Hertz Locker

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Hertz Locker
Hertz Locker

You find a foot locker pushed up against a wall, and stoop to open it. Before you can rummage through it, though, a mercenary comes running up shouting, "hey! That's my locker!"

"Oh, um...sorry?" you reply. "So, should we fight to the death now, or..."

"Nah, I'm quitting this gig," he says, extending a hand. "The name's John Hertz. You can have whatever you want out of there. I'm tired of being a warrior, man--the pay's lousy, there's no retirement plan, and you don't even get sick days! What's the point? I'm going to start a new life as... I don't know, maybe a medic, or something?"

You look through the locker and find a keycard that says, "ARMORY" on it. That sounds promising.

Keycard.gifYou acquire an item: Armory keycard

Occurs at The Deep Dark Jungle.



  • The title of this adventure is a reference to The Hurt Locker, a 2008 war film.