Hall of Champions

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The Hall of Champions in Huggler Memorial Colosseum is where you can find the leaderboards for various PvP achievements.

Current Hall of Champions leaderboards

  • Two Mysterious Hills
    • The Normal Hill (the top-ranked normal PvP player)
    • The Stainless Steel Hill (the top ranked Hardcore PvP player)
  • Individual Leaderboards
    • Top Normal Hill Holders (listed by time held)
    • Top Stainless Hill Holders
    • Fame (listed by total fame)
    • Hardcore Fame
    • Most Winningest (listed by net wins, calculated as: Offensive Wins - Offensive Losses - Defensive Losses)
    • Most Hardcore Winningest
    • Most Fame Gained
    • Most Hardcore Fame Gained
  • Clan Boards (listed by total time of participating clan members)
    • Most Normal Hill Holders
    • Most Stainless Steel Hill Holders