Hardcore Standard IOTM Analysis

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Tier lists

These tier lists provide an overview of the relative usefulness of each item. Items within the same tier are not necessarily listed in any comparative order. If you're using these tiers to help you decide what order to acquire these items in, feel free to move earlier to lower tiers if the mall cost is incredibly high for some in a higher tier.

Class15.gif Items that are extremely badass Class15.gif
Item Name Month Sold Standard Expiry Date Description
Source Terminal June 2016 2019 Cuts so many turns, so many ways just with digitize (desks, ninja assassins, and LFM) and duplicate (gaudy pirate). PLUS the buffs. And the food.
Pack of Every Card July 2015 2018 Speed relies on beneficial ordering of quests to maximize efficiency. Deck gives you a 5 level head start, plus the ores (saves clovers) sheep (saves SR) or keys (saves turns).
Chateau Mantegna room key January 2015 2018 An additional 500+ substats a day, MP regen, possibly beneficial potions and, crucially, the free starting copy to run the Desks trick and an additional copy day 2. That copy has the advantage of not being used unless needed, handy for Nun's trick when you have 1-2 turns remaining.
Li'l orphan tot October 2016 2019 150 flat buff to item/meat while still giving HP/MP regen. For 1000 meat you have all the elemental resist you need for quests, and another 1000 gives you 5 adventures at rollover.

Items providing greatest overall utility
Item Name Month Sold Standard Expiry Date Description
Witchess Set March 2016 2019 Free fights and good buffs. Also food/drink/gear.
Disconnected intergnat May 2016 2019 +Item fam, bacon for a copy or YR, increases ML or -combat, and gives the demon summon for cutting turns from Hidden Village/Pyramid or Hole in the Sky
Machine elf capsule December 2015 2018 On a 2 day might not see much action on Day 2 depending on your turn count, but if you can get the 25% exp drop early that's phenomenal. Using the Melf during boss fights for the buff is great, and the regen can be handy if you're low.
Yellow puck June 2015 2018 Powerpills for free fights, miniature ones for buffs. Pixels give Food, Booze, extra ML, as well as staggering in combat.