Handful of napalm

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Damage range for the self inflicted damage.

handful of napalm
handful of napalm

You, uh... you sure you don't have anything to put that in? Like one of the millions of rusty bent tin cans lying around?

No? Just gonna carry that glob of jellied petroleum around in your bare hand, eh? Okay, well, don't let me stop you! Have fun!

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 33 Meat.

Deals 100 Hot Damage and sets your opponent on fire

(In-game plural: handsful of napalm)
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Item number: 7815
Description ID: 957617467
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Wad.gif unused soap impure gasoline
Equals.gif handful of napalm

When Used

  • Initially:
You light the handful of napalm and then hurl it at your opponent, dealing 100 damage. You realize too late that you should have performed those actions in the opposite order.
  • Each round:
Your opponent continues to burn, suffering an additional X damage.
You're on fire!
HPYou lose Y hit points. (hot damage)


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