Hagnk's Bricks (Ti-Z)

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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, Ti-Z

Tia --- I am the very model of a modern major general!
Tia --- I less-than-three Hagnk.
Tia --- KoL Rules!
Tia --- Rock on!
Tia --- Should really leave those kids alone, teacher..
Tibbiara --- Have you hugged a cephalopod today?
TiberiusTechnicas --- was here
Tichondrius --- Hagnk is a blasted fool.
Tichondrius --- Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
Tichondrius --- Tichondrius pulls your strings now, MWAHAHAHAHA.
Tielan --- TIELAN!
TiffanyB --- Clan Ragnorak, Bee-yatch!
tiktnarg --- nil carborumdun bastordii! - tiktnarg 7/07
Tilbee --- ATs: push brick, recite code phrase for backdoor.
Tillia --- New hardcore skill... GrimaCore.
TillyWinks --- Brick-a-brack... what the heck is a brack?
Tim the Mighty Beard
Tim the Slipperman --- I
Timebender --- Screw Reality!!!!!!!!!
Timefounder --- A Foodcourter is me!
Timefounder --- For a new time: Long Live the Kingdom!
Timefounder --- For Hagnk's 2.0
Timefounder --- Lunch At Teresa's, KoL Chapter
Timefounder --- The 11th Brick
Timefounder --- To whatever end
TimeStopper, Crash Bombs
TimmyInnawell --- All in all you're just another,,, well you know.
Timon --- Clan Hamilton Rulez - Love, Timon
Timorous --- By your stumbling the world is perfected.
TimScheff --- Full Frontal Forever!
Tinfoil Chef --- I got a rock.
Tinfoil Chef --- Tinfoil Chef luvs Guiseppi XOXO
Tinkeron --- Desolation? Yes! Hesitation? No!
Tinner --- Send all your meat to Tinner - OBEY!
Tiny Dinosaur
Tiny Plastic Emo Roe
Tiny plastIc Emo squiD
Tiny Plastic Grimmy
Tiny Plastic Jesus --- Tiny plastic saviour!
Tiny Plastic Zesha
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Amazing how quickly you run out of cleverness, eh?
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Blew 15 Million Meat so far. I'm a nut.
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- End of Line
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Friend of Hagnk! Yay!
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Huked on fonix wurked fer mee!
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- I can't think of anything to say.
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Now that I've put all my meat into a sink.. Mtplz?
Tiny Plastic Zesha --- Zesha + Haiku Oracle 4 Evah
TinyTina --- ackackack
TinyTina --- another brick in the wall
TinyTina --- meatmeatmeat
TiVoParkersc --- Yo Ho ... Yo Ho ... A Pirate's Life For Me!
Tiwaz ---  could teach you, but i'd have to charge
Tiwaz --- and the gunslinger followed.
Tiwaz --- bag of bones
Tiwaz --- Ball State University
Tiwaz --- be kind, rewind
Tiwaz --- burn the playhouse down
Tiwaz --- everything is better in the Nati
Tiwaz --- fish or cut bait?
Tiwaz --- for Adam
Tiwaz --- for Campbell
Tiwaz --- for Dustin -- I love ya buddy!
Tiwaz --- for Levi and Dolly
Tiwaz --- for Maria\n
Tiwaz --- for Val
Tiwaz --- for Vinnie
Tiwaz --- four past midnight
Tiwaz --- Ginger
Tiwaz --- hummm hummmm hum hum hummmm hummmm hum hum
Tiwaz --- i dont have anything left to say
Tiwaz --- i hope this isnt a scam
Tiwaz --- I love Drag Queens, we need some in the game
Tiwaz --- i really dont know what to put here
Tiwaz --- i want a prosthetic forehead on my real head
Tiwaz --- I'm my #1 fan
Tiwaz --- in just 7 days i can make you a man
Tiwaz --- it burns! it burrrrrrns!
Tiwaz --- it's 11 o'clock, do you know where your kids are?
Tiwaz --- it's been damned uncomfortable
Tiwaz --- Midway College Alum
Tiwaz --- pet semitary
Tiwaz --- really, how many people are going to read this?
Tiwaz --- see what a generous adventurer i am? see? seeeee?
Tiwaz --- so, you come here often?
Tiwaz --- the man in black fled across the desert
Tiwaz --- the shining
Tiwaz --- the stand
Tiwaz --- to Val, bfsfg
Tiwaz --- Toddy, i dont know how to act like a man
Tiwaz --- tomorrow, NS13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiwaz --- up to 50 characters
Tiwaz --- we talk about your nanna up in muncie indiana
Tiwaz --- what's taters, precious?
Tiwaz --- when i think about you i touch myself
Tiwaz --- zombies ate my fngers
tjalle --- Bricks from Sweden can't be beaten.
tjalle --- Don't throw me away.
tjalle --- None what soever
Toadas --- This woodchuck chucked 17.4 cords of wood.
Tobias --- |---A----|--B--|     A+B is to A as A is to B
Tobias --- 010101000110111101100010011010010110000101110011
Tobias --- ACCESSORY: Baron Von Ratsworth's Monocle
Tobias --- Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Tobias --- Ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Tobias --- BACK: Hemp Backpack
Tobias --- COLLECTION: Guano Coffee Cups
Tobias --- COLLECTION: Tiny Plastic Coffee Pixies
Tobias --- cos²(x) + sin²(x) = 1
Tobias --- Dedicated to Big Green Bump
Tobias --- Dedicated to blackhatluck
Tobias --- Dedicated to Calatan
Tobias --- Dedicated to Captain Communism
Tobias --- Dedicated to Chasing
Tobias --- Dedicated to Cialan
Tobias --- Dedicated to DarthDud
Tobias --- Dedicated to DivineCoffeeBinge
Tobias --- Dedicated to Dr. Raptor
Tobias --- Dedicated to Ekeinos
Tobias --- Dedicated to Euclid
Tobias --- Dedicated to Euler
Tobias --- Dedicated to Fibonacci
Tobias --- Dedicated to Galanthas (Galynn) Du'mentharan
Tobias --- Dedicated to Garnet Rene
Tobias --- Dedicated to Hatch van Graves
Tobias --- Dedicated to Helik Windsaber
Tobias --- Dedicated to izchak
Tobias --- Dedicated to jasejasejase2
Tobias --- Dedicated to jonbly
Tobias --- Dedicated to Kaybin Stormsill
Tobias --- Dedicated to Leibniz
Tobias --- Dedicated to LucySpace
Tobias --- Dedicated to Lyndon B. "The Frikken Bear" Johnson
Tobias --- Dedicated to Marius, Kraken, Naya, Draven, & Tagan
Tobias --- Dedicated to Miss Rapier
Tobias --- Dedicated to redpot
Tobias --- Dedicated to Sai Guru
Tobias --- Dedicated to Sarghi
Tobias --- Dedicated to schmedy
Tobias --- Dedicated to Searon
Tobias --- Dedicated to Smoking Tongue
Tobias --- Dedicated to StrapOnSally
Tobias --- Dedicated to T Sarducci
Tobias --- Dedicated to The Hogs of Destiny
Tobias --- Dedicated to TheBub
Tobias --- Dedicated to Turbo Turtle
Tobias --- Dedicated to Turtleshaft
Tobias --- Dedicated to Vladamia
Tobias --- Dedicated to WhiskeyJack
Tobias --- e = 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709
Tobias --- e^(ix) = cos(x) + i*sin(x)
Tobias --- e^(pi*i) = -1.  Seriously.
Tobias --- Fibonacci(a): 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89
Tobias --- Fibonacci(b): 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584
Tobias --- Fibonacci(c): 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657
Tobias --- Fibonacci(d): 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811
Tobias --- Golden Quadratic: x² - x - 1 = 0;  x = (1 ± 5^½
Tobias --- HAND: Titanium Assault Umbrella
Tobias --- HAT: Bowler
Tobias --- i = sqrt(-1)
Tobias --- Klekolo (continued): ...and harmony in the world.
Tobias --- Klekolo: A system of rules to live by for peace...
Tobias --- OFFHAND: Thought Balloon
Tobias --- PANTS: Demonskin Trousers
Tobias --- PANTS: Demonskin Trousers
Tobias --- Pascal(1):                   1
Tobias --- Pascal(2):                1     1
Tobias --- Pascal(3):              1    2    1
Tobias --- Pascal(4):            1   3     3   1
Tobias --- Pascal(5):          1   4    6    4   1
Tobias --- Pascal(6):        1   5   10   10   5   1
Tobias --- Pascal(7):      1   6  15   20    15  6   1
Tobias --- Pascal(8):    1   7  21   35   35   21  7   1
Tobias --- Pascal(9):  1   8  28  56   70   56   28  8   1
Tobias --- phi = 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309
Tobias --- pi(001-036):3.141592653589793238462643383279502884
Tobias --- pi(037-074):19716939937510582097494459230781640628
Tobias --- pi(075-112):62089986280348253421170679821480865132
Tobias --- pi(113-150):82306647093844609550582231725359408128
Tobias --- pi(151-188):48111745028410270193852110555964462294
Tobias --- pi(189-226):89549303819644288109756659334461284756
Tobias --- pi(227-264):48233786783165271201909145648566923460
Tobias --- pi(265-302):34861045432664821339360726024914127372
Tobias --- pi(303-340):45870066063155881748815209209628292540
Tobias --- pi(341-378):91715364367892590360011330530548820466
Tobias --- pi(379-416):52138414695194151160943305727036575959
Tobias --- pi(417-454):19530921861173819326117931051185480744
Tobias --- pi(455-492):62379962749567351885752724891227938183
Tobias --- pi(493-530):01194912983367336244065664308602139494
Tobias --- pi(531-568):63952247371907021798609437027705392171
Tobias --- pi(569-606):76293176752384674818467669405132000568
Tobias --- pi(607-644):12714526356082778577134275778960917363
Tobias --- pi(645-682):7178721468440901224953430146549585371
Tobias --- pi(683-720):50792279689258923542019956112129021960
Tobias --- pi(721-758):86403441815981362977477130996051870721
Tobias --- pi(759-796):13499999983729780499510597317328160963
Tobias --- pi(797-834):18595024459455346908302642522308253344
Tobias --- pi(835-872):68503526193118817101000313783875288658
Tobias --- pi(873-910):75332083814206171776691473035982534904
Tobias --- pi(911-948):28755468731159562863882353787593751957
Tobias --- pi(949-986):78185778053217122680661300192787661119
Tobias --- pi(987-1000):5909216420198...and so on...
Tobias --- PROOF(a): let x = .99999...
Tobias --- PROOF(b): 10 * x = 10 * .99999...
Tobias --- PROOF(c): 10x - x = 9.9999... - x
Tobias --- PROOF(d): 9x = 9
Tobias --- PROOF(e): x = 1
Tobias --- PROOF(f): :. 1 = .99999...  (Q.E.D.)
Tobias --- sqrt(2) = 1.41421356237309504880168872420969807856
Tobias --- Testing: ² ± ½ û
Tobias --- Tobias - Hogs of Destiny - Klekolo Kaffeemeister
Tobias --- Tortoisecore Recordholder:  59 adventures, 12 days
TogashiKokujin --- In memory of my ice sickles
TogashiKokujin --- In memory of my Streams of Sauce
TogashiKokujin --- In memory of my Thrust-Smacks
Toivol --- Toivol was here
Tolatrafi --- SPQR
ToledoTrixie --- ToledoTrixie Lives the Disco Inferno, man.
Tomato Bob
Tomato Jack
Tombo --- - Rombo
TomKaT --- A Wall Builder Is I
TomKaT --- all in all just another brick in a wall
TomKaT --- all your bricks are belong to us
TomKaT --- I'm Brick James Bitch
TomTomson --- Though I perish, I live forever in the wall.
TomTurbo17 --- Another Brick.
Tonx Brite
tonyrobb --- Hooray for Hagnk's!!!!
Tool 42
TOPcUBE --- TopCube Rulez!
Toric --- I
Torin --- In loving support of the not so Tall One
Torindor --- Torindor rocks and is hung like a zebra.  Yowza.
Tortica --- Boot to the Head!  Nyah nyah!  Boot to the Head!
Tortica --- Boot!  To!  The!  Head!
Tortica --- Brick by brick, I seal his doom.
Tortica --- For the love of God, Montresor!
Tortica --- Hangk wasn't anywhere near here.
Tortica --- I can count..all the way..to schfity-five!
Tortica --- I'm a brick.
Tortica --- In pace requiescat!
Tortica --- I've got a secret!  I can count to schfifty-five!
Tortica --- Originally, Hangk wasn't so lank.
Tortica --- Pigeons make good eating.  Eat more pigeon!
Tortica --- This brick is in memory of .. um .. something.
Tortica --- This brick will be removed by the guys next door->
Tortica --- Watch the Antiques store on the corner there...
Tortica --- You are not of the masons!
Tosher --- All in all it's just...
ToxicPopsicle --- The Spice Must Flow
Tozzo --- The ships hung in the sky in much the same way tha
Trajolifer --- Trajolifer *hiccup* Really?
Tramposin --- Hermano Latino! Inscribite en el Clan Nicas!
Trantez2 --- SHOOP DA WHOOP
Trantez2 --- SHOOP+DA+WHOOP
Trebe --- This brick is dedicated to Kira
Tremir --- Tremir was here!
Tremir --- Tremir's Brick
Trina --- Stay on These Roads
trindin --- long live Hagnk!
tripintheHED --- Laughing into the abyss
Triskelion --- 42. 23. 11. 7. 1. 0.
Trollboy --- Pie is the best!!!
TrunkleBob --- (up to 50 characters)
Tsouga --- Good Luck Hagnk!
tua11077 --- Support Hagnk's!
Tuffy --- Sadly I've run out of things to say.
Tuffy --- Teh Club Rawks!
Tully Mars --- Hagnk-Have a bitchin' summer! K.I.T.! -Tully Mars
Turbino --- We're not NOT licking toads!
turBO Turtle --- Turbo Turtle - Yay vanity!
turdopotomus --- Brickopotomus
Turing --- All ign all it's just agnother brick ign the wall.
Turing --- Gno dark sarcasm ign the classroom.
Turing --- Hail Eris!
Turing --- Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alogne!
Turing --- Just agnother brick ign the wall.
Turing --- September 9th
Turing --- Teachers leave them kids alogne.
Turing --- There's 10 types of bricks. Grimacite and regular.
Turing --- This brick is ridiculous, it's not even funny.
Turing --- We dogn't gneed gno educatiogn.
Turing --- We dogn't gneed gno thought cogntrol.
Turtle Tamer Whoop Man
turtlegirlpower --- Turtle Power!
Turtleman3000 --- Turtleman3000 was here!
Turtles --- This is turtles...Worship Cthulhu.
TurtleShield --- Barack for President
TurtleShield --- Read anything written by bell hooks. And now.
tush the pastagirl
tusmrt4u --- Go Celtics + Red Sox. Yankees sux. I luv rachel
twf --- twf was here, and ate an owl sammich. Hi Yilf!
Twilight95 --- Don't fear the Twilight!
Twinkies --- Am I famous yet?
Twinkletoast --- JS + BC
Twinkletoast --- twinkletoast was here
TwistNShoutn --- Spare Brick
txelleta --- Padfoot never dies!
Txranger --- The Iron Chefs Will Once Rise Again
Tyrran --- And nothing of value was lost!
Tyrran --- Somehow, this is what I spent my meat on.
Tyrran --- The brick above mine smells funny...
Tyrran --- Yes, Hagnk. For the love of God!
tzgunter --- xyzzy
tzielund --- And this here brick; It really stengk; Burma Shave
tzielund --- Fifty characters is not enough to express my grati
tzielund --- I lay a brick; For Unka Hengk (ctd. next brick)
tzielund --- Sell for 10k, or spend 25k to give it? Me stupid.
Uber --- Opening up a can of whoopie on your tushie
UberFerret --- Another brick
UberFerret --- Another Brick another 25k
UberFerret --- UberFerret spent 10 million meat on this.
UberFerret --- Whee
UberFerret --- Whee Uberferret is taking over the leaderboard!
uberife --- help save the planet @ coolearth.org
UberMan --- All Your Hagnks' are belong to me!
UberTech --- Clan Crakima for the win--UberTech
UberTech --- Watch for falling bricks
Ubiq --- Hagng ign there, Hagnk!
ucdoorman --- lurve, UCDoorman
Uchiha Yohan
Ueberwensch --- She's a brick . . . ancestral mini-storage.
Uewebawo --- Churchill Space Ponies
Ukikatzi --- Laugh hard, it's a long way to the bank.
UKnowForKids --- This one's for you, Hagnk!
Ultima_Wraith --- Kingdom
Ultima_Wraith --- of
Ultima_Wraith --- The
UltimateRoadKill --- Can you dig it? Can you dig it?! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!
UltimateRoadKill --- Hey, Hagnk... You've got red on you.
UltimateRoadKill --- I'm in your walls, stealin' your stuff.
Ultra Violet --- I'm a brick... house! da-da-daaaa-da!
Ultra Violet --- Mighty might, just letting it all hang out!
ultrabuttlord --- 23!!!
ultrabuttlord --- 3 days till ns13
ultrabuttlord --- bop bop
ultrabuttlord --- hay look its a brick
ultrabuttlord --- HIKI HIKI
ultrabuttlord --- hina cana ha
ultrabuttlord --- watch out im in ownage mode
ultrabuttlord --- you want some of my brick cake?
ultracowlord --- All your brick are belong to us
ultracowlord --- Burn! Hot-Blooded Rhythm Soul
ultracowlord --- Enough is as Bad as a Meal.
ultracowlord --- FREEDOM IS SLAVERY
ultracowlord --- IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH
ultracowlord --- Moderation is a Fatal Flaw.
ultracowlord --- More Than Enough is as Good as a Feast.
ultracowlord --- No Stairway.
ultracowlord --- Osu! Tatakae! Rokujou Rappa
ultracowlord --- POLYSICS is a great band.  You should listen.
ultracowlord --- WAR IS PEACE
ultracowlord --- We Are Happy Landfill!  Alright!
ultracowlord --- We Don't Need No Education.
umfum --- Thagnks Hagnk's!
umfumdisi --- A brick is a terrible thing to waste.
Uncle Geemo --- Gosh. Clever Rigs!
UncleBen --- Mundania No dark loathing in the classroom Mundania
UndeadOmelet --- This is a profound and witty message.
UndeadStrangerer --- Iocaine Powder
Under_Note --- Ercassendil is heartier than SnarkOutQueen!
Under_Note --- SnarkOutQueen is heartier than Ercassendil!
Under_Note --- Soupydreck37, Destroyer of Worlds
Underaling --- Jeez, 50 characters isn't really that much, you kn
Underaling --- Like Earth, it's where I keep all my stuff!
Underaling --- Me brick cheats little old ladies out of COD money
Underaling --- She's a brick... Anscestral Storage Location!
Undercover Clubber --- Your questions will be answered. Contact if needed
Underfoot --- Rocks out!
Underfoot --- Underfoot!
Underfoot --- V for Valhalla
Underfoot --- V for Valhalla!
Underfoot --- V for Valhalla!!
Underfoot --- V for Valhalla!! and the ladies. ^_-
Undertaker --- Undertaker was here 666 BC - 1768
Undertaker --- Woop Woop juggalo in da hizzo
ungarro --- BRICK!
ungarro --- Comets Beware
ungarro --- Enjoy the new fire/comet/water-proof store
ungarro --- Hopefully your new place won't burgn down
ungarro --- Hot Brickings
ungarro --- I was in Breakout before being put in this wall.
ungarro --- I'm just another brick in the wall.
ungarro --- Mmmm... Bricks
ungarro --- Mmmm... Clan - 06-23-2007
ungarro --- No hard feelings over you losing my stuff
ungarro --- not a brick
ungarro --- PUSH
ungarro --- This brick is a secret switch. Push it.
ungarro --- ungarro was here
ungarro --- You call that a brick? THIS... is a brick.
unisus80 --- Well behaved women seldom make history
UniVector Llama --- love you kelly
Unluckycat --- God they are under my eyelids!
upessimist --- I hope Mr. Gorbachev doesn't tear down this wall..
Urban_Kenobi --- Hi, I'm Urban_Kenobi!
urbanX --- the roof.  the roof.  the roof is on fire.
Uriel3ca --- Love makes the world go 'round
urizenXVII --- antidisestablishmentarianism
urizenXVII --- Exclamation point!!!11!
urizenXVII --- Goodbye dictionary
urizenXVII --- I'm generous!
urizenXVII --- I'm helping!
urizenXVII --- Lick here.
urizenXVII --- meatsink
urizenXVII --- Monkey Brains!
urizenXVII --- No sleep 'till Brooklyn!
urizenXVII --- OK!
urizenXVII --- Sinkin' my meat!
urizenXVII --- Skyre's a monkey.
urizenXVII --- Tastee Kake!
urizenXVII --- This is not a brick.
Uteral Mallard
Utti --- hagnk! of all the friends i have you're the first.
V0dk4 --- ...
V0dk4 --- 34t, dr1nk and be m3rr13!
V0dk4 --- all ur meat r belong to meh!
V0dk4 --- baikkthnx
V0dk4 --- bleepbleep
V0dk4 --- Brains!
V0dk4 --- For the Emporer!
V0dk4 --- fubar and custard
V0dk4 --- FUBAR!
V0dk4 --- Fubat for life
V0dk4 --- Gau FTW!
V0dk4 --- it's Caturday!
V0dk4 --- Mooglecharms!
V0dk4 --- v0dk4 and m4rt1n1 yarr
V0dk4 --- v0dk4 was here.
V0dk4 --- Yarrr
vaeiski --- Hope this helps -vaeiski
Vagen Karrde --- LA cigar too tragical; We love you Hangk!
vampire989 --- I
Vanidor --- Eat at Ed's!
Vanir --- Live yor Life.
VaZZ --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Vecna_Reborn --- What a beezy!
Vectormonkey --- ~May all your toast be warm, and your butter soft~
Vedekka --- ... Why not etched in depleted Grimacite?
Vedekka --- Etched in stone they say...
Vedekka --- Hagnk, I wanna give birth to your children!
Vedekka --- How many times must Hagnk's be mutilated, how...
Vedekka --- I pee myself, I can't wait anymore for NS13...
Vedekka --- ich liebe Schnabel
Vedekka --- if you prick me, do I not bleed?  wait, stick figu
Vedekka --- I'll say nothing without my advocate!
Vedekka --- lalalalaaaa.  me love my kingdom
Vedekka --- ooops.
Vedekka --- Thunder! na-na-na-nananaaaaah
Vedekka --- Vedekka was here on midsummer evening 2007! yay:-)
Vedekka --- what am I doing here anyways?
veganicus --- Behold for I am Veganicus!!! and u r not!!!
Vehlenn --- Vehlenn was here!!
Velcro --- Thanks for the great service, Hagnk!
Veldrin --- We are anonymous. We are legion.
VengfulSkwerall --- You rock, Hagnk. I hope Grimacite doesn't burn! ;)
verbena128 --- Verbena128 of The Inconceivables!
Verez --- Built like a what???
VERGIL --- Lovelessness
version1 --- Because That's How I Roll...join sevenlances
Very Flash --- Team Baltimore Anthropology Expedition Memorial
Vic Vega
Viggo the Carpathian
Viggo the Carpathian --- 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987
Viggo the Carpathian --- All elves are faeries
Viggo the Carpathian --- Born 1505 - Died 1610
Viggo the Carpathian --- Brick to the head (nyah, nyah)
Viggo the Carpathian --- Brick, Tug, Poor Frisco, The Pin
Viggo the Carpathian --- Ce n'est pas une brique
Viggo the Carpathian --- Death is but a door. Time is but a window.
Viggo the Carpathian --- fnord
Viggo the Carpathian --- Hagnk has a brick...hoooouuse.  Mighty, mighty
Viggo the Carpathian --- I killed a guy with a trident
Viggo the Carpathian --- If nothing else, be sure that you always plan ahea
Viggo the Carpathian --- I'm drowning slowly
Viggo the Carpathian --- It's just a family tradition
Viggo the Carpathian --- My brick, my brick, my brick, my brick
Viggo the Carpathian --- My meat is sinkin' like a mofo
Viggo the Carpathian --- No, I really do mean it.
Viggo the Carpathian --- The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog
Viggo the Carpathian --- The... party. With the... with the pants.
Viggo the Carpathian --- These pretzels are making me thirsty!
Viggo the Carpathian --- What was will be! What is will be no more! Viggo
Viggo the Carpathian --- Yankee, Hotel, Foxtrot
Vigilant --- Rha'∫anthassirr, Planeswalker. Hang on, I'm comi
VikingGoddess --- VG's brick. Touch at your own peril..
Vili --- Kol rocks!
Vince3 --- Please don't fall apart again!
VincentRanok --- Thanks Hagnk!
Vindibunny --- Evolution - it's not just a theory, it's a fact.
Vinnie B --- Hopefully this one will last a bit longer!!
Viro Norag --- "Brick" is a verb, why not "drywall?"
Viro Norag --- Something clever and relevant.
viZion --- just drink more!
viZion --- When you sober up your problems come back but, duh
Vizzini --- No more rhymes now, I mean it.
Vladamia --- Thanks, SteveChnchilla!
Voidofvoiding --- Voidofvoiding is Jesus
Voivod --- Wow, this is a really expensive meat sink.
Von Shleiffen
vonschiller --- Bubba is a fat cat.
vonschiller --- I'm ign ur Hagnk's, dognatign' brickz
VooDooQueen --- VooDooQueen for the Win!
Vorinde --- Un pinguino m'ha dato questa pietra.
Vreck --- All your base are belong to the Mafia. No, really!
Vreck --- Lavos is coming! Lavos is coming!
Vreck --- Plugh! Yoho! Plover! Xyzzy!
Vreck --- The End of the World is on December 12th, 2012.
vulpeccula --- boy howdy of the Asstasstic bastards!
vulpeccula --- i like pie
vulpeccula --- Munky and Sqwirl  since 02/28/1999
vulpeccula --- Vulpeccula of the Asstasstic Bastards!
W Axl Rose
W Axl Rose --- Axl loves teh brick
W Axl Rose --- Underfoot rocks
w_nightshade --- f
w_nightshade --- for The Danieling
w_nightshade --- I think, therefore I'm right.  -Hugo Rune
w_nightshade --- The Rye wuz here
Waddle Dee
Waddle Dee --- Pika...nya?
Waddle Dee --- Put Another Brick In The Wall! (25,000 Meat)
Waddle Dee --- waddle-waddle-waddle
Waddle Dee --- yet another chunk of depleted Grimacite
Waewen --- I am the walrus, kookookachoo
Waewen --- NS13 will kick my everlovin arse
Waewen --- Soy un Perdedor, Your's truly, Waewen
Waewen --- Waewen Rocks, Nanananabooboo
Waffle Stomper --- Afro-Dog Mafia 4 Life
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to cook dinner.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to go home.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to go to school.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to go to sleep.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to go to work.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I have to take a bath.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I just woke up.
Wagr --- Here, you make the brick.  I need breakfast.
Waldergrave --- And once Again
WallaWalla23 --- WallaWalla23 (#463728) - July 16, 2007
WalterSobchak --- Smokey my friend: You're entering a world of pain.
WalterSobchak --- Somebody told me Richmond, VA likes to party!
warlord101 --- A brick for warlord101
Warpe --- We appraise stamps. Send requests via WASTE
Wass Ammattayou --- Adverb: It's how you do it.
Wass Ammattayou --- Fine, you're Spartacus.
Wass Ammattayou --- Help! I'm trapped in a brick factory!
Wass Ammattayou --- No hay día.
Wassname --- Every pyramid begins with a single brick.
water_moon --- for the honor of the SPF (& to sink some meat)
water_moon --- the cookie mama of the SPF -water_moon
waterfarmer --- arggh...grrr..I'm loathing in the kingdom...jerk..
watter2 --- Three cheers for Hagnk
WavyGravy --- WavyGravy was here!!! Hit me one more time!!!
WaxDragon --- I
Wayne --- Curtis Granderson is my Tiger.  And Kelly rules.
waynoinsano --- shlt brick
WayWest --- Believe in yourself. 2320 miles of strength.
Weasel Boy --- Boyo + Poobit
Weasel Boy --- Get in the trunk Stumbles!
Weasel Boy --- Shop at the  "Bowl-O-Rama" [located at the Mall]
Weasel Boy --- Take the yetis bowling!
Weasel Boy --- The Naughty Sorceress is smelly. (like pee turkey)
Webley --- 2007  Your Name  2007
Wee Mad Willie --- fgsfds
Wee Mad Willie --- fnord
Wee Mad Willie --- Fun fact: I'm not wearing any pants.
Wee Mad Willie --- HA! HA! I am using the internet.
Wee Mad Willie --- I am a fish.
Wee Mad Willie --- I like swords.
Wee Mad Willie --- I spent 25k and all I got was this lousy brick.
Wee Mad Willie --- Lemon curry?
Wee Mad Willie --- Pop culture reference.
Wee Mad Willie --- This is my 11th brick. That's ridiculous, etc.
Wee Mad Willie --- This new Hagnk's had better be frickin' invinsible
Weebler --- Boooyaah
Weebler --- Weebler was here!
weirdguy8888 --- Signed by Anarchy Corp.  We have penguins!
Welfycat ---  Boys make good pets!
Welfycat --- Script Frenzy 2007 Winner: Welfycat - Silent Truth
Wendy_The_Witch --- Wendy_The_Witch was here!
Werebear --- You are... what you do... when it counts.
Weredonut --- ... I've run out of things to say.
Weredonut --- All power corrupts, but we need electricity.
Weredonut --- bloody expensive tools
Weredonut --- eat at joe's
Weredonut --- haven't I run out of these things yet?
Weredonut --- He who laughs last didn't get it.
Weredonut --- i like cheese
Weredonut --- Perhaps I should have a coffee.
Weredonut --- True friends stab you in the front.
Weredonut --- why don't you make your tools out of Grimacite?
werefish --- To Hagnk. May the comets miss this one. winna
WesternActor --- The next best thing to love... is also love.
westiegrl516 --- happy birthday!
wexer9 --- wexer9 - Supporting the Kingdom
wexer9 --- wexer9 - We all love him
wexler --- Anti-Brick
wexler --- El Barto
wexler --- Everything's going to be just fine...
wexler --- Mmmm... Grimacite
wexler --- Oh noes!!
wexler --- Remember that gnight we got wasted at the tavern?
wexler --- To brick, or not to brick...
Weylin --- As above, so below.
Weylin --- This brick likes brick.
Weylin --- This is a brick.
Weylin --- This is a brick. If you squint hard enough.
Weylin --- This is not a brick.
Weylin --- This is probably not a brick.
Weylin --- This is the last one.
Weylin --- This might be a brick.
Weylin --- This used to be a brick.
Weylin --- This wants to be a brick.
Weylin --- With this brick I thee wed.
wgitc --- Better, stronger, faster than it was before.
Whampyri --- Whampyri woz ere 2k7
Whap Son of tHrAp --- My brick was made with more care than your brick!
WhimOrClutters --- In a row?!
WhiskeyJack --- (>")>
WhiskeyJack --- 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
WhiskeyJack --- 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
WhiskeyJack --- 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
WhiskeyJack --- blah, typing these is boring!
WhiskeyJack --- Calatan is a big pimp
WhiskeyJack --- clowns suck
WhiskeyJack --- Hagnk I mean...
WhiskeyJack --- Hangk is sooooo unlucky!
WhiskeyJack --- HoD is sexy AND sassy!
WhiskeyJack --- HoD kicks ass!
WhiskeyJack --- Let's play row-sham-bow, I'll go first...
WhiskeyJack --- Stupid gnomes...
WhiskeyJack --- The MMG is about as much of a time waster as this!
WhiskeyJack --- This has got to be spammy
WhiskeyJack --- This mason looks shifty..
WhiskeyJack --- WhiskeyJack wuz here
Whispers --- 10
Whispers --- 11. That's ridiculous. It's not even funny!
Whispers --- 2
Whispers --- 3
Whispers --- 4
Whispers --- 5
Whispers --- 6
Whispers --- 7
Whispers --- 8
Whispers --- 9
Whispers --- Whispers wuz here. >.
Whistle --- Colin Stratton, I'll love you forever!
White Tiger
Whitebat --- Hey, Mo', how hard is this wall?  N'yuk, N'yuk.
Whitebat --- If I were the cat, I would walk through.
Whitebat --- Placed by trick;curst be he that move this brick.
Whitebat --- That's why Paddy's not at work today.
Whitebat --- The Random Numbers Gang Rocks! 10,268.5
whitehatluck --- We all just follow the new.
whitewitch --- and another brick in the wall
whitewitch --- here you go slam up those bricks!
whitewitch --- omg i think this one is made of gold!!!!
whitewitch --- one more brick in the wall
whitewitch --- this one looks real nice
whitewitch --- whitchy brick!
whizdad --- how many?
whizdad --- Thanks
whizdad --- Thanks again
whizky --- 10 bricks
whizky --- 11th and final brick.
whizky --- 3 little bricks
whizky --- 7
whizky --- 8, lay them straight
whizky --- 9 bricks
whizky --- and more, four.
whizky --- babysitter brick number 1
whizky --- five grimacite bricks.
whizky --- six bricks
whizky --- under instructions, number 2
Whomhead --- IP 4 life, suckas!
Whomhead --- What you do not smell is Iocaine Powder
Wicana --- Fuzzy and Warm
Wicana --- TTTT Forever
Wicana --- Weee
Wicana --- weeee
Widget1985 --- Widget1985 Will find the Weirdest thing ever.
Widowmaker --- We dont need no education...
Wiggin --- 4 THOUSAND
wiggin --- Dan Steve Josh
Wiggin --- I am stupid.
Wiggin --- I don't know how I am doing this.
Wiggin --- Jea
wiggin --- Josh Dan Steve
Wiggin --- l33t H@ck5
wiggin --- OGB
wiggin --- Otorian Gangsta Bros
wiggin --- Steve Josh Dan
wiggin --- The Birds don't fly without my permission.
Wiggin --- w00t
wiggin --- We win at life
Wile E Quixote --- A bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver.
Wile E Quixote --- Curiosity was framed! Stupidity killed the cat!
Wile E Quixote --- If you're happy and you know it, clank your chains
Wile E Quixote --- Never pet a burning dog.
Wile E Quixote --- Whenever I feel blue...I start breathing again.
Wilks --- Another Brick in the Wall
willgold_88 --- It's a tarp!
WillGruff --- Hey Hagnk, can I get my White Wed. stuff back now?
Willie Christ --- from the window
Willums --- Let's get ready for NS-13!
Wilomena --- Wilomena was here!
Wilomena --- Wilomena was here, too!
Wimsey --- Cheerio Hagnk! Wimsey at your service. Piffle!
Wimsey --- Twas Brillig Indeed
Wings T Campbell
winsomelass --- Courtesy of Clan Nerdotopia
Winterbay --- A small brick for Hagnk's but a giant one for me
Winterbay --- Where have all the bricks gone? Hagnk has them all
WIsdoM is Power --- Black-eyed angels swam with me.
WIsdoM is Power --- Children, wake up. Hold your mistakes up.
WIsdoM is Power --- Crushed like a bug in the ground.
WIsdoM is Power --- Everybody must get stoned!
WIsdoM is Power --- I let them use you for their own ends!
WIsdoM is Power --- I saw the tears as they cried.
WIsdoM is Power --- I shot him down in Reno just to see him die.
WIsdoM is Power --- I'm not here! This isn't happening!
WIsdoM is Power --- She keeps the bitterness close to her heart, yeah!
WIsdoM is Power --- Take all your problems, and rip 'em apart!
WIsdoM is Power --- This is the beginning of the end.
WIsdoM is Power --- Throw me in the fire and I won't throw a fit.
WIsdoM is Power --- What else could I say? Everyone is gay.
Wizard_Hat --- Puts on robe and Wizard_hat
Wize Guy --- Go Gators! Back-to-Back-to-Back
WKoLFarmBot --- WKoL will live forever!!
wkv --- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Wojo --- Sneak Attack Trick Attack Viper, er wrong game
Wok N Roll
wolfANE --- wolfane silverclaw
Wolfv --- Daixybell is HAWT!!!!
Wolfv --- snooch to the nootch
Wolfv --- TTB 4 Ever!!!!!
wolle --- da simmer dabei dat is prima
Wonder Klutz --- I
Wonka Loof
Wonka Loof --- 42
Wonka Loof --- forty-two
Wookiez --- I can't stop suplexin Gators!
Wookiez --- I can't stop suplexing gators!
woowoo --- pink floyd is the best
Wopamo --- All Hail King Felix Hernandez
Wopamo --- Drew Hendrickson
Wopamo --- Long live the Seattle Mariners!
WordDoc --- Longbrickmessage is loooooo-
wOrdplaY --- Brick added during HC.One love from wOrdplaY
wOrdplaY --- Fite Club ForEvar! Clubbing you 4 your own good
wOrLDs_NumbER_1_granDpa --- This brick intentionally left blank
worlDsUglieSTman --- Get yo weak game outta here!
worlDsUglieSTman --- HCN: One nation, hard to the core.
worlDsUglieSTman --- Tropical lazer beams! Tropical lima beans!
Worthstream --- I paid 25,000 and all i got was this lousy brick!
wrench --- down with walls
Wubbie --- 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
wumbology --- Bally bally oh my golly!
WunderKraut --- R.I.P. PastaKraut & DiscoKraut
WunderKraut --- WunderKraut was here!
wwjd4a KlondikeBar
Wyldnfryd --- Wyld sure is awesome
Wylin --- Wylin was here!
Wyrd --- Charlie! Charlieeee! We're in a wall, Charlie.
Wyrd --- Help! I'm trapped in a kiln!
Wyrd --- I don't have enough meat for this right now...
Wyrd --- P'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu Hagnk's wga' 'nagl fhtagn
Wyrmskull --- Anything for Hagnk!
x_YoH_AsAkUrA_x --- 2nd Brick(x_yoh_asakura_x) woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x_YoH_AsAkUrA_x --- 3rd Brick(x_yoh_asakura_x) woot!!!!!!!!!!111
x_YoH_AsAkUrA_x --- Kelvin(x_yoh_asakura_x) Owns!!!!!!
Xan --- TEN!!
Xan --- Xan, the ancient KOL player!!
Xan --- Xan's 4th stone!!
Xan --- Xan's eight stone!!
Xan --- Xan's fifth stone!!
Xan --- Xan's nine stone!!
Xan --- Xan's second brick!!!
Xan --- Xan's seventh stone!!
Xan --- Xan's sixth stone!!
Xan --- Xan's third stone, dedicated to his clan!
Xanadros --- [Long Live AZN]
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Chat Garden ftw!
XanderDukeOfFrance --- hippie: 90 seconds PER ROUND
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Merritt makes a cute kitty.
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Monkey!!!
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Spiked femurs ftw.
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Trophy please.
XanderDukeOfFrance --- Xenophobe was right: NS13: RealSoonNow(tm). :P
Xanthia_AlThor --- come see clan shen an calhar! we welcome everyone
Xarth --- Fruitpunch vWoot!
Xarth --- Hat!
Xarth --- Meatsink!
Xarth --- This is a brick.
Xarth --- This is not a brick.
xcrunner --- I don't need a weapon... I am one
Xedo --- Can't stop the signal!
xenolai --- And the grand facade so soon will burn
xenolai --- Come sail away with me
xenolai --- Don't be alarmed at the bustle in your hedgerow
xenolai --- Don't stand so close to me
xenolai --- Fly high my golden bird
xenolai --- Hold me now, warm my heart, stay with me...
xenolai --- In time, we'll be dancing in the streets all night
xenolai --- Love stinks, yeah yeah
xenolai --- Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away
Xenophon --- This space intentionally left blank.
Xerthok --- "I do love nothing in the world so well as you."
xoAlto --- xo helped! =)
xochi --- Lauren
xoyv --- xoyv waz here yo
XtrEmE --- Xtreme says " Braaapp Braaapp Braaapp "
xxbloodxx --- I
xxsuccubusxx --- brick brick, brickety brick brick brick.
Xym --- Adventurer since October 03, 2004.
xZanU --- Subversive
Yacko the Wacko --- With friends like these, who needs cheese?
Yakasha --- I donates for love
Yakasha --- Yakasha Pastry Chef Donates for love :(
Yamcha --- Gnome says what?
Yamcha --- Welcome to the world of the future!
Yamcha --- Yar. Yarrr.
YaNoSeeK --- Kingdom 4ever
Yapper --- Yapper was here.
Yarple --- This brick is for you, Hagnk.
Yarpo Marx --- FNORD
Yarrh --- Yarrh!
Yasmine --- To enjoy the life, you have to be openminded
yayamcg --- eusst loves Styx!
yayamcg --- Phil Collins is the Antichrist.
yellow_birdy --- This brick cost 25,000 Meat!
Yellowdog --- I like tacos
Yendor --- Do you want your possessions identified?
YerrikTheRealBad --- An Adventurer is Me!
YertElita --- Pineapple Buttsecks Plz!
Yfandes --- Long live the Kingdom!!!
Yiab --- Build Floyd's House
Yiab --- Krunk smash puny hut!
Yiab --- Mighty forces I suck at Latin, okay?
Yiab --- Variety is the spice of life... it must flow.
Yiab --- Who said truth has to be stranger than fiction?
YinofYang --- Dedicato pinguino ora e per sempre
Yo Momma --- Read something by Robert Anton Wilson.
yobabydaddy --- Ego Ergo Sum(thing or other)
yobojomofo --- Grapefruit!
yOkO tHe eViL dEnTiSt --- boobies
Yugo The Hero --- Yugo the Hero loves Kikibird!
YunaTwilight --- I
YunaTwilight --- I
Yuros --- Ask me about bonus years for good health!
Yuros --- Brick is screwing us again!
Yuros --- Do you have stairs in your house?
Yuros --- Goodbye yellow brick Hagnk's.
Yuros --- Hagnk, tear down this wall!
Yuros --- IDIOT TEST: Read this brick again.
Yuros --- ONE NEW BRICK!!!
Yuros --- PHISH '97
Yuros --- PULL ME
Yuros --- PUSH ME
Yuros --- Thanks, Hagnk. Thagnks.
Yuros --- This brick has six sides. Think 3-dimensionally!
Yuros --- This brick is umop-apisdn'
Yuros --- WARNING: This brick contains the spirit of jazz.
Yurtle Trainer
Yurtle Trainer --- Dr. Seuess Rules!
Zabbit --- Another brick in the wall
Zagnut --- Zagnut, y'know, like the bar.
Zain --- ...as the idiotic way that you are doing it.
Zain --- I don't care what you are doing, so much...
Zain --- Oh well, plan B.  Let's just kill each other!
Zair --- All that is gold does not glitter
Zair --- Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
zaksquatch --- NPZR
Zalan --- Nae, sir!  A scam!
Zanch Pornoflict --- Long Live Dirty Sanchez Clan!!!
Zanchvegas --- Long Live Dirty Sanchez Clan!!!
Zandro --- Behold!  I am the butterfly, flapping its wings.
Zandro --- For Asta, the prettiest girl in the Kingdom.
Zandro --- Zandro Was Here
Zandro --- Zandro Was Here, Too
Zap Rowsdower --- it was you who broke my mason plate
Zarathud --- Hail Eris!
Zare --- I wouldve bought more bricks if I wasn
Zarin Denatrose --- Zarin Denatrose farmed the smurf in 5 turns today!
zarni --- IP4LIFE!
Zassiliss --- I am Jack's clumpy bowel movement.
Zaxxon Wyzad --- Kittens and Win
Zaxxon Wyzad --- More Kittens and More Win!
Zaxxon Wyzad --- pi is the number... and the number is pi.
Zazamonk --- Zaazamonk's Secret Word---- ostrich.
Zazamonk --- zazamonk = mmg god
Zazamonk --- zazamonk is not a bot
Zcynthr --- Death from above!
Zcynthr --- Donated by the HAT Squad.
Zcynthr --- For Pony!
Zcynthr --- Ha-cha!
Zcynthr --- It's a long, long way from Ampheoxus.
Zcynthr --- KHAAAAAAAN!!!
Zcynthr --- Luke, I am your father.
Zcynthr --- NCPS
Zcynthr --- Soon my brethren, soon the Foosball!
Zcynthr --- We can always just build more kill-bots.
Zebtrestalala --- ......Yawn?
Zebtrestalala --- Hangk, you're doomed by that freak thugnder storm!
Zebtrestalala --- Hi guys!
ZeddWhyte --- Frog blast the vent core!
ZeddWhyte --- I got your dark sarcasm right here.
ZeddWhyte --- Long live the Pawns of the Clown!
Zeebie --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Zeke Hubris --- The Reformed Order of the Holy Goat!
Zelynda --- Here's hoping you'll have better luck, Hagnk!
Zendra --- For the protection of the innocent
Zennie --- Zennie isn't witty enough to put something here.
Zennie --- Zennie needs to purchase some witty comments.
Zennie --- Zennie's not cool enough for this spot either.
Zermoid --- All and All It's Just Another Brick in the Wall!
Zermoid --- Hundreds of Penguins died to get these Bricks!
Zermoid --- This is one EXPENSIVE brick! - Zermoid
Zermoid --- West Side Warriors - Check us out! - Zermoid
zeroToNine --- All in all it's just another brick from the mall
zeroToNine --- Hangk, we drive to Logde!
zeroToNine --- Have Some Green Jelly!
zeroToNine --- Huffin? Puffin? Blow house in?
zeroToNine --- The fourth pig built a house of Grimacite bricks
zeroToNine --- Warning: May contain atoms.
Zete --- I
Zeth_Fyr --- I am in the wall now.
Zeth_Fyr --- I am still in the wall now.
zhARquan balnoth --- Brick by brick you can build a mountain.
zhARquan balnoth --- From the fellas who be playing their cards right!
Zhimena --- .llaw eht ni kcirb rehtona tsuj s'ti
Ziabatsu --- Like a called shot to your funny bone.
ZiggyZagnut --- Freemasonry is the conerstone of destruction.
Zigmatic --- Trubba Not, No Trubba.
zigzag --- Meatsinks long ago outlived their uselessness.
Zildgulf --- Ad Locum et Absurdum
Zildgulf --- aeterno ab initio
Zim4Ev3r --- Smile At A Stranger Today.
Zindelo --- Ker-Plunk!
Zinnia --- Yay! Hagnk is hawt!
Ziwa --- CANDY/ATTCK ... wait ... GRIMM/BRICK maybe?
Ziwa --- Hardcore (Oxyge)Nation: glory be to hardcore!
Ziwa --- HONK! HONK! Worship the goose!
ZMaiden --- I don't participate in Meat Sinks :) - ZMaiden
Znirk --- Yagnk!
zogzog22 --- donated by The disciples of the prophet of madness
Zolg --- Hello Kingdom
Zolg --- Kmail Me
Zolg --- Meat me, anytime!
Zolg --- What's This do?
Zolg --- Whee
zOod --- Yet Another Brick In The Wall!
Zoomiin --- ... in much the same way ...
Zoomiin --- ... that bricks don't.
Zoomiin --- The ships hung in the sky ...
ZPollock --- ZPollock was here
Zucker --- I
Zurambi --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
zxdgk --- I loathe you. Do you loathe me?
zxdgk --- Where's the Kingdom of Fear?
Zyanya ---
Zyrilia --- Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.


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