Hair of the fish

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hair of the fish
hair of the fish

This is a patch of chest hair from a lounge lizardfish. The Mer-kin claim that this stuff will cure hangovers, but the Mer-kin are jerks, and they've been known to lie about stuff just to be mean.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 86 Meat.
Effect: Antihangover (10 Adventures)+X Muscle
+X Mysticality
+X Moxie

(In-game plural: wads of hair of the fish)
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Obtained From

The Dive Bar
lounge lizardfish (after you ask Grandpa about lizardfish)

When Used

You swallow the wad of hair, feeling very much like the opposite of a cat.
Martini.gifYou acquire an effect: Antihangover
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • The "hair of the fish" is a reference to the colloquial English expression "hair of the dog", which is short for "hair of the dog that bit you". Literally it refers to a folkloric preventative for rabies, but figuratively it refers to taking alcohol to ease a hangover.


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