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Oyster Egg Day, Mr. Screege's spectacles, and certain messages of Just the Facts also use hiding places, allowing one to find the hiding places of new locations.
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Some other mechanics likely make use of such hiding places as well. The Lil' Doctor™ bag probably does, but this needs to be confirmed.

This page shows all the possible hiding places to Hide a Gift! or subsequently find A hidden surprise! during Crimbo 2014. The following items and events also make use of hiding places:

Environmental Hiding Places

Terrain Type Hiding Places
Indoors under a recliner behind a nightstand in the cushions of a couch
Outdoors behind a tree in a mailbox buried near a tree under a rock
Underground behind a stalactite behind a stalagmite in a darkened cranny
Underwater inside a conch shell under an anemone behind a clownfish in a barnacle in a sunken chest

Zone-Specific Hiding Places

Zone Hiding Places
1st Floor, Shiawase-Mitsuhama Building in the paper tray of an expensive photocopier under a security robot on top of a security camera in a box of paperclips hidden above the acoustic-tile ceiling under somebody's keyboard
2nd Floor, Shiawase-Mitsuhama Building in a yakuza's pocket under the Coffee-sama in the change return slot of a snack machine in a security robot's ammo bin inside an accounting ledger
3rd Floor, Shiawase-Mitsuhama Building in a box of corporate-logo throwing stars in a locked supply cabinet in a nest of tangled ethernet cables pinned to a breakroom notice board in a box of coffee filters inside an empty donut box in a box of extra-sharp pencils
8-Bit Realm inside a coin block under a turtle behind a secret wall resting on an invisible platform at the bottom of a pit of spikes at the top of a flagpole
12 West Main behind the merch table behind the stage in the alley where all the smokers hang out under one of the board game tables under one of the tablecloths up in the green room
A Barroom Brawl being thrown through a plate-glass window behind an overturned table in a pile of shattered pint mugs next to a smashed barstool in a puddle of spilled beer in a bowl of pretzels
A-boo Peak inside a Whatsian's bigger-on-the-inside backpack inside a Dusken Raider's makeup kit inside a Space Tourist's fanny pack under a Claybender ghost's spellbook behind a gravestone shaped like a Battlie Knight
A Deserted Stretch of I-911 behind a traffic cone under a pylon near a stalled fire truck in the cab of a sewer tanker under the giant wheels of a monster truck taped to the bumper of a sketchy van
A Grocery Bag inside one of the Eggs of Confidence's shells in the bag with the Bread of Wonder behind the Potatoes of Security at the bottom of the bag, in a dented box sticking out of the top of the bag like celery in those weird pin-up drawings
A Kitchen Drawer behind the Whisk of Misery under the Spatula of Despair within the Cookie Cutter of Loneliness inside the drawer, just tall enough to make the drawer stick, darnit on top of the Butterknife of Regret
A Massive Ziggurat underneath one of the ziggurat steps under a helium balloon that's making the ziggurat lighter under a patch of dense liana between two of the enormous stone blocks nestled in a patch of moss, doo dah, doo dah
A Maze of Sewer Tunnels inside one of those dang C.H.U.M. cages bobbing along in the filth lodged in the jaws of a sewer gator floating next to a zombie goldfish in a C.H.U.M.'s filthy knapsack bobbing in a little eddy in the filth
A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters under a skinned lynyrd under a fleet woodsman's toque in a nearby eagle's nest in the flight case of a Jefferson pilot in a discarded robe from a Blue Oyster cultist
A Monorail Station under the tracks. next to a pylon. behind a monorail car.
An Illicit Bohemian Party in a hep cat's hep flask in the cigarette girl's tray next to two rhapsodic Bohemians on the trolley under an unconscious Bohemian
An Incredibly Strange Place (Bad Trip) under a zombie baby stroller between piles of country bat guano in a beehive where all the bees have a single giant human eye.[sic] in a particularly misty corner of the Violet Fog nestled in the hairline of a trippy floating head
An Incredibly Strange Place (Great Trip) bustled in a hedgerow beneath a pile of angel feathers within the coils of a defeated higher plane serpent in an especially dense corner of the Violet Fog hidden in the beard of an Elder of the Ancient Race in the burrow of an astral badger
An Incredibly Strange Place (Mediocre Trip) hidden in the luxurious shag of the Best Carpet Ever as a lump beneath the world's most interesting wallpaper dangling from one of the notes of the visible music hidden in your hand the whole time, like, wow hidden in a giant-sized bag of Cheat-os
An Octopus's Garden amongst some rusted garden trowels in an algaepot buried under a sponge under an octopus's hat in a packet of seeds in a bushel of radishes
An Overgrown Shrine (Northeast) under an ancient shriner's fez under an ancient shriner's ancient tiny car inside the glove box of a tiny car in a pile of ancient hard candy wrapped in the dense liana under a pile of not-as-dense liana
An Overgrown Shrine (Northwest) under the dense liana next to an ancient carving under a bas-relief behind a miniature rolling ball trap, more like a marble, really inside a springing spike trap
An Overgrown Shrine (Southeast) under some crumbling masonry next to a statue of a boaraffe inside an already-sprung spike trap in a satchel around a skeleton's neck under a crumbing floor tile near a particularly dense patch of liana
An Overgrown Shrine (Southwest) next to a hidden trap under the dense liana behind a stone carving of a pygmy monkey under a statue of some pagan idol next to the body of the last jerk who tried to go into this shrine
Anemone Mine inside an anemone by the comically-oversized shoes of a killer clownfish in a Mer-kin miner's takebag in a caved-in mine tunnel under an overturned mine cart
Anger Man's Level in the most infuriating possible place under that stupid bag your roommate always leaves on the table under some dirty dishes that somebody left in the sink again underneath the neighbor's car that's parked in your space under a pile of dog crap some jerk left on the sidewalk
Art Class under a wad of clay in an elaborate metal sculpture cage taped to a misproportioned portrait in the teacher's desk next to the flask under one of the suspiciously bong-like sculptures the students insist on making mixed in with the colored pencils at the bottom of a bin full of oil pastels
Barf Mountain under a bag of garbage underneath the rollercoaster tracks in the bottom of a filthy rollercoaster car inside one of the line stanchions in an angry tourist's pocket
Barrrney's Barrr across from a buxom tavern wench in a bucket of rum in someone's appletini in the bartender's tip jar nailed to a dartboard falling over a balcony railing
Belowdecks in a box of spare parrots hanging from an eyepatch rack buried in a cask of gunpowder inside a spare cannon plugging a leak in the hull in a barrel of rusty cutlasses
Burnbarrel Blvd. under a burning barrel inside a steaming bindle inside the boiler of a steam engine under a coal scuttle, whatever that is behind a tire fire
Camp Logging Camp in a barrel of spare axe-handles under a lumberjack's ear-flap buried in a pile of sawdust under a pile of flannel shirts on either side of a saw in a lumberjack's beard
Chemistry Class in the basin of the eyewashing station on the shelf next to the sulfuric acid taped to the periodic table behind a bunsen burner at the bottom of an Erlenmeyer flask at the bottom of Mrs. K's flask
Chinatown Shops under a waving lucky cat statue on top of a stack of unreadable newspapers inside a carton of unfiltered cigarettes inside a fortune cookie mixed in with a display of cheap ceramic Buddhas in a jar of splintery wooden chopsticks
Chinatown Tenement behind some peeling wallpaper under a loose linoleum floor-tile under a yakuza thug in a gold farmer's backpack in a bill-filled mail slot in the pot of a brown plastic plant
Cobb's Knob Barracks inside a helmet on a shelf in a hollowed-out polearm handle behind a pair of foul-smelling boots in an extremely nasty laundry hamper inside a pair of discarded pants
Cobb's Knob Harem under a pile of throw pillows in a hidden, and slightly smelly, grotto beneath veil #6 of the nearest harem girl hidden inside an empty pair of harem pants deep between the cushions of a fainting couch under a harem guard's helmet
Cobb's Knob Kitchens behind a spice rack in a bucket of dirty spoons in the pocket of a cook's apron inside what is presumably a mousehole floating in a cauldron of stew underneath a cutting board
Cobb's Knob Laboratory underneath a mad scientist's assistant behind a rack of test tubes inside a mad scientist's lunchbox inside a whirling centrifuge inside an autoclave taped to a whiteboard with "DNE" written next to it
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 1 hidden in a fruit golem's discarded watermelon commented out of a BASIC elemental's code in the slime from a knob goblin mutant's egg hidden behind a poster of Rita Hayworth wedged in the meal slot of one of the cells
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 2 in a pile of Grass Elemental clippings under the leaves of a Carnivorous Moxie Weed lodged between the antlers of a Weremoose hidden behind a poster of Rita Hayworth nestled in the pocket of a sleeping menagerie guard
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 3 inside one of the booze giant's enormous empties between the folds of a portly abomination nestled in the tentacles of a spectral jellyfish hidden behind a poster of Rita Hayworth tied to the bars of an empty cell
Cobb's Knob Treasury in a treasure chest full of beans under an accountant under a Bean Counter's eyeshade in a box of rubberbands[sic] next to a stack of ledgers in the supply cabinet
Cola Wars Battlefield (Cloaca Uniform) in an 8-pack of Dyspepsi-Cola behind a discarded Dyspepsi-Cola shield in the crater left from an exploding cola grenade in a Dyspepsi-Cola soldier's kit bag through the (sierra) mist of war at the bottom of a mountain stream that runs through the battlefield
Crimbo Train (Caboose) at the end of a caboose sluice in the nest of a caboose goose under a box of caboose juice under a loose caboose board
Crimbo Train (Dining Car) behind the salt in one of the booths under one of the seat cushions under one of the tablecloths under one of those silver serving dish things
Crimbo Train (Passenger Car) behind one of the seats in one of the ashtrays in the back corner of a luggage rack underneath one of the bench seats
Cola Wars Battlefield (Dyspepsi Uniform) in the kit bag of a Cloaca-Cola soldier in the crater left by a Cloaca-Cola grenade under a propaganda leaflet that says Cloaca-Cola is a "real thing" in an empty, smoking shoe in a discarded Cloaca-Cola helmet
Domed City of Grimacia in the cat-alien's litter box in the dog-alien's dog-alien bed in the grizzled survivor's food cache in a whiny survivor's ripped-open knapsack in an unhinged survivor's ukulele collection in the ventilation ducts, naturally
Domed City of Ronaldus in the dogcat's catdog bed on the hamsterpus's running wheel in a ferrelf nest full of other shiny objects in the overarmed survivor's ammo cache in the unlikely survivor's pocket-protector'd pocket in the primitive survivor's primitive nesting spot
Doubt Man's Level in a box you're too stupid to unlock in the trunk of a car you won't ever be able to afford in the backpack of the person who the person you love loves right out in front of everybody, as if you have no shame at all
Dreadsylvanian Castle behind a candelabra under a painting whose eyes seem to follow you inside an urn beneath a bloodstained sheet under a vampire's discarded cape under an ancient tapestry
Dreadsylvanian Village in the horse trough in the oven in the bakery inside the fountain in the Village Square inside the blacksmith's cold forge under the gallows
Dreadsylvanian Woods in the embers of a hot bugbear's footprint. frozen solid inside a cold bugbear's footprint under one of those Tim-Burton trees that's all twisted and bare near (thankfully not too near) a pile of stench bugbear scat under a sleaze bugbear's magazine collection inside a gnarled tree stump that looks menacing from a distance
Drunken Stupor in your own pocket on top of your head in this gutter you're lying in under a pink elephant in your hand at the bottom of a bottle
Eager Rice Burrows inside a Rock Pop weasel's burrow inside [sic]chocolate hare's nest inside a chocolate-cherry prairie dog's tunnel in the licorice tall grass next to a chocolate mulberry bush
El Vibrato Island inside a construct that an industrious construct is building at the base of a towering construct keeping a lonely construct company in the shadow of a hulking construct at the base of a mysterious plinth
Engineering inside a Battlesuit Bugbear Type in a puddle of liquid metal bugbear in a box with discs for BugbearOS 8 stuck onto a bugbear drone inside a Jeffries tube
Exposure Esplanade under a little teepee of icicles inside a snowman's torso in a frozen bindle frozen to the bottom of a chest freezer hanging on the end of an icicle
Fear Man's Level behind your own gravestone under the smoldering ashes of your home far far away, where everyone you love went at the bottom of a barrel of broken glass and rusty razor blades
Galley in the trendy bugbear chef's tank of liquid nitrogen in the trendy bugbear chef's famous octopus tartare, served as a balloon in the angry cavebugbear's collection of shiny objects in the angry cavebugbear's angry cave
Globe Theatre Backstage in a box of miscellaneous props in a drawer in one of the actors' dressing rooms in the pocket of a costume robe under a sandbag under an understudy
Globe Theatre Main Stage behind a fake bush in an actor's pocket inside a fake tree stump underneath one of the Groundlings' chairs up in the rafters with the stage lighting
Grey Goo Impact Site in some grey goo under some grey goo behind some grey goo
Guano Junction buried in a pile of guano behind a pile of guano between two piles of guano between a rock and a pile of guano next to a pile of guano
Gumdrop Forest under a candied pecan tree in the coils of a licorice snake in a pile of pixie sticks beneath a chocolate hedge under some rock candy gravel
Hamburglaris Shield Generator in the cedar shavings where the alien hamsterpus sleeps under the alielephant's trunk between the heads of the mutated alielf under the shield generator's fusebox between the button marked "Shield On" and the one marked "Shield Off(All Die)"
Heartbreaker's Hotel
Hobopolis Town Square behind a "Will Work For Meat" sign behind a busking harmonica player inside a hobo's bindle under the Marketplace tent behind a delicious sandwich board under a porkpie hat beneath a window-sill-stolen pie
Infernal Rackets Backstage inside an inkubus's inkwell inside a suckubus's gross purse inside the tail of a serialbus behind a groupie under the sink in the grotty green-room bathroom on top of a pile of white powder on a coffee table
Inside the Palindome in the litter box of Stacy's Super-Aware Pussycats in Racecar Bob's bag of chaw in a pile of Stab-bat guano (guanonuag?) inside a Taco Cat's shell in a Tan Gnat's sunscreen
Investigating a Plaintive Telegram near a cactus in the crook of a cactus branch in a hole in a cactus under a cactus next to a cactus
Itznotyerzitz Mine beneath a seam of linoleum stuck in an asbestos vein under a pile of chrome ore under rubble from a cave-in under the sleepy dwarf's pillow
Kegger in the Woods in a cooler of half-melted ice inside the keg next to a frat boy in an orquette's weird little backpack in a pile of red plastic cups next to an ill-advised bonfire
KoL Con Clan Party House in between some couch cushions in the gravel in the back yard next to a cactus in the front yard under a rock by the pool under one of the spare beds under the doormat
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen in a box of spare nunchuks in a half-eaten bowl of rice in the middle of a small zen garden buried under a bonsai tree floating in a mop bucket in a shuriken-shaped ice cube tray
Madness Reef inside a puffed-out pufferfish under a jamfish's hat in the lair of the magic dragonfish behind like, the best coral ever, dude in the shell of a stoner turtle in a moray eel's hole
McMillicancuddy's Bog under a lily pad by the bloated body of a bog frog under a rattlin' duck's rattle under a swamp duck's swampy feet inside a bubble of swamp gas
McMillicancuddy's Farm under a pile of frightful feathers under a pile of flirtatious feathers under a pile of fetid feathers under a pile of flaming feathers under a pile of frozen feathers in the ooze that came off a swamp duck under a drunk duck's empties
McMillicancuddy's Shady Thicket under one of the drunk duck's empties under one of the briars in the thicket in a pile of drunk duck barf under a pile of empty bottles under a stack of boxed wine bottles
Medbay under a gurney wrapped up in gauze under a bugbear's fluffy tail inside an empty cast in an IV bag
Mer-kin Colosseum under a balldodger's balls trapped in a netdragger's net wrapped in a bladeswitcher's chain under a discarded, bloody breastplate under a seat in the stands under the concession stand under the T-shirt launching machine
Mer-kin Elementary School under a pile of schoolbooks behind the blackboard inside a student's desk behind a map of the Mer-kin Kingdom inside Bobby Badstudent's homework in a box of unsharpened pencils
Mer-kin Gymnasium behind a pommel horse under a rack of free weights hidden behind a yoga ball behind the medicine ball tumbling endlessly on the treadmill between two of the giant mirrors in a Mer-kin juicer's bottle of "supplements" tucked into a Mer-kin poseur's expensive weight belt
Mer-kin Library hidden in an ancient scroll behind the card catalog beneath a sleeping Mer-kin drifter in the children's scroll section behind the reference desk shelved in the "Pleasant Surprise" section
Moonshiners' Woods in a mason jar full of 'shine in a pile of hard candy in a possessed banjo in the coils of the unstill under a Moonshriner's fez under the toothbrush
Morgue under a slab on top of a slab floating in a bugaboo behind the mustache of a bugbear mortician inside a morgue drawer inside the chest cavity of a bugbear being autopsied
Mt. Molehill in one of the holes dug by the spelunking astronaut between the digits of the digital underground dweller in one of the weather underground's hidden info drops under a dwarvish gnome's helmet in a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for the mine
Navigation in a pocket dimension to the left of an ancient unspeakable bugbear to the left of the reality you thought was real underneath subspace in between the third and fourth dimensions woven into the very fabric of reality
Near an Abandoned Refrigerator inside the freezer of the abandoned refrigerator stuffed inside a discarded ventriloquist's dummy inside an old coffee can under a rusted-out car on blocks inside a rusted-out oven
Neckback Crick In the mouth of a deadly venomtrout in the web of a water spider in between nuggets of useless gold in one of the numerous hollers of the Crick next to the ol' rope swing
Nemesis Cave behind an evil someone-or-other under an evil rock behind an evil stalagmite in a shadowy corner under a pile of loose rocks under an evil minion
Next to that Barrel with Something Burning in it wrapped in the coils of an old box spring inside a dented old Alice's Army lunch box in an empty tiny plastics dollhouse under a pile of banana peels inside a broken TV
Noob Cave under a crate inside an otherwise-empty crate next to a fairy who is screaming at you to look at it inside a first-aid box mounted on the wall inside a bright red barrel balanced precariously on a teetering stack of crates
Oil Peak inside a puddle of oil bubbling inside an oil tycoon in a barrel next to an oil baron in a car next to an oil cartel beneath one of the oil rigs rigged up under an oil rig
Out By that Rusted-Out Car in the boot of a lorry in the bonnet of a lorry in the trunk of a car under the hood of a car under a car up on blocks in the A.M.C. gremlin's trunk
Outside the Club inside a raver's absurdly large pantleg inside a discarded smart-drink cup hanging from the velvet rope in the bouncer's pocket under a breakdancer's sheet of cardboard hanging from a raver's candy necklace
Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp In a puddle of poutine in a puddle of maple syrup in a knothole in a felled tree under the back strap of a lumberjack's brassiere in the hands of a helpful forest spirit deep within a lumberjack's beard
Over Where the Old Tires Are inside one of the old tires in an empty 55-gallon drum in a rusted-out gas tank stuffed into the rotting upholstery of an old sofa inside an old bean-bag chair inside a coil of rusty barbed wire
Pandamonium Slums behind a broken window inside a burned-out shack on an abandoned infernal playground next to a sleeping demon wino in the instrument case of a demon busker in a cardboard box housing a homeless W Imp
Pirates of the Garbage Barges behind a plastic skeleton
Portal to Horrible Parents under a terrible sofa near a terrible end table sitting on a terrible coffee table on top of some truly terrible carpet under a terrible rug
Professor Jacking's Huge-A-Ma-Tron under the foundation of Spookyraven Manor at the top of the Kingdom's tallest tree tied to a hot-air balloon hundreds of feet in the air in a severed Wacken tentacle on the tip-top of Mt. McLargeHuge
Professor Jacking's Small-O-Fier between a couple of exceptionally large molecules under a dust mote wrapped in a spiderweb suspended between two magnetic fields hiding in the folds of a giant raisin
Regret Man's Level under a participation trophy hidden in the pages of a scrapbook of embarrassing memories under a letter never sent under a pile of lumber that should have been a treehouse
Rumpelstiltskin's Workshop under the toolbench behind the circular saw next to a mannequin inside a coffee can full of screws under a screwdriver
Science Lab inside a discarded lab coat in a spiderbugbear's web inside an Erlenmeyer flask under a sizzling Jacob's Ladder in a bugbear scientist's chemistry set in a spiderbugbear's egg sac
Seaside Megalopolis in a puddle of liquid metal robot behind a guy with a hat that's a picture of a hallway between the folds of an obese tourist inside the crusher of a terrifying robot in a Space Marine's kitbag inside a cyborg policeman's oil-filled donut as one of "Handyman" Jay's attachments
Shadow Rift nothing an emptiness the void underneath the void beneath an emptiness
Shop Class in a jar full of screws in a jar full of nails squeezed in a deadly vise taped to the wall with duct tape next to the flask in the teacher's desk stapled to the wall as a prank
Site Alpha Dormitory in a locker whose door has been blown off by goo under a goo-flecked bunk under a loose pile of goo
Site Alpha Greenhouse behind the trunk of a grey-goo tree in a destroyed gardener's shed in the rubble of a shattered flowerpot
Site Alpha Quarry behind a gooey rock slab between two gooey rocks under a gooey rock slab
Sloppy Seconds Diner in the condiments rack under a pile of greasy menus behind the empty napkin dispenser under the counter behind the jukebox glued to the underside of a booth table
Sonar suspended upside-down from the ceiling hidden in the shadows clutched to a sleeping batbugbear's chest behind the door on top of a batbugbear's head
Sonofa Beach under a lobsterfrogman inside a bottle washed up on the beach next to a weird-looking seashell in a pile of washed-up flotsam buried in the sand in a pile of live crabs
South of the Border inside a broken piñata under a comically oversized sombrero leaning against a cactus inside a raging bull's discarded boxing glove in the ribcage of a calavera in a mariachi's guitar case inside a mariachi's guitarrón
Special Ops hidden in the darkness hidden shin-height in the darkness, ow hidden groin-height in the darkness, oof hidden toe-height in the darkness, yeowch hidden forehead-height in the darkness, bonk
St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor in your left pocket, oddly enough in the sewer grating as you're closely examining the gutter underneath a traffic cone you're stealing in the bathroom of a questionable drinking establishment behind the dustiest bottle on display at the bar at the bottom of a bottle
Swamp Beaver Territory in a pile of wood chips next to a half-gnawed tree under a beaver lumberjack's hat in a weird-smelling shaman's tent in a hollow tree stump in a mud puddle
Sweet-Ade Lake in a gummi plesiosaur skeleton in the licorice cattails under the rock candy coral reef next to a chocolate lily pad inside a lemonhead minnow's skull
The "Fun" House in a cream pie in a clown's oversized shoe on a spring inside a box underneath a whoopee cushion in a clown's toothy maw inside a seltzer siphon
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground inside a mausoleum in a frightful bindle leaning against a hobo-sign-marked gravestone under a cairn by the gravestone of Niles "Voodoo-doin'" Khan
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert under a fallen cactus inside a fire anthill next to a giant giant centipede boot under a rock--or was it a rock scorpion? in between two dunes
The Armory Up In Arms behind a rack of rifles tucked between two landmines under an ammo crate under a riot helmet
The Back 40 in a pile of ashes under a disused scythe in the burning footprint of a scorched duck buried in the burning ground in a pile of flaming feathers
The Barn up in the hayloft in the duck's feed trough in the incubator where the ducklings hatch at the bottom of the duck pond near a precariously-balanced oil lantern
The Bat Hole Entrance under a bat next to a pile of guano under a pile of guano hanging upside-down from a stalactite balanced on the tip of a stalagmite entirely covered with guano
The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow between some ratbat and batrat guano behind a stalagmite under some rubble from a screambat-crushed wall in a batrat's nest in a ratbat's nest floating in an underground stream
The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) in a hippy's filthy dread sack in the shards of an exploded water pipe bomb inside a smoking pair of bulletproof corduroys in a pile of discarded beaded headbands in the crater from a water pipe bomb
The Battlefield (Hippy Uniform) inside a War Frat bong under a pile of looted paddles in an abandoned kegtank under a pile of sorority nurses' gauze garters inside a mobile grilling unit inside a discarded frat helmet
The Beanbat Chamber in a beanbat's beanbag chair under a beanstalk wedged between two stalactites between two piles of beanbat guano clutched in the claws of a sleeping bat
The Black Forest in a blackbird's nest behind a blackberry bush inside the shed skin of a black adder in a black friar's tonsure under a pile of black leaves
The Boss Bat's Lair mixed into the Boss Bat's extensive hat collection.[sic] under a pile of shed Boss Bat fur in the beefy bodyguard bat's protein supplement jar pinched between a stalactite and a stalagmite buried in the rubble from the wall the scream bat broke down under a pile of sonar-in-a-biscuits
The Brinier Deepers scintillating next to a scimitarfish down the barrel of a bazookafish inside the bazookafish's munitions dump under two dueling scimitarfish in the tentacles of a sleeping starfish
The Briniest Deepests inside an abandoned diving bell, with a butterfly in the acoustic electric eel's guitar under a ganger's bandana behind a pilotfish's light next to a clownfish and a blue tang on an adventure
The Briny Deeps inside an anemone behind a suggestively-shaped piece of coral in the funk sole brother's boombox in the principal's office of the school of wizardfish buried in the sand, next to a hot crustacean band
The Broodling Grounds in a slime-covered seal nest in a birthing pit in a pile of human bones in a puddle of gross sludge under a mother seal in a pile of seal larvae in a pile of assorted carcasses
The Bugbear Pen under a pile of bugbear chow under a pile of bugbear droppings, ew in the pile of straw that the bugbears nest in behind the bugbear dung shovel at the bottom of the bugbear watering trough
The Bugbear Pen (post-quest) in a feeding trough full of human ears stuck halfway inside a bugged bugbear under a Gnollish bugbear trainer in a box of spare beanies on the wrong side of the fence next to a bugbear
The Caliginous Abyss behind a twitching tentacle beneath the gaze of an eye in the darkness in the slime trail of a slithering thing beneath a colour out of space in a mee-go's treasure trove under a goat with at least five hundred young
The Canadian Wildlife Preserve behind a maple tree next to a moose under a snowdrift under a walrus under a woodpile next to an idyllic cabin
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement) In[sic] a discarded Furry Giant fur hidden between an Alphabet Giant's C and D under the Fitness Giant's weight bench under the Neckbeard Giant's stuffed penguin hanging in a giant spider web
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) behind the artisanal balsamic vinegar the Foodie Giant uses inside the Renaissance Giant's huge leather tankard in front of--or on top of, maybe?--the Possibility Giant under a huge pile of unpaid bills on the Procrastination Giant's desk under a giant toaster oven behind the mammoth turkey leg the Renaissance Giant left behind
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) tucked into the Raver Giant's record collection behind one of the gears on the Steampunk Giant's toothbrush behind a wad of trash in the Punk Rock Giant's hovel under the Steampunk Giant's top hat under the wax from one of the Goth Giant's black candles stuffed into a Raver Giant's rave whistle
The Cave Before Time by a discarded droll monocle by a rudimentary prototype of the wheel in a sabre-toothed kiwi's nest Next to a pterodactyl ptooth under a sleeping pterodactyl's wing
The Clumsiness Grove in the shade of a willow that's weeping profusely in the fork of a branch in a hickory tree by the trunk of a baobab, hidden in shade by a limb that is covered in juniper berries by the fashionable heel of the Bat in the Spats just to the left of the Thorax's right fist
The Cola Wars Battlefield in a non-denominational foxhole inside a spent mortar shell in a box of hand grenades underneath a landmine ricocheting off a soldier's helmet in a machine-gun nest, underneath a mother machine-gun
The Convention Hall Lobby floating in a booth slime under a merch table next to a pile of souvenir t-shirts near an overflowing trash can in an abandoned swag bag near a display of tubes you can buy to store posters you bought somewhere else
The Copperhead Club inside a champagne bucket on a waiter's serving tray being kicked around the dance floor under a Mob Penguin's chair behind a giant gong behind a fan dancer's fan
The Coral Corral under a sea cowboy's hat inside a sea cowbell in a Mer-kin rustler's thingpouch inside a sea cow pie inside a sea cow feedbag under a seahorse's nest
The Corpse Bog clutched in the hands of a bog corpse under a swamp hag in a pool of quicksand in a skeleton's ribcage inside a bog leech at the bottom of the bog
The Crimbonium Mining Camp underneath a pile of mine tailings in an empty canary cage behind a pile of mint-scented rubble in the hopper of a broken-down robo-minecart under a red and green hardhat
The Daily Dungeon inside an unlocked treasure chest in a gob of mayonnaise from a mayo wasp behind a wall of hair in the bra of a booby trap in the rib cage of an adventurer who never found the skeleton key
The Dark and Spooky Swamp in a gross cloud of smell-o-the-wisp in a swamp hag's grab bag in a bubble of swamp gas in a grove of cattails under a sleeping alligator
The Dark Elbow of the Woods in an abandoned L Imp cast in an abandoned G Imp mask beneath the demo table of the demoninja under a pile of sulfurous rocks floating by on a burning creek between a demoninja's horns under an L Imp's crutch
The Dark Heart of the Woods Inside[sic] a P Imp's cup in the footprint of a Fallen Archfiend in a sweaty discarded G Imp mask, ew under a 6-pack of Imp Ale between the Archfiend's fallen arches inside a Children's Meal of the Damned
The Dark Neck of the Woods in a bowl of Hellion broth under a P Imp's wing beneath a wailing damned soul to the left of the lake of fire, to the right of the lake of marmalade beside a blubbering W Imp
The Deep Dark Jungle inside a dead Venus mantrap inside bigface's nest in a billow of smoke from the smoke monster in the giant kitbag of the Mercenary of Fortune in the coils of a sleeping snake
The Defiled Alcove under a pile of dusty bones under an abandoned coffin lid inside a human skull between the folds of a corpulent zobmie in a grave rober zmobie's forgotten napsack
The Defiled Cranny under a pile of tooth-marked bones under an egg in a ghuol's nest in between the folds of a gluttonous ghuol tucked between the stones at the back of the Cranny inside a severed ghuol ear
The Defiled Niche between a lihc's tentacles under a pile of lihc droppings under a stack of lihc pancakes inside a hollowed-out tome of arcane knowledge between some stones at the back of the Niche
The Defiled Nook in the ribcage of a skeelton hidden in the skull of a spiny skelelton behind a disused pelvic bone under a pile of random femurs in the fearsome maw of a toothy sklelton's skull in a dusty corner of the nook
The Degrassi Knoll Bakery inside the oven behind a row of donuts improbably baked inside a baguette baked into a pie with a few blackbirds in a canister of flour under a guard bugbear's beanie
The Degrassi Knoll Garage under a lifted meatcar in a pile of tires in a stack of gears by the guard bugbear's litter box in an empty oil drum (bitchin' meatcars use olive oil)
The Degrassi Knoll Gym under a weight bench beneath a stack of really heavy free weights under the one-eyed Gnoll's eye patch under some discarded clothing from the Gnollish crossdresser in a Gnoll-sized bottle of protein powder
The Degrassi Knoll Restroom in a roll of paper towels inside a toilet tank under the sink in a thankfully deserted stall clogging a toilet inside the janitor's supply closet behind a few rolls of toilet paper
The Dire Warren in a pile of bunnies next to a bunny underneath a bunny balanced on a bunny's head between two bunnies in a bunny nest
The Dive Bar in a bucket of dry ice behind the jukebox under a gross bar towel on a stack of beer mats in a bowl of really soggy pretzels on a shelf of decades-old liquers
The Dripping Trees under a drippy trunk
The Dungeons of Doom in a mind flayer's corpse to the left, or possibly the right, of a Quantum Mechanic in a kobold's skull bobbing in the puddle left by an acid blob in the hive of a swarm of killer bees under a gently purring kitten
The Edge of the Swamp under a giant lilypad inside the dewlap of a mega frog being eaten by a huge mosquito in a bubble of swamp gas covered in Spanish moss at the bottom of a mud puddle
The Electric Lemonade Acid Parade inside Timmy Tofurkey's foam costume between Susie Soyburger's buns under Neptune's collar beneath a sheet of blotter paper beneath a pile of recycled confetti
The Enormous Greater-Than Sign between two bracket between two parentheses under the brace of a lowercase H under the tail of an uppercase Q inside a hive full of lowercase As under an asterisk
The eXtreme Slope hanging from the ski lift buried in a snowbank under a dude's snowboard in a cross-country hippy's dreads in the bike-basket of an angry paperboy behind a signpost with three black diamonds and a skull
The F'c'le in a heap of suds from the cleanly pirate at the bottom of one of the creamy pirate's cream containers stuck to a crusty pirate clinging to a clingy pirate mixed in with the curmudgeonly pirate's cleaning supplies at the bottom of the grog barrel hanging next to the cat o' nine tails
The Feeding Chamber under a drone's mandibles under a no-longer-droning drone deep within a discarded scent gland inside an ancillary filthworm tunnel beside a pile of unspeakable filthworm food
The Fun-Guy Mansion in a bucket of spores behind one of the many wet-bars in a pile of moist bathtowels underneath a weird-smelling bed in an algae-choked swimming pool under some mossy sofa cushions
The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon (Level 1) behind a slightly differently-textured wall under a flagstone inside a garbage can under a phonebooth inside a question-mark block just sitting in the middle of the path
The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon (Level 2) inside an otherwise-empty crate clutched by an ancient skeleton inside a 55-gallon drum in a sack carried by a little goblin that you beat up for no reason behind an ancient stone statue on a little floating platform that is a total hassle to get up to
The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon (Level 3) surrounded by lava on the other side of a crazy piston crusher trap next to a boiling steam vent in the middle of a pit of spikes sitting in the corner hovering in mid-air
The Glacier of Jerks by Wacky Zack Flacky's exploding cigars by Dolores D. Smiley's cat poster collection In the compact of Vivian Vibrian Varr Under Hugo Von Douchington's hideous hat in Mammon the Elephant's greed-swollen nest Under the flab of the Large-Bellied Snitch
The Goatlet inside a half-eaten tin can in a goat's beard in a half-empty glass of goat's milk stuck halfway up a waterslide inside a whiskey bottle hanging from a goathook
The Gourd under the gourd behind the gourd next to the gourd near the gourd on top of the gourd just to the left of the gourd
The Granary under a pile of grain between the folds of a rotund duck in a roll of duct tape inside a super-sized duck's nest wedged halfway into a rotund duck's bill in a hefty footprint from a rotund duck
The Haiku Dungeon under the ferocious bugbear's little cottontail inside a gelatinous cube on the open palm of an ancient insane monk under a trapdoor hanging around the neck of the Knob Goblin poseur
The Hallowed Halls stuck to the wall with a wad of gum inside a locker next to a dweebie crusted onto a wastoid's jeans hanging on the bulletin board inside the otherwise empty school trophy case wrapped in a sporto's discarded sweaty towel
The Hatching Chamber in an empty egg sac under a filthworm's filthy hook-fangs deep in the filthworm larvae's nest in a puddle of filth in a cradle of filth, which is so heavy metal
The Haunted Ballroom on a plate of canapés floating in a champagne fountain in the band's tip jar in an empty wineglass right there in the middle of the dance floor under a violinist
The Haunted Bathroom in the shower drain in a soap dish in the haunted toothbrush holder in the medicine (& poisons) cabinet behind the toilet paper-cozy hidden in the toilet tank
The Haunted Bedroom hidden inside a nightstand under someone's pillow hidden in someone's sock drawer under the bed under the mattress inside an empty cereal box
The Haunted Billiards Room in the corner pocket in the side pocket in a rack of cues under a cube of blue chalk behind the eight-ball in a stuffed elk head's mouth
The Haunted Boiler Room in a jar of assorted loose screws in a basket of antique onions in a box of burned-out fuses disguised as a lump of coal underneath the titular boiler inside an ancient pickle jar
The Haunted Conservatory inside a dripping sack of "plant food" behind a gravestone with a picture of a rabbit on it inside a Uranus Fly-Trap beside a rack of thorn-sharpeners inside a skull-shaped flowerpot inside a (now-)open grave
The Haunted Gallery hidden behind a painting in a statue's lap incorporated into a pile of modern sculpture balanced atop a picture frame framed and hung on the wall inside an empty wineglass abandoned in the corner
The Haunted Kitchen inside a carton of haunted eggs inside the fridge's "moistener" drawer at the bottom of a box of really old cereal inside a tub of "I'm Pretty Sure That Isn't Butter" inside a drawer of incomprehensible kitchen implements inside the garbage disposal
The Haunted Laboratory in a beaker of delicious-smelling chemicals inside an otherwise-empty beaker underneath a blackboard eraser plugged into a weird machine inside some kind of tube on a tray of antique surgical instruments
The Haunted Laundry Room inside a bottle of bleach under a basket of clothespins hanging from a drying rack in a basket of dirty laundry and skeletons hidden inside a trouser press in a basket of unmatched socks
The Haunted Library inside a hollowed-out book inside an inkwell filed under 'Q' in the card catalog behind a bookshelf beside an antique photocopier under a librarian
The Haunted Nursery inside an old teddy bear stashed behind a toybox on a shelf of creepy old dolls inside an old marbles pouch hanging from a weird mobile in a rocking horse's mouth
The Haunted Pantry behind a box of weevil-infested pasta behind a non-possessed can of tomatoes underneath a peeling flap of shelf paper inside a bag of flour on a shelf too high to see
The Haunted Storage Room under its own dustcloth under an antique sofa cushion in a box of old blurry photographs in a box of assorted souvenir snowglobes in a box of ancient parchment tax forms under a box of assorted tchotchkes
The Haunted Wine Cellar in a rack of fancy vinegar bottles in the pocket of a long-lost and deceased sommelier in a crate of used wine corks inside a bottle of fancy Chablis inside a crate of spare wineglasses under the drunkest rat you've ever seen
The Heap behind a Dumpster inside an old fry-oil drum near a dead skunk under a palette of rotten eggs in a reeking bindle
The Hidden Apartment Building in a pygmy janitor's mop bucket inside a pygmy shaman's shrunken head in the pygmy accountant's ledger book under a pgymy welcome mat inside a pygmy mail slot
The Hidden Bowling Alley rolling out of the ball-return in a basket of tiny pencils in the gutter under one of the pins between a 7-10 split
The Hidden Hospital in a sharps disposal bin in a metal biowaste drum in the ribcage of a demonstration skeleton in a primitive scrub sink in a hamper full of bloody smocks in an IV bag
The Hidden Office Building in a pygmy pencil cup under a printer displaying "PYGMY LOAD LETTER" under a cat poster next to a red stapler stuck inside the fax machine
The Hidden Park under a park bench behind a memorial plinth next to the swingset in a boaraffe-print inside a pygmy blowgun next to the pygmy swingset
The Hidden Temple behind a sliding wall trap on a suspicious-looking pedestal inside a bag of sand stuck in an elaborately-carved niche in the wall below an indecipherable mosaic under a poison dart
The Hippy Camp in a pot of organic lentil paste in a pen for free-range granola hanging from a handmade windchime in a bag of organic and environmentally-friendly hammers (i.e. rocks) in a small garden of suspicious-smelling herbs underneath a set of bongos
The Hippy Camp (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) behind a primitive dreamcatcher under the primitive soap under a primitive driftwood sculpture in a puddle of dread-making mud in the pile of communal berries in the pile of communal nuts in a crudely-knitted dread sack
The Hippy Camp (In Disguise) running free with nature in a basket of cruelty-free olives in a smoke-filled yurt in a sack of tofu in a patch of free-range patchouli in a bucket of couscous
The Hippy Camp (Verge of War) inside a filthy knitted dreadsack under a pile of driftwood sculptures inside a barrel full of beach glass beads under the soap behind the War Command yurt
The Hippy Camp (Verge of War, Frat Boy Disguise) beneath a stack of filthy corduroys behind a line up of war bongs in the barrel of a didgeridooka behind a sign that says "Make War Not Love" under the soap
The Hole in the Sky falling into a black hole next to a supernova under a red dwarf floating in the empty blackness of space in an astronomer's trumpet or whatever in a pile of leftover lines
The Ice Hotel in an ice microwave under an ice bed in an ice dresser drawer in an ice ice bucket in an ice trash can
The Icy Peak under a polar bear buried in a collapsed igloo deposited in your account at the snowbank frozen in a block of ice inside an avalanche balanced on the very tip of the peak itself
The Inner Wolf Gym under the treadmill by the free weights next to a bloodstained rag draped over the Escalatormaster between the gears of the stationary bicycle next to the trainer who insists he an pump you up in a puddle of sweat
The Island Barracks in a crystal whiskey decanter on a fancy marble mantelpiece under the cushions of an elegant leather sofa in a brass fireplace poker stand behind a lush potted fern in an empty champagne bucket
The Jungles of Ancient Loathing being thrown around by baboons in a tribal goblin's blowgun on the shoulder of an ancient guardian statue in an easily-spotted tiger pit behind an ancient stone monument of some kind halfway up a tree
The Junkyard (Post-War) inside a rusted-out radiator inside an old mattress under a pile of old magazines inside a discarded, hollowed-out book next to a drum full of illegal toxic waste in a pile of sprung mouse traps in an old vacuum cleaner bag
The Knob Shaft wedged into a cardboard vein wedged into a rich vein of bubblewrap wedged into a thick seam of styrofoam inside an empty miner's helmet in an abandoned canary cage in a cart full of cardboard ore in a cart full of styrofoam ore in a cart full of bubblewrap ore
The Landscaper's Lair under a lawn gnome's hat under a lawn gnome's beard in the tall grass the gnomes haven't got to yet in a pile of grass clippings, achoo in a pile of raked leaves
The Laugh Floor in a bucket of flop sweat next to one of those big vaudeville hooks in a trunk of stupid-looking props in a pile of beaten-up hecklers in a box of airline peanuts under the stage manager's clipboard
The Limerick Dungeon next to a young man from Nantucket near a young woman from Crewe in the bishop of Boston's underground aviary near a young lady named Bright inside the beak of a pelican inside an old man's beard near a young man from the coast
The Maelstrom of Lovers clutched tight to the bosom of Winifred Wongle adrift in the wake of one Mortimer Strauss tumbling through air behind Marvin J. Sunny beneath the right heel of the Terrible Pinch on the ground between both Thug 1 and Thug 2 In the left-hand breast pocket of Marcus Macurgeon
The Mansion of Dr. Weirdeaux behind a really strange sofa next to some truly upsetting taxidermy on a really bizarre drinks cart behind an unpleasantly organic-looking lamp next to the strange little person who follows Dr. Weirdeaux around in Phydeaux's food bowl
The Marinara Trench under the diving belle's petticoats in the tentacles of a giant squid under the light of the fisherfish in the Mer-kin diver's foodbucket under a bubblin' spring of marinara
The McMillicancuddy Family Plot in an open grave behind a gravestone under a vampire duck's cape under a pile of frightful feathers behind the door of the McMillicancuddy mausoleum
The Mer-Kin Outpost inside a Mer-kin burglar's takebag behind one of the tents buried in a heap of sand behind a discarded raider breastplate inside a healer's thingpouch
The Middle Chamber in a tomb asp's urn inside the chamber pot in a tomb rat's nest inside a tomb servant's crazy hat in a broken-open sarcophagus
The Mine Foremens' Office in a filing cabinet being used as a paperweight under a desk floating in a water-cooler in the wastebasket in a half-drunk mug of coffee
The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt) behind a garvestone inside a bokeh of flowers inside a funeral reath just inside the door of a mouseleum in a freshly-dug garve under a cremation ern
The Misspelled Cemetary (Pre-Cyrpt) inside an open graev under a muasoleum behind a gravestone with your name on it (misspelled) in a dusty old sklul pile next to a zmobie in a graverober's pocket
The Mouldering Mansion beneath the floorboards inside an ancient grandfather clock in a death-watch beetle's hole under the lid of the usher's serving tray behind a brick in a freshly-built wall inside a cask of Amontillado under a pallid bust of Pallas under a stuffed raven
The Nemesis' Lair behind a propaganda poster under a scroll with evil plans detailed on it under your Nemesis' desk behind a tapestry depicting acts of atrocity behind that cool lava waterfall every evil boss has to have.[sic]
The Nightmare Meatrealm in the coils of a bacon snake being pollinated by a pork butterfly in the cold clutches of a groast in the middle of a sliced salaminder behind a salami cactus beneath a ground-beef tumbleweed
The Oasis buried in the sand floating in the water on an itinerant merchant's blanket in a camel's hump under a palm frond inside a coconut
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove under a parrot behind a pirate's eyepatch in a crow's nest on the poop deck (ha ha) under a big X painted on the ground next to a pirate ship
The Old Landfill hidden in a junksprite nest inside an elaborate metal junksprite sculpture wrapped in a coil of old bedspring under a ratty old mattress inside a coffee can full of screws and bolts under a 55-gallon drum
The Old Man's Bathtime Adventure in the nest of the ferocious roc in the gullet of a man-eating shark in the tentacles of the giant squid under the scrubbing bubbles of a bristled Man-O-War circling the drain
The Orcish Frat House in a bong in a beer-bong in a beer keg under a beer-pong table behind that poster of John Belushi wearing a shirt that says COLLEGE in a basket of face-drawing pens
The Orcish Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) under a carelessly-thrown primitive paddle stuck into a primitive beer bong under a pile of rocks shaped vaguely like genitalia in an empty primitive booze cup under a nervous caveman frat pledge wrapped in a caveman sorority girl's hair
The Orcish Frat House (In Disguise) inside the keg hanging from a rack of baseball caps on top of a pile of old final exams in a basket of unlaundered French maid uniforms next to a display of antique frat paddles under a bikini-lady poster
The Orcish Frat House (Verge of War) under an Orcish baseball cap in the pocket of some discarded cargo shorts beneath a pledge's donut-shaped pillow in a trust-fund Orc's bulging meat wallet beneath a pile of loose building material in a sorority nurse's medical bag
The Orcish Frat House (Verge of War, Hippy Disguise) in one of the cups on a War Pledge's helmet between the ankles of a paddled pledge behind a bejeweled pledge pin under a pile of cheat sheets for tests under a pledge doing push-ups
The Other Back 40 beneath a pile of rancid bacon under a heap of flirtatious feathers in a puddle of hair oil under a greasy duck's greasy nest inside a greasy duck egg
The Outer Compound in a guard turtle's shell behind a guard turtle's guard station leaning up against the wall in a turtle nest buried in the sand with some turtle eggs
The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob in a bag of charcoal briquettes under a sleeping guard under a sleeping guard's helmet in the pocket of an assistant chef's apron dragged at the end of a knob goblin chain gang next to a discarded sausage
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship in an otherwise-empty treasure chest in an infinitely-spacious ammo crate in the steam-filled engine room impaled on a protagonist's hair stowing away behind the landing gear in the battery compartment of a robot supersoldier under a cocoabo
The Poker Room under one of the dealers' visors taped to the bottom of one of the tables in the sleeve of one of the gamblers underneath an ashtray in one of the dealers' pockets
The Pond inside of a snowman's head under a sheet of ice rimed in frost under a frozen lily-pad in the mouth of a dormant frog under a frozen duck decoy
The Poop Deck behind one of the wealthy pirate's meat stacks in a tub of the warty pirate's unguent under the witty pirate's golden tongue taped to one of the sails near one of the many toilets behind a whiny pirate inside the wacky pirate's novelty foam treasure chest
The Post-Mall beside a swingset that is poignantly on fire in a damned dirty ape's nest in a T-9000's backtrack...er, pack in the jet-ski bandit's filthy water next to a guy pouring his own pee into a weird distillation device under the Z-rex's arm
The Primordial Soup next to some primitive amino acids in a puddle of your ancestors covered in amoebas in a bucket of simple proteins near some kind of lichen in a pool of ordinary not-alive mud
The Prince's Balcony in a flowerpot balanced on the balcony railing hidden amongst the flowers under an aristocrat's powdered wig just kind of chilling out on the balcony there near the French doors
The Prince's Canapes Table floating in the punchbowl behind the butler under a cheese platter in a Duchess's wig in the dip between two platters of crudités
The Prince's Dance Floor right in the middle of the dance floor under a violinist under a fancy couch cushion behind an expensive vase tucked into a Duke's cummerbund skittering across the floor
The Prince's Kitchen on a pantry shelf behind the cook under a scullery maid in a sink full of used champagne glasses near the firepit under the sink
The Prince's Lounge in a whiskey decanter under a chair cushion in the cigar box in the mouth of a stuffed deer head on a bookshelf pinned to the lapel of a napping Earl
The Prince's Restroom behind the toilet under the sink in the middle of a stack of hand towels in the sink under the soap dish in the toilet
The Purple Light District inside a weirdly slimy balloon tucked between the pages of a lewd comic book in the back of a windowless van tucked into a greasy old bit of shag carpeting behind a van that's a-rockin'
The Queen's Chamber in a pile of royal jelly in a discarded stench gland under a freshly-born larva between one of the queen's filthy folds under a pile of unspeakable filth
The Red Queen's Garden beside a rack of flamingos under a bent-over card guy next to a hedgehog under a repainted rosebush behind the Queen in a bucket of red paint
The Red Zeppelin on the tray of a red butler discarded suspiciously by a Red Herring inside a packet of red peanuts inside a complimentary red blanket inside a complimentary red pillow inside a little red book
The Road to the White Citadel next to a puzzled-looking cheetah under a damp bush near two guys flipping a coin under an angry raccoon puppet near the corpse of someone who looks like a lame version of yourself near some crazed extreme sports guys
The Rogue Windmill in the garter of a can-can dancer under the master of ceremonies' top hat inside the voyeuristic artist's paint kit at the bottom of an absinthe bottle under the trunk of the Elephant Room behind the stage of the big bohemian musical by the typewriter of the sensitive poet-type in the courtesan's purse
The Roman Forum inside the Gladiator's tunic in the cheap strix's cheap nest in the concession stand next to the candied owl livers in the concession stand under the candied goose spleen under a Madiator's net under a Radiator's shield
The Roulette Tables underneath a croupier on the "odd" section of the betting layout resting in the 00 space of an extra-large roulette wheel in a big bag of money balanced precariously on a tall stack of chips pinned to a pit boss's lapel
The Rowdy Saloon at the bottom of a spittoon behind an outlaw who is himself behind a table inside a rickety old piano in the pocket of a craggy bartender underneath a passed-out cowboy
The Royal Guard Chamber in a puddle of royal jelly in a discarded scent gland under a filthworm guard's filthy hook-fangs in a pile of unspeakable filth under a filthworm's filthy body
The Ruined Wizard Tower in the middle of an ancient summoning circle under an ancient tome of forgotten knowledge under a forgotten tome of ancient knowledge in the remains of a rotted wooden desk under a frog behind a loose brick in the ancient fireplace
The Secret Government Laboratory on top of the slab in a lab monkey's cage in a discarded super-sized Cola Wars soldier's super-big helmet in the creepy little girl's headless teddy bear under the sonic transducer
The Shore, Inc. behind the travel kiosk under a pile of kitschy souvenirs behind the customs counter next to the insanely-overpriced snack bar under a sleeping passenger whose boat got delayed next to a sleeping security guard
The Skate Park under the carousel behind the slides next to the swingset in an urchin urchin's purse nestled between a resting roller skate's roller skates nestled between an ice skate's ice skates
The Sleazy Back Alley under a hobo's accordionated top-hat next to a puddle of vomit in a dumpster in an old shopping cart under a trash can underneath a rat
The Slime Tube in a glob of slime in a pile of slime in a blob of slime in a puddle of slime in a pool of slime just basically covered in slime
The Smut Orc Logging Camp in an unkempt bush between a twig and some berries in a cleft in the rock in a moist chasm nearby lurking furtively behind a hedge where the sun don't shine
The Spectral Pickle Factory in a basket of unprocessed dill stems in a jar of ghost vinegar next to the eyewash station on top of the punch-clock riding a haunted conveyor belt under a basket of pickles
The Spooky Forest in a knothole in a hollow log in a tree full of weird squirrels under a wolfman inside what is probably just a gopher hole in a birdnest made of rat bones
The Spooky Gravy Burrow under a glowing mushroom behind a funny-looking rock in a puddle of gravy under a clump of blue moss under a stalagmite in a small hole in the wall
The Spooky Old Abandoned Mine between a cowboy hat and the skull wearing the cowboy hat between the wheels of a rusty minecart inside a cage, next to a canary's skeleton under a pile of blacker-than-usual coal underneath a rattlesnake
The Sunken Party Yacht under the wet t-shirt of a wild girl in the arms of a broctopus in the shell of a taco fish behind the extremely wet bar on the poop deck, heh in the drownedbeat's pocket
The Stately Pleasure Dome under an incense-bearing tree under a discarded dulcimer on the shores of the Alph in the toothless mastiff bitch's doghouse wrapped in one of the poet's scrolls frozen into an icicle on the caves of ice at the bottom of a deep romantic chasm
The Temple Portico in a drum of ceremonial marinara in the pocket of a cultist's robe on a rack of cult rosaries in a manager's filing cabinet in a hamper of unlaundered robes behind a stack of creepy hymnals
The Themthar Hills in a brigand's meat stash under thatthar hedge behind themthar boulders in the instep of themthar foothills in a brigand's knapsack under a brigand's discarded bandana
The Thinknerd Warehouse under the hoverskirt of a packing robot inside the gaping maw of a sorting robot in a pile of amok putty in that little basket thingy of a moving robot tumbling down a conveyor belt
The Tower of Procedurally-Generated Skeletons behind a femur inside a ribcage under a pelvis inside a smashed-open skull under a pile of bones under a humerus, tee-hee
The Toxic Teacups inside one of the teacups in a loose access panel
The Upper Chamber inside a canopic jar under Iiti Kitty's wraps inside the wraps of a tomb bat inside a decorative urn under a wall of hieroglyphics next to the chamber pot
The Valley of Rof L'm Fao nailed to a board covered with incomprehensible writing underneath a Nigerian prince in a barrel of pressed meat product next to one weird trick that doctors don't want you to know about somewhere you won't believe in a bag of worms
The Weird Swamp Village in a ceegar box in a hollow log in a flat-bottomed rowboat next to a well-dressed mouse being argued over by three confused bats next to a thinly-veiled political reference
The Wildlife Sanctuarrrrrgh in a swamp gator's mouth in a pile of swamp moss under a giant mushroom inside a swamp monster in a pool of brackish slime under a scraggly mangrove tree
The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons inside a cargo crab's crate under the cap of a downed sailor in the hole blown out by a mine crab in the takebag of a Mer-kin scavenger behind a giant diamond some old lady must have dropped next to a waterlogged corpse clutched in the glove of an unholy diver
The X-32-F Combat Training Snowman under a pile of karate magazines. behind an X-32-F Combat Training Snowman. under a pile of loose snow. in a box of old martial arts trophies. behind a box of black belts.
Through the Spacegate among the debris of a crashed probe behind the Spacegate control panel in the shoe of a discarded spacesuit behind a strange-shaped rock at the base of the Spacegate
Thugnderdome in the pocket of a knocked-out gladiator in a rack of assorted polearms under a gladiator's helmet next to one of those things that shoot fire out of the floor under the bleachers at the chainsaw refueling station
Tower Ruins underneath a pile of rubble on top of a pile of rubble near a pile of rubble next to a pile of rubble buried in a pile of rubble sticking out of a pile of rubble
Triad Factory in a box of unwashed circuit boards floating in a tank of green liquid under a wizard's pointy hat inside a fabricator demon's back-mouth in a box of rubber gloves in a supervisor's lunchbox
Twin Peak in the percolator in a nightstand drawer with a funny-shaped knob wrapped in plastic two blocks up on Queer Street under a little dancing man 25 years later
Uncle Gator's Country Fun-Time Liquid Waste Sluice behind a fake bush inside an animatronic bear's hat
Vanya's Castle Chapel behind a pixellated candy heart, doo dah, doo dah inside a pixellated money bag, all the doo-dah day inside one of the sets of candles wrapped up in a fancy whip leaning against a pixellated wall
Vanya's Castle Foyer under a pile of discarded pixels tangled in a medusa's snakes floating along inside a ghost by whipping a candelabra sitting next to a pixelated roasted turkey
Waste Processing in a pile of garbage in a scavenger bugbear's bindle under the creepy eye-stalk monster inside the grouchy furry monster's trash can under a stack of discarded magazines in a giant wad of shed bugbear fur
Whitey's Grove packed inside a snowball hidden in a bag of marshmallows behind a jar of mayonnaise inside a bottle of bleach being sat on by a swan inside a telephone directory
Ye Olde Medievale Villagee inside a leather mug plugging the hole of an ocarina behind a giant turkey leg in a fire-eater's pocket being juggled by a juggler behind Ye Olde ATM in the doorway of a privy tucked behind a display of wooden swords


kind of hidden
pretty well-hidden
extremely well-hidden