Hip to Be Square Dancin'

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Hip to Be Square Dancin'

Hip to Be Square Dancin'

You have an old-timey square-dance song stuck in your head. It makes you want to allemand left, allemand right, and do-si-do. The fact that you don't know how to do any of those things only bothers you a little bit.

+10% Item Drops from Monsters

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Effect number: 229
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  • The name of this effect is a combination of the song title "Hip to Be Square" by Huey Lewis & The News and the square dance, an "old-timey" folk dance in which someone who isn't dancing (usually a musician) calls out maneuvers for the dancers to execute. The calling tradition has made the names of maneuvers like the do-si-do well-known, even among people who have never square danced.

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