Hibernating robot reindeer

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hibernating robot reindeer
hibernating robot reindeer

This is an experimental robot reindeer from the R&D team at CRIMBCO. It's currently in 'hibernate' mode, therefore its nose is blinking red. I know it's confusing that it has a light on to indicate that it's turned off, but it's all about the color of the light. If it were in 'sleep' mode, the light would be yellow, and if it were 'on,' the light would be green, and it would be, y'know, doing stuff.

Hatches into:
Robot Reindeer

Type: familiar
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: hibernating robot reindeer)
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Item number: 4827
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You put the hibernating robot reindeer in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

It takes a minute to boot up, then prances around your terrarium to festive Crimbo chiptunes and the whine of servo motors.
You decide to name him Tabastian.


  • December 2010's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: A familiar that can do almost anything, with the right software installed.


  • Power indicator lights and confusion regarding telling which colour indicates what state are a common lament expressed by Jick on the radio shows.


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Hibernating robot reindeer
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