Hella Tough

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Hella Tough

Hella Tough

You've been rubbed down with the waters of the Styx, which makes you really tough, like that Achilles guy. You're not named after a tendon, though. That would suck.

Muscle +25%
Weapon Damage +10
Damage Reduction: 5

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Effect number: 446
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Obtained From


  • In Homer's Iliad, Achilles was a powerful warrior whose mother tried to make him invincible by dipping him in the river Styx when he was an infant, gripping him by the heel and submerging him head-first. The heel remained thus unprotected and Paris slew him with an arrow into this single mortal spot many years later. The idiom "Achilles' Heel", meaning a small but critical vulnerability, comes from this event.
  • The tendon connecting the heel to the back of the leg is called the Achilles' Tendon, and is in fact named after the warrior mentioned above.

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