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what is the frequency rate of hobo code advs?

hobo code binder
hobo code binder

This is a hobo code binder (or Hobocobo, for short) -- a device used by hobos to keep track of the vastly complicated code of glyphs and sigils they use to communicate. And it's the cheap, ordinary kind of binder, because hobos can't afford Trapper Keepers.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: hobo code binders)
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Item number: 3220
Description ID: 608608209
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Obtained From

Hobopolis Town Square
Mind Yer Binder (30 hobo nickels)

When Used

  • Without having learned more about the hobo code:
You flip through the hobo code binder. It contains a good overview of basic hobo code.
  • After having encountered any of the hobo code adventures:
You flip through the hobo code binder. It contains a good overview of basic hobo code, plus notes you've gathered from your experiences in <areas you learned code in>.


  • The binder must be equipped to encounter the glyph adventures.
  • Although the exact mechanics are unknown, hobo code adventures which grant glyphs are believed to be superlikely adventures with a high rejection rate. They are not affected by Combat Frequency modifiers. Clara's bell and stench jelly have no effect on encountering them.
  • When the first glyph is found, a new section in the Quest Log opens which lists the Hobo glyph(s) you have found.
  • When the Binder is equipped, the number of hobocodes that are in it assist in the Sewer Tunnel and The Hobo Marketplace.
    • A Left-Hand Man holding the binder will help you navigate the marketplace, but will not help you pass the Sewer Tunnel tests.
  • Allows the special hobo code adventures to be encountered. The hobo codes are retained through ascensions similar to the demon names. The 20 adventures are:
Location Adventure Availability
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship Number 163 normal
The "Fun" House They Hate Mimes, Too normal
The Enormous Greater-Than Sign1 Elbereth? Who's Elbereth? don't finish discovering the secret
The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues)1 God Bless, Bra during Mysterious Island Quest
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert How Dry I Am normal
The Sleazy Back Alley For Sale By Squatter normal
Thugnderdome3 Now You're a Hero Wombat, Blender, or Packrat moon sign
Belowdecks2 My Little Stowaway temporarily unavailable during Mysterious Island Quest
Camp Logging Camp3 Stumped Platypus, Opossum, or Marmot moon sign
Bugbear Pens (pre-Felonia)1, 3 Bacon Bacon Bacon
The Defiled Nook1 They Gave at the Morgue during Undefile the Cyrpt Quest
The Poker Room It's In the Cards normal
The Road to the White Citadel1 Breakfast of Champions during White Citadel Quest
Noob Cave How Do I Shot Web? normal
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 3 He's a Melancholy Drunk normal
The Limerick Dungeon Thud normal
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen Not So Much With the Corncob Pipes, Either. normal
The Unquiet Garves They Hate That normal
Cola Wars Battlefield (Undisguised)1 A Funny Thing Happened On the Way Only accessible at level 4 and 5
The eXtreme Slope Not a Standard-Issue Windowsill, Obviously normal
  • Take note of the marked adventures:
    1The appropriate zone is only accessible for a limited time during the course of a single ascension, usually when a certain quest has been begun but has not yet been completed. Check the individual zones' wiki pages for more information.
    2The appropriate zone becomes unavailable for a limited time during the course of a single ascension, when a certain quest is in progress.
    3The appropriate zone is only accessible while ascending under certain moon signs.


  • A Trapper Keeper is a popular brand of binder that is of a higher quality than a regular binder.
  • Hobo code is an actual series of symbols used by hobos to communicate.


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