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This is to an ordinary turtle what a hedgehog is to an ordinary hog, which is to say that it's a turtle covered in a large number of thick, sharp spikes. The similarities don't go very far, though -- a hedgehog is positively cuddly next to this thing.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: combat item
Selling Price: 96 Meat.

Deals 30-60 Physical Damage
Causes Bleeding

(In-game plural: hedgeturtles)
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Item number: 3923
Description ID: 742388692
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Obtained From

Turtle Taming (high-level outdoor locations)
Don't Be Alarmed, Now

When Used

  • On use:
You turn the hedgeturtle loose and it hurtles toward your opponent ("hurtle" being a relative term, you understand.) It vigorously and repeatedly pokes <it> with its spines, dealing 30-60 damage before scurrying (again, relative term) off into the underbrush.
  • On that round and subsequent rounds:
Your opponent is still full of little holes from that hedgeturtle. It bleeds for an additional 5-10 damage.


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