Hello, Gallows

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Hello, Gallows
Hello, Gallows

You're standing on the trap door of the village gallows. It's way less scary than it would be if the noose was around your neck.

Keep standing

If no clanmate pulls the lever

You keep standing on the trap door. Nothing continues to happen. (Stays in this adventure, presumably if no clan mate pulls the lever)

If a clanmate has pulled the lever

Your clanmate <Clanmate> pulls the lever, opening the trapdoor beneath you. Whee!
You land on a pile of old, old bones. You get up and dust yourself off, but something interesting catches your eye:

As a muscle class:

Dv hanghood.gifYou acquire an item: hangman's hood

As a mysticality class:

Fingerring.gifYou acquire an item: cursed ring finger ring

As a moxie class:

Dv clockkey.gifYou acquire an item: Dreadsylvanian clockwork key
Stop standing
You get tired of standing on the trap door. (returns to Good Noose, Everyone!)


  • Once the lever has been pulled, the options to Stand on the trap door and Pull the lever vanish from Good Noose, Everyone!. So only one player can get his item during the same instance.