Harold's bell

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Harold's bell
Harold's bell

This is a bell once carried by Harold. Once you gave him back his hammer, he didn't need it anymore. Win-win!

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Banishes a monster for a while

(In-game plural: Harold's bells)
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Item number: 2765
Description ID: 356624353
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Obtained From

The Sleazy Back Alley
Don't Hurt 'Em

When Used

You ring Harold's bell. It makes the most annoying noise you've ever heard. Your opponent cringes and walks away, and you throw the bell away so that you'll never, ever hear that sound again.


  • Obtained as reward for completing the Harold's Hammer Quest.
  • Using this item ends the current combat as if you had run away, and removes the monster you used it on from the area for 20 adventures. For example, in The Haunted Billiards Room, using Harold's bell on a chalkdust wraith will make the next 20 combat adventures be entirely pooltergeists. However, the adventure where you use the Harold's Bell counts towards the 20 turns of removal. This means that you would then see 19 turns without the removed monster, not 20.
  • Other uses of adventures such as adventuring in other zones or cooking/mixing/crafting reduces the counter.
  • Like most combat items, Harold's bell is consumed upon use.
  • When used against one of the monsters in the Naughty Sorceress' tower, the battle will end and you will discard the bell as normal, but you will not advance to the next level of the tower.
  • The banishing effect of this item has no effect in zones where only one combat adventure is possible.
  • Use of this item on a Mer-kin healer does not prevent them from healing a Mer-kin raider or a Mer-kin burglar when in combat with those.
  • This item could once be used on the Boss Bat to guarantee at least 19 more adventures of beefy bodyguard bats, a trick useful for farming Meat early in a given run. However, in an unannounced update on July 18, 2010, the Boss Bat and his bodyguards were made immune to the banishing effect of Harold's bell. At the end of combat you get the message:
Unfortunately this is a very small space and your opponent quickly returns.
As you leave the area, you catch sight of your opponent in the distance. Apparently he's realized that there isn't much of anywhere to run to on this little island, and is sheepishly wandering back to where he was before.

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