Haunted battery

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haunted battery
haunted battery

This battery is just begging to be licked. Literally -- it keeps whispering "Liiiiiiiiiiick meeeeeeeee. Pleeeeeeeease."

Type: spleen item (EPIC)
Toxicity: 1
Selling Price: 90 Meat.

(In-game plural: haunted batteries)
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Item number: 7324
Description ID: 150291229
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Obtained From

The Haunted Laboratory
Jacob's adder
Dropped after combat by a Lil' Barrel Mimic (sometimes)
mouldering barrel

When Used

You lick the battery. It's like when you would lick a battery as a kid, except this time it licks you back.
You gain 37 Enchantedness.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)


  • 5 of these can be used to add +25% to all Mysticality Gains to your pantogram pants.


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