in addition to Hodgman there will be less loot to split and the dungeon will not be able to recoup the million meat opening fee so you will need the clan members to pay the price.

To kill Hodgman with Oscus dead, all that is required is to use a pufferfish spine on the first round and gobs of wet hair afterwards.

There is actually an advanced strategy for allowing a group to complete all five zones in under 2300 turns, but it costs a lot more meat and effort. If you are really interested in the method, read it on the AFH Forum.

The AFH guide seems to be missing. An archived version is here.This replacement attempts to optimise each zone. Be aware it is a work in progress.

Hodgman's imaginary hamster

Whereas the Stick and Overcoat merely require discipline and method, this last item requires preparation, rigorous coordination and a bit of luck. To kill Hodgman in less than 1100 turns requires exactly 7 players plus one volunteer to play cage bait for a total of 8 people. It is possible to manage without the cage bait, but that does require a tiny bit more luck so it won't be discussed here.

Each player needs to agree to be online simultaneously and available for coordination in chat. One member of each of the six classes must be represented whom we shall call the band members. Additionally there needs to be a seventh player, who can be of any class, who will mosh. The mosher will not need a class instrument, but each of the band members needs to have previously purchased their class instrument. Additionally each player needs to have at least 17 glyphs in their hobo binder although 20 is preferable.

One of the players -- it can be any of the bandmembers or the moshers -- is special since they will be the one assigned to kill Hodgman. The killer must have funkslinging available, and must be able to muster 7200+ HP with only weapon, offhand, and familiar equipment. (The Disembodied Hand helps a lot.) Brimstone Bludgeons/Bunkers are preferred, but if your Slayer hasn't done Bad Moon, an appropriately-bedazzled stickersword and whacking sticks are useful, as well as Zombo's shield if a TT.

Because 1100 turns is barely enough time to finish off Hobopolis Town Square, you must never kill a hobo or sewer monster if it does not advance your cause. If you have access to any reliable source of free runaways (as opposed to a peppermint parasol or the like), they're the better option since they don't cost anyone a turn. Failing that, you can use CLEESH; the amphibian that replaces the dungeon monster will cost that player an Adventure (unless it doesn't), but the raid log won't count it against the 1100-turn limit.

A Maze of Sewer Tunnels

You must pass the sewer without killing a single monster. Each monster that you encounter must be CLEESHed. You must always make sure that your inventory contains a supply of sewer wad, bottle of Ooze-O, oil of oiliness and unfortunate dumplings. Also make certain you are always wielding a gatorskin umbrella in your main hand (a Disembodied Hand doesn't count, and your off-hand is full). Don't forget to equip your hobo binder at all times. It is essential to pass the sewer in the fewest turns possible.
All monsters in the sewer will be CLEESHed to avoid wasting a Hobopolis turn. Note that after the CLEESH, it is okay to kill the monster.
No valves will be turned. Their only purpose is to reduce combat frequency. Any monster you CLEESH will cost the player a turn, but those turns will not appear on the raid log even though the player suffers from the encounter. Remember that raid log turns are all that matter for the hamster so turned valves are wasted turns.
The first person into the sewer must be the cage bait. Their job is to CLEESH any monster found, open any grate encounters, and choose to play in the water at any other noncombat, which will result in CLEESHing a sewer monster. Once caged, they are to stay in that cage until the dungeon is flooded.
After the cage bait has been caught, everyone else will enter. They will CLEESH all monsters, skip valve and ladder noncombats, and open all grates until a certain number of grates have been opened. How many? It depends on your glyphcounts. See this link, but note that it does not account for the "At Last!" adventure, which costs a turn per player.. Note that if you decide to open all 20 grates, any players with 20 glyphs only need to carry one sewer wad, one bottle of ooze-o, and three oils of oiliness.
After your requisite number of grates has been opened, everyone will continue to CLEESH-and-kill monsters, but will now tunnel at noncombats.

Hobopolis Town Square Part One

Do not eat or drink in the marketplace. Those turns in the marketplace will count against the 1100 limit. You'll be lucky if you have enough turns to spare that you can afford to spend turns in the marketplace.
The task now is for each of the band members to make 105 of their assigned hobo part. It is helpful for them to each have chosen an element in advance and stick with this single element for the entirety of the run. This will prevent confusion.
Now you make 105 scarehobos and check to see if Town Square is on image 125. (Image 125 (aka 12.5) follows image 12 and precedes image 14 because of Jick's dislike of the number 13.) If image 125 is displayed then you go to the next section. If it is not on image 125, then each person will make a single hobo part in a predetermined sequence and check to see if the image has advanced. Continue making parts until you see image 125, but do not make any more scarehobos.
Now that you have reached image 125 a new adventure Attention -- A Tent! can appear. This adventure is key to completing the run in 1100 turns or less.

Hobopolis Town Square Part Two: Taking the Stage!

Until you reach Attention -- A Tent!, band members and the mosher should CLEESH every hobo they encounter. You do not want to waste turns killing hobos now.
All band members and the mosher should maximize noncombat and CLEESH hobos until they reach the tent. Either everyone can wait at the Tent adventure until everyone has found it and then go inside OR people can go inside as they find it. It does *not* change the encounter rate if people go inside the tent as they find it. It is purely a matter of personal preference for whomever is leading the run.
When going inside the tent, all the band members should choose to "Slip in the back, Jack". The Mosher chooses "Head in the front, uh... Joe". Once all six band members are up on stage, the Mosher then chooses "Try to start a mosh pit". This will kill a lot of hobos.
Once the Mosher has moshed, all of the band members need to leave the stage. If they don't, and the Tent is reopened, it will create "ghost members" and screw up the next show. It's very important that all band members are off the stage before the next tent is opened.

Hobopolis Town Square Part Three: Cooldown type I

Do this twice.

After a mosh pit the tent will not reappear until 99-101 hobos have been killed.
The first two cooldowns are the easiest since you can make a lot of scarehobos for use later. Kill exactly 100 hobos in town square. Two band members will kill 16 hobos while the other four kill 17 hobos. Make sure everyone knows which group they are in.
Once the cooldown is finished, the image will change to show an open tent. If the tent is not open, kill 1 hobo at a time until it is, then proceed with the moshing as before. You will need another cooldown after each mosh.
This type of cooldown can only be used twice. After the second time you use a type I cooldown you'll have so many scarebos that you'll need to use them, so move on to a type II cooldown.

Hobopolis Town Square Part Four: Cooldown type II

Do this two or three times.

Unfortunately there is a large range of hobo kills on each scarehobo. This random factor is now your enemy and will need to be dealt with. The average kills per scarehobo is 8, but sometimes it will drop as low as 6 or rise as high as 10. This will make it hard to kill exactly 100 hobos between moshes, so you'll have to do a lot of checking.
First your group leader tells Richard to make 11 scarehobos. If you're feeling paranoid about the RNG you can tell him to create 10 scarehobos. This will require you to spend more time coordinating and surviving boredom, but it can only help your chances of success. Similarly, if you're optimistic that the RNG will never give a worse than average scarehobo, then feel free to create 12 scarehobos.
Now you need to check to see if the tent is available. Make sure all the band members know their order (the same order that Richard lists his parts is easy to remember: hot, cold, stench, spooky, sleazy, physical). Each bandmember will take a turn checking to see if the tent flap is open and if it is not then they will make a hobo part and the next band member will take a turn.
Once the tent is open, all band members and the Slayer will CLEESH their way to the tent. Once everyone is at the tent, mosh as before.
Naturally after each tent you need to enter another cooldown phase. Once you no longer have a sufficient backlog of scarehobos you'll move on to the slightly more complicated type III cooldown. (If you are making 11 scarehobos to start the cooldown, then you'll move to type III if you do not currently have 11 scarehobos waiting to be made.)

Hobopolis Town Square Part Five: Cooldown type III

Do this until you have moshed 7 times total.

Now that you have fewer scarehobos stored up than you need to make, you'll need to use math to figure out how many hobos you need to kill. Keep in mind that you want to kill less than 100 hobos.
Figure that each scarehobo is worth 8 kills, so take the number of scarehobos currently ready for deployment, multiply that by 8 and subtract it from 100 to find out how many additional hobos you need to kill. Take that number and divide it by 14 to find out how many additional scarehobos you need to make. That is the number of parts that each band member needs to make.
I'd recommend aiming for one scarehobo less than the result of that calculation, just to be on the safe side. However if you've had good luck so far then you can afford to be generous.
After your band members make the necessary number of hobos, the leader should tell Richard to deploy the scarehobos. While this reduces your number of parts to zero, you should expect them to fill back up before find the tent.
As previously, have each band member check the tent and then create a part if they don't find it. Once the tent is open, everyone including the Slayer will go to the tent and you continue the process of moshing.
This continues until you have moshed 7 times. You only need one more mosh to complete hobopolis, so move on to the final cooldown for your final cooldown.

Hobopolis Town Square Part Six: Final Cooldown

It is time for the eighth and final mosh so this last cooldown is simplified by knowing how many turns you have left. You will gain a hamster if Hodgman is killed before 1101 turns. That means you are only allowed 1093 turns before your final mosh since the mosh will require 7 turns and it will take 1 additional turn to kill Hodgman. (Yes, if you fight him at 1100 and win, you get the hamster.) Use DrEvi1's Raid Log Manager to total up the number of turns that have been spent in the dungeon. Subtract the turns you've spent from 1093 to find out how many turns you can spend making hobo parts before your final mosh.
Using the technique that you used in Phase III, calculate the number of scarehobos will need to be deployed to complete the cooldown. At this point everyone is stir crazy and frantic, so if you can simply make extra scarehobos to skip a tedious cooldown process, then you should feel free. Enjoy the freedom to add any reasonable number of scarehobos to the total that your remaining turns will allow.
If you do not have enough remaining turns to make the necessary scarehobos, it is time to pray to the RNG. Make all the scarehobos that you dare to make. Then check the tent. If DrEvi1's Raid Log Manager says that you have taken more than 1093 turns, then you'll have to resign yourself to an overcoat. However, if you find the tent using only 1093 or fewer turns, then victory is yours!
If you can spare a few turns it might be nice to have them in case your Slayer fails to kill Hodgman on the first try. Mosh for the eighth and final time and now you are ready to kill Hodgman.

Hodgman, The Hoboverlord

This is the final challenge: Killing Hodgman without having killed any of the zone bosses.
Now it is time for the Slayer to go to bat. The Slayer must get high HP both directly (Maximizing Your HP) and indirectly (Maximizing Your Muscle) using only weapon, offhand, and familiar equipment. How high does HP have to be? There appears to be slight variation, but 7200 has been found to be sufficient. Stuns and staggers, such as from a potato, are worthless here, as Hodgman is immune to them.

Two types of item are required:

Every round, Hodgman + Oscus do increasing damage: 10, 30, 90, 270, etc. As well, Hodgman can hit for a lot of damage (around 2,000 at least).


  • Go in fully healed.
  • Sling two spines.
  • If the next round's environmental damage + 2000 is more than your maximum hp, sling one spine and jelly/protocol, otherwise repeat the previous step.
  • Otherwise, sling two spines.

After you use 17 spines and 1 jelly/protocol, the spines will kill Hodgman with 28010 damage on round 9.

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