Have a Heart

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Have a Heart
Have a Heart

You knock on the cottage door and Vampire Hunter G opens it, his eyes bright with anticipation.

"Looks like you've got some vampire hearts, there. X, to be exact. May I?"

Give him all your hearts

You hand the hearts to the famed Vampire Hunter. He produces some vials from a fold of his cloak, and wrings blood out of the hearts into them.

"Here you go. I only need the hearts, not the blood..."

Potion5.gifYou acquire some bottles of used blood

"Maybe later."

"Suit yourself, then."


  • X stands for the number of vampire hearts you have in your inventory.
  • If you choose to give him your hearts, you will receive one bottle of used blood for every vampire heart.
  • Trading hearts costs one adventure; choosing the second option does not.
  • This adventure was added on April 11, 2006 along with some other Spooky Forest content.
  • After the August 24, 2010 update, this only occurs as part of The Road Less Traveled.