High-grade metal

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high-grade metal
high-grade metal

Gotpork is so overrun with criminals that the normal supply chains have broken down. If you want to fabricate anything out of metal, you're gonna have to get the metal yourself.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Can be used in the Bat-Cavern's Bat-Fab to make Bat-oomerangs

(In-game plural: pieces of high-grade metal)
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Item number: 8804
Description ID: 247023626
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Gotpork City Sewers
liquid plumber (2)
mid-level mook (1-2)
Gotpork Clock, Inc.
clockwork man (3)
high-level mook (2)
Gotpork Conservatory of Flowers
low-level mook
Gotpork Foundry
Frisking the Foundry (6)
high-level mook (2)
Gotpork Gardens Cemetery
lovestruck goth dude
low-level mook
Gotpork Municipal Reservoir
low-level mook
The Old Gotpork Library
mid-level mook (1-2)
Porkham Asylum
Assessing the Asylum (6)
mid-level mook (1-2)
Trivial Pursuits, LLC
high-level mook (2)
Rockin' Robin (in Gotpork only)