History is Fun! (The Rise of the House of Spookyraven)

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History is Fun!
History is Fun!

Man, this book is long! Which part do you want to read?

Read Chapter 1: The Arrival

This chapter tells the story of young Lord Spookyraven's arrival, by boat, in Seaside Town. Some sources say he came from Distant Lands, while others claim he hailed from Parts Unknown.

All of the sources agree on one thing, however: He was really, really creepy, and his creepiness was eclipsed only by his eccentricity.

He spent the first few years of his time in Seaside Town living in a series of squalid apartments, attempting (unsuccessfully) to make his fortune.

He eventually discovered that he had a knack both for dealing in rare books and for grooming animals, and he consequently opened Spookyraven's Hard-to-Find Bookstore and Hard-to-Wash Pet Salon on the Right Side of the Tracks.

Read Chapter 2: The Manor

Elevated by the success of his bookstore and pet salon, Lord Spookyraven became a pillar of the Seaside Town community. A pillar that was composed mostly of huge piles of Meat. Having achieved both popularity and wealth, he began to cast about for the one thing missing from his life -- love.

In a nightclub on the Wrong Side of the Tracks, he met Lady Spookyraven. They took the astonishing coincidence of their names to be an unmistakable sign that they should marry, which they did almost immediately.

Lord Spookyraven then leveraged his considerable fortunes to build the finest mansion Seaside Town had ever seen, a sprawling 8-room edifice he named "Spookyraven Manor."

The pitter-patter of little feet was soon to follow, as Lord Spookyraven sired twin children, Stephen and Elizabeth.

Read Chapter 3: Things Get Weird

As the earnings from Lord Spookyraven's bookstore and pet salon increased, so did the size and depth of his personal collection of books. Historians believe that Lord Spookyraven stumbled upon his first text of Ancient Forbidden Unspeakable Evil by accident, but are all agreed that once he got a taste for it, it fit him like a glove. Historians then apologized for mixing food and clothing metaphors.

By the time Stephen and Elizabeth were five years old, Lord Spookyraven had become more and more reclusive and distant from his family, spending nearly all of his time in his library, poring over ancient tomes.

Occurs by choosing the Read "The Rise of the House of Spookyraven" option of Take a Look, it's in a Book! (Rise) in The Haunted Library.