Hippopotamus skirt

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hippopotamus skirt
hippopotamus skirt

This is not, as the name implies, a skirt designed to be worn by hippopotami (although they do tend to look lovely in a tutu). It’s a skirt made out of hippopotamus skin, designed to be worn by you. For some reason, just looking at it makes you hungry. Hungry.

Type: pants
Power: 130
Moxie Required: 50
Selling Price: 141 Meat.

Maximum HP +25

(In-game plural: hippopotamus skirts)
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Item number: 1284
Description ID: 992224386
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Hatpants.gif skirt / kilt kit hippopotamus skin
Equals.gif hippopotamus skirt


  • This item can only be smithed by female characters. Male characters instead create a hippopotamus kilt.


  • The hippos in tutus comes from The Dance of the Hours portion of Walt Disney's Fantasia, where various creatures (including hippos) recreate the original ballet. See also the Hippo Ballet To You adventure.
  • The description also alludes to the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, where it is mentioned that just looking at the hippopotamus skirt makes you feel "hungry. Hungry."

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