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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, Sp-Th

Space Freak --- Space Freak was here 07/ 04 / 07
SpaceBandit --- Hey! Teacher! leave those kids alone!
SpagheTina --- Oh man, 25,000 meat? That's much for only 50 chara
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- 54-40 or Fight!
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- Fragile - Handle with care.
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- If u r close enough to read this u r unconscious
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- My Other Brick is a Concrete Slab
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- Other End Up
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- Other End Up
SpAghEttI RaVeN --- This End Up
Spamantha --- Spamantha - Hurr Hurr Thmaa
Spang --- Thanksgivings to selfless love, Dack, & our n00b
Spangled the Zonked --- whatever
SpankY JoE
Spar Klee
Sparksol --- Dimensional Causality on a stick! - Sparksol
Sparksol --- I'll be back to collect this.
Sparksol --- The Triangle is complete.
SpasticDancer --- "Disco seizure."  Catch it!
SpasticDancer --- A snowclone is a terrible thing to waste.
SpasticDancer --- Better communication through snowclones.
SpasticDancer --- Friends don't let friends use the word "snowclone"
SpasticDancer --- I, for one, welcome our new snowclone overlords.
SpasticDancer --- Keep on spazin'!!
SpasticDancer --- S is for Snowclone.
SpasticDancer --- Snowclone 2: Electric Boogaloo
SpasticDancer --- Spastic Dances for Everyone!!
SpasticDancer --- The snowclone to end all snowclones.
SpasticDancer --- Worst. Snowclone. Ever.
Spaz102 --- A good pun is its own reword
Spazmatic --- OGB for Lyfe
Spazmatic --- Otorian Gangsta Bros
Spazmatic --- Otorian Gangstas fo' Lyfe
SPE4KER --- CGC Rocks!
Speedynewfie --- " Evil will always triumph, Because good is Dumb."
Speedynewfie --- "Come to the darkside.... We have Cookies :) "
Speedynewfie --- "Fear humans second greatest weopon after beer"
Speedynewfie --- Anyone Know the meaning of Life....Just wondering.
Speedynewfie --- The Answer to life is...........................42
SpellFemme --- I
spidahkillah --- Yo ho!  The mighty spidahkillah!!!
Spiele Robot
Spiff --- Spiff Loves STC clan
Spiff --- Spiff Was Here. Shes So Spankydelicious
Spinky Krindleman
SpinneNetz --- Long live Teh Club!
SpiritOf404 --- Ta' can onlie be one t'ousan!
SpiritOf404 --- Waily, waily, waily!
spitfire6006006 --- 0110001001101111011011110110001001110011
spitfire6006006 --- my other car is a door
Splattercat --- In the end, everything is a gag
SpleenMaster --- sinking another 25k
SpleenMaster --- Spleenmaster was here
SpleenMaster --- used to be rich
SPNirology --- 3 stared loser
SPNirology --- 420 leaves
SPNirology --- Are you a freemason?
SPNirology --- Day of Defeat
SPNirology --- el oh el morse code
SPNirology --- favabeans...ffhhfhfhhfhfhfhf
SPNirology --- freemason
SPNirology --- george zimmer died of jetpack malfunction
SPNirology --- hagnk did not either
SPNirology --- hangk did not have sex with that woman
SPNirology --- hello.jpeg
SPNirology --- how about you?
SPNirology --- if you wanna find out whats behind these cold eyes
SPNirology --- I guess that made you cry, huh?
SPNirology --- I honestly like that movie
SPNirology --- i like fan
SPNirology --- i play a mean air guitar
SPNirology --- IS
SPNirology --- i shot down the zeppelin
SPNirology --- I think Im the only one :-/
SPNirology --- it's tru
SPNirology --- never reaching the end
SPNirology --- NO? DEAL WITH IT
SPNirology --- nuclear bomb in my teacher's podium
SPNirology --- oh, yeah
SPNirology --- Oil? Who said anything about oil?
SPNirology --- on the thin ice of my life
SPNirology --- otorian gangster brothers - OGB
SPNirology --- red zone: OLD SPICE AQUA REEFER
SPNirology --- roger waters ruined pink floyd
SPNirology --- SCIENCE!
SPNirology --- sts and politicians finland has ever seen
SPNirology --- sup my nigra?
SPNirology --- the blue max
SPNirology --- the sky will look blue
SPNirology --- the zeppelin=the hindenburg
SPNirology --- THIS
SPNirology --- well i'm sorry :rolleyes:
SPNirology --- Wiggin and Spaz and SPNirology for life!
spooky kid --- A man walks into a bar.  "Ouch!" he says.
spooky kid --- It could be worse...you could be eaten by a grue.
spooky kid --- SiSSYFiGHT Clan rawks
spooky kid --- Visit The Hut on The Sponge
Spoon_Doom --- Spoondog rules!
Sputnik --- Ride, boldly ride, if you seek for Eldorado
squashed_sultana --- Cottage? Frankly I hope it burns again...
Squeeman --- To not know your place in this world. -Elijah
Squeeman --- You know what the scariest thing is?
SqueezyBabe --- Full Frontal! Ascend, repeat!
SqueezyBabe --- I can't help it, I
SqueezyBabe --- Making my mark before NS-13~
SqueezyBabe --- mmmm, beer......
SqueezyBabe --- Squeezybabe of Full Frontal. Rock on!
SqueezyBabe --- To my hubby, Mark: I'm glad I love you long time!
Squiffle --- Dear Hagnk, enjoy your new place. Love, Squiffle
SRO --- All hail the sabre-tooth lime
SS4Goku --- I was around  for first ascension, Now NS13. YEAH
St Arbucks --- Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb?
ST Dumas --- A
ST Dumas --- And one incase the combo failed.
ST Dumas --- Combo
ST Dumas --- Is
ST Dumas --- This
stannius --- stannius was here
Stargazer67 --- & if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
Stargazer67 --- ...starts playing different tunes
Stargazer67 --- A distant ship-smoke on the horizon
Stargazer67 --- A distant ship-smoke on the horizon..
Stargazer67 --- A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi
Stargazer67 --- A posse ad esse
Stargazer67 --- Ab uno disce omnes
Stargazer67 --- Abundant dulcibus vitiis
Stargazer67 --- Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam
Stargazer67 --- Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur
Stargazer67 --- Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur
Stargazer67 --- And every day, the paperboy brings more...
Stargazer67 --- And if the band you're in...
Stargazer67 --- And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear...
Stargazer67 --- And if the dam breaks open, many years too soon
Stargazer67 --- And if there is no room upon the hill...
Stargazer67 --- And if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight..
Stargazer67 --- And keep your dirty feelings deep inside..
Stargazer67 --- And the hammers batter down your
Stargazer67 --- And the hammers batter down your door...
Stargazer67 --- And this brick takes me to my birth-year.  :)
Stargazer67 --- And you didn't like school..
Stargazer67 --- And you know you're nobody's fool..
Stargazer67 --- And your roller-blind eyes...
Stargazer67 --- As the cockleshell shatters...
Stargazer67 --- Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit
Stargazer67 --- Bene legere saecla vincere
Stargazer67 --- Bona fortuna!
Stargazer67 --- But you may feel a little sick...
Stargazer67 --- Can you show me where it hurts?
Stargazer67 --- Can you stand up? I do believe it's working, good.
Stargazer67 --- 'Cause if they catch you in the back seat...
Stargazer67 --- Cave ab homine unius libri
Stargazer67 --- Cherchez la Femme
Stargazer67 --- Come on, it's time to go...
Stargazer67 --- Come on, now...I hear you're feeling down
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus - Machina Improba!
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus - Per Angusta in
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus - Per Angusta in Augusta
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus - Sic erat in fatis
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus - Stercus Accidit
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus MMV - Lapsus Memoriae
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus, MMV - Lapsus Memoriae
Stargazer67 --- Dies Mercurii Albus, MMV...Lapsus Memoriae
Stargazer67 --- Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
Stargazer67 --- Errare humanum est, in errore perservare stultum
Stargazer67 --- Ex Luna, Laterii Grimacite
Stargazer67 --- Exegi monumentum aere perennius
Stargazer67 --- Factum est!
Stargazer67 --- Fama nihil est celerius
Stargazer67 --- Feel the bile rising from your guilty past...
Stargazer67 --- Finito!
Stargazer67 --- Get you on your feet again...
Stargazer67 --- Go Hagnk!
Stargazer67 --- Got to keep the loonies on the path...
Stargazer67 --- He always ate in the steak bar...
Stargazer67 --- He loved to drive in his Jaguar...
Stargazer67 --- Hello, is there anybody in there?
Stargazer67 --- I cannot explain, you would not understand
Stargazer67 --- I cannot put my finger on it now...
Stargazer67 --- I turned to look, but it was gone...
Stargazer67 --- I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...
Stargazer67 --- In a cardboard box...
Stargazer67 --- In libris libertas
Stargazer67 --- In Memoriam - Dies Mercuri Albus - MMV
Stargazer67 --- In Memoriam - Dies Mercurii Albus - MMV
Stargazer67 --- In memoriam Blythe
Stargazer67 --- In memoriam Revenant
Stargazer67 --- In your favorite disguise...
Stargazer67 --- Is there anyone home?
Stargazer67 --- It's all right, we know where you've been...
Stargazer67 --- It's all right, we told you what to
Stargazer67 --- It's all right, we told you what to dream...
Stargazer67 --- Just nod if you can hear me...
Stargazer67 --- Just the basic facts...
Stargazer67 --- Kmail me if you find this brick... ;)
Stargazer67 --- Lapsus Memoriae - Dies Mercurii Albus - MMV
Stargazer67 --- Laterii Grimacite - Sic Faciunt Omnes
Stargazer67 --- Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono
Stargazer67 --- My hands felt just like two balloons..
Stargazer67 --- Nomina stultorum parietibus haerent
Stargazer67 --- Non illigitamus carborundum
Stargazer67 --- Now I've got that feeling once again...
Stargazer67 --- Okay, just a little pinprick...
Stargazer67 --- Out of the corner of my eye...
Stargazer67 --- Parva Leves Capiunt Animas
Stargazer67 --- Provided with toys, and Scouting for Boys
Stargazer67 --- Quae nocent, saepe docent
Stargazer67 --- Relax...I need some information, first
Stargazer67 --- Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Stargazer67 --- Run, run, run, run....
Stargazer67 --- Si finis bonus est, totum bonum erit
Stargazer67 --- Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere
Stargazer67 --- Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes
Stargazer67 --- Si monumentum requiris circumspice
Stargazer67 --- Si Monumentum, Requiris Circumspice
Stargazer67 --- Sic faciunt omnes
Stargazer67 --- So welcome...to the machine...
Stargazer67 --- Spectatvm venivnt, venivnt spectentvr vt ipsae
Stargazer67 --- Stultorum calami carbones moenia chartae
Stargazer67 --- Stultorum Calami Carbones Moenia Chartae :)
Stargazer67 --- That'll keep you going for the show...
Stargazer67 --- The child is grown, the dream is gone...
Stargazer67 --- The lunatic is in my head...
Stargazer67 --- The lunatic is in the hall...
Stargazer67 --- The lunatic is on the grass...
Stargazer67 --- The lunatics are in my hall...
Stargazer67 --- The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
Stargazer67 --- There is no pain, you are receding
Stargazer67 --- There is no pain, you are receding...
Stargazer67 --- There'll be no more...ahhhhh!
Stargazer67 --- There's someone in my head, but it's not me...
Stargazer67 --- They're going to send you back to Mother...
Stargazer67 --- This is not how I am...
Stargazer67 --- Trying to pick her locks...
Stargazer67 --- Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito
Stargazer67 --- Urbem Lateritiam Invenit, Grimaciam Reliquit
Stargazer67 --- Urbem lateritiam invenit, Grimacieam reliquit
Stargazer67 --- Urbem lateritiam invenit, marmoream reliquit
Stargazer67 --- Vacca foeda!
Stargazer67 --- Venificus expellas virga, tamen usque recurret
Stargazer67 --- Welcome my son...
Stargazer67 --- Welcome my son..welcome to the machine...
Stargazer67 --- Welcome to the machine...
Stargazer67 --- Well, I can ease your pain...
Stargazer67 --- What did you dream?
Stargazer67 --- When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
Stargazer67 --- When I was a child, I had a fever
Stargazer67 --- Where have you been?
Stargazer67 --- With your button-down lips...
Stargazer67 --- With your empty smile and your hungry heart..
Stargazer67 --- With your nerves in tatters...
Stargazer67 --- You are only coming through in waves...
Stargazer67 --- You better make your face up...
Stargazer67 --- You better park the car well out of sight...
Stargazer67 --- You better run all day, and run all night..
Stargazer67 --- You better run...
Stargazer67 --- You bought a guitar, to punish your ma
Stargazer67 --- You dreamed of a big star..he played a mean guitar
Stargazer67 --- You lock the door, and throw away the key...
Stargazer67 --- You raise the blade, you make the change...
Stargazer67 --- You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane...
Stargazer67 --- You shout and no one seems to hear...
Stargazer67 --- Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
Stargazer67 --- You've been in the pipeline, filling in time..
Starker --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Starn --- I miss you all
starrrman so0p3r --- ITT: Brick Tyme. (RODILE WUZ HUR)
starwed --- I
StealthPenguin --- In memory of Don Pygoscelis, the Family lives on.
Steel Leg --- Eat pork rinds! Eat dead pigs!
Steel Leg --- Kung-fu is great!
Steel Leg --- You wouldn't need Hagnk's if you had great kung-fu
Steele Blade
Stellaria --- Dressed in white? Ride the train with grimacite!
Stellaria --- George Washington Slept Here
Stellarion --- McDonald's is your kind of place
Stephiroth --- Join KoL Shinobi!
Stephiroth --- Michael Hartig I love you! From:Stefanie Stanley
Stephiroth --- Stephiroth was here -->
SteveChnchilla --- Look Ma! I'm on the wall...Yipee!!
Stickboy --- Blessed be the Kingdom
Stickboy --- Power can be yours: Join the Coconut Resistance!
Stickie Pants --- Black Francis is the king of the Coffee Pixies!
Stickie Pants --- Hail Boognish!
Sticky --- I
Sticky McStick
sticky nutz
sticky nutz --- 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
sticky nutz --- 45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B2
sticky nutz --- recreational paranoia is the sport of now
Stiew --- Insert something funny here
Stimmer --- Bastards 4 evar!!!
Stino --- Well, there goes my meat...
Stirlock --- So long, and thanks for all the fish.
stoicheroic --- Airika Loves Stoicheroic, but dont tell
Stoop --- "Don't Brick Me In" - Stoop, Iocaine Powder
stp115 --- There is no Kabal...
Strait --- Some people think I'm Batman.
Strait --- Some people think I'm Che Guevara
Strait --- Some people think I'm Hitler.
Strait --- Some people think I'm Jesus.
Strait --- Some people think I'm Kurt Cobain
Strange Al --- Best regards from Nerdotopia.  Long last Hagnk's!
Strange Al --- From all of us at Nerdotopia to Hagnk's, regards.
Strange Al --- From us at Nerdotopia: Long live Hagnk's!
Strangerer --- xyzzy
StrangeTikiGod --- Hangk Rocks!
StrawberryDots --- Love ya, Hagnk! -- StrawberryDots
StrawberryLetter23 --- - pithy message here -
StraySatyr --- Be nice to strays
streetracer1 --- If you can read this, you need to get a life
stregatta --- what you say three times is true
strongbad5 --- 25k for a stupid brick, I'm not falling for that!
strongbad5 --- Ben Stanczak - Witness to NS13, 6/24/07 - 6/25/07
strongbad5 --- Here's to more successful years of adventuring!
strongbad5 --- Long Live the Cool Guy Crew. strongbad5 - #448285
StronGlad --- I
StronGlad --- I can't believe how long I've played this game
StronGlad --- I front the most, it's just the ammount
StronGlad --- listen to KoL radio!
StronGlad --- man, this is expensive!
Strudel --- Proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
Strykkerj --- Yay!
stubblyhead --- Crap.  Can I have my money back please?
StuBby --- StuBby was here
stuntmonkey --- stuntmonkey is great. all hail stuntmonkey.
Stupendo --- eschew obfuscation
Stupidity --- Share and Enjoy!
StupidPuppy --- WetRats Is An Anagram!
Stush Oslo --- Stush Oslo: A Legend in the Way of Awesomeness
Substare --- Support the kingdom!
Suicide_TVS --- Congrats Lyza and Corran on their second baby.
Suicide_TVS --- TIMMEH!
Suicide_TVS --- Watch More Star Wars.
sultry --- Your Name
Sunday --- Assassins do it from behind.
Sunday --- I think my oesophagus is melting.
Sunday --- Just look at all these lovely blood-covered people
Sunday --- Leaders still fight wind and keep ice watch
Sunday --- Nobody gouged out my eyes, so I'm happy.
Sunder --- A wizard's staff has a knob on the end.
sunn0 --- S'alright
Super Brain --- I'm Artistic.
superiority --- Yo peeps and peepettes! What it is, bra? -276660
SupermanCY --- SupermanCY!!!
Superpeckman --- Leave those kids alone.  Jerk.
supershorty420 --- this shack is worth millions!
Suppenmord --- Isn't depleted Grimcite a health hazard?
SupremeKingTom --- Say it with me! Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!
Suspect --- Shoop Da Whoop
Sutcliffe --- Sutcliffe: The Grave Robber
Suzika --- Suzi rules, you drool.
Suzika --- Tre and Charlie are the best boys in the world.
Suzika --- vodka, the answer to everything.
Svante --- I Put Another Brick In The Wall! (25,000 Meat)
Svetlana --- Martinis make me very smart
swann_88 --- swann_88   HCN
sweet sarnia --- I
Sweet_Jesus --- Ducks eat for free at subway!!11 exclamation point
Sweet_Jesus --- I am Jack's wasted life.
Sweet_Jesus --- Life is all about timing.
Sweet_Jesus --- S_J
Sweet_Jesus --- This is your life and it's ending 1 min at a time
swift001 --- Swift001 - The knight of old, is back
swillwater --- finally, i have enough meat
Sws101 --- You shouldn't of done that, hes just a boy!
swtnic --- KNC + MSL 6-21-08
Syko --- Use Sunscreen.
Syna --- Good luck, Hagnk! :D
Synnia --- Are you humming Metallica?
Synnia --- Building a Stairway to Heaven
Synnia --- I had a crappy guidance counselor
Synnia --- I'm running out of things to say.
Synnia --- Message here!
Synnia --- More support!
Synnia --- Zepplin Rules!
System_Down --- Good Luck Mr. Hagnk!
System_Down --- System_Down's first brick
T Sarducci
T Sarducci --- *BAM* You've been  Sarduccied!
T Sarducci --- *BAM* You've been Sarduccied!
T Sarducci --- aprOdie425 is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- Big_Green_Bump is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- Chasing is teh sex
T Sarducci --- Cialan is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- For a good time call YOUR MOM!
T Sarducci --- Garnet Rene is teh sex!  But only if you're WJ!
T Sarducci --- HammERmAn is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- HoD 4 EVAR!
T Sarducci --- LucySpace is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- Mlady_Leander is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- MMe_Defarge is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- StraponSally is teh sex!
T Sarducci --- Your mammas so dumb, she bought windows vista
t0neb00gie --- Sydney, i'm gonna marry you someday.  -Ricky
Tag O Telly --- Who let all this riff raff into the room?
Tailadir --- /b/
Talon --- The force is strong in this one
Talon__crow --- Ask not for whom the comet falls, it falls on thee
Talwraith --- And just to be sure...
Talwraith --- But what can you do, eh?
Talwraith --- Courtesy of Old Pink
Talwraith --- DEPLETED grimacite.
Talwraith --- I mean, it is a grimacite brick.
Talwraith --- It is a Brick.
Talwraith --- Just a brick.
Talwraith --- Pencil, pen....
Talwraith --- Totally.  Brick.  Really.
Talwraith --- What more do you want?
tamara --- another X-Meat brick in the wall
Tamer of the Shrew --- My brick is a good one, support others it will.
Tanamoril --- Liz and Ben 4eva
Tanaqui --- All our love to Hagnk and KoL!
Tanivan --- brick me
Tanivan --- Go Bricks!
Tarantio --- You're a brick, toff!
Tarapin --- Yay!
TardicuS --- just another brick in the wall
Tarja --- Wine is fine, but liquor's quicker.
Tarragon --- Sure, why not
Tartufo --- Disco Bandits rawk!
Tastee Boi --- For all the Turtle Lovers Throughout the Kingdom
Tattinator --- No more White Wednesdays!
TavernWench --- Bete Noire is all fangy and grrrr, pass it on.
Taya Nibal --- I dropped Oxy for this.
tbarnwel --- Hey! Ho! Let's Go!
tbell30 --- "it's good to be the king!"
tbell30 --- Alliance From Hell Forever! ! ! ! !
tbell30 --- tbell30 was Here
tbell31 --- 25k? WTF man..After all i've done?
tbell31 --- hagnk is evil..and now he has a stronger fortress!
tbell31 --- R.I.P. Douglas Adams
tbell31 --- Sorry, my comment is unavailable.
Tbs Woody --- The meaning of life is...
TCFD --- TCFD, Founder of the Seal Clubber's Order
Tear A Pin --- Fear the Turtle!
Tearra --- 42
Techokami --- I
Techokami --- I
TechSmurf --- BRICK OF HATE.
TechSmurf --- BRICK OF LOVE.
TechSmurf --- EIGHT!
TechSmurf --- HA. HA. BRICK.
TechSmurf --- Harbl.
TechSmurf --- NINE!
TechSmurf --- Ringle dingle doo.
TechSmurf --- SEVEN!
TechSmurf --- TEN!
TechSmurf --- WHORES! ALL OF YOU!
teddybear --- hers a brick for the big wall
teddybear --- this brick is very special!
Teddywolf --- Another one on the waves tonight,
Teddywolf --- but it's gone then ya,
Teddywolf --- Collar me, don't collar me
Teddywolf --- Comin' in, you're home
Teddywolf --- Coming in fast, over me
Teddywolf --- Follow me, don't follow me
Teddywolf --- High on the roof,
Teddywolf --- it might take a while, just to
Teddywolf --- It's like a dream you try to remember
Teddywolf --- I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
Teddywolf --- I've had my fun and now it's time to
Teddywolf --- make you smile, when ya
Teddywolf --- Realise that with a guy my size
Teddywolf --- Serve your conscience overseas
Teddywolf --- Take your time cos the way I rhyme's gonna
Teddywolf --- Thin the blood,
Teddywolf --- Try to figure out what all this is for.
Teddywolf --- Try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn
Teddywolf --- try to see the world beyond your front door
Teddywolf --- We are agents of the free
Teddywolf --- whenya Try to see the world beyond your front door
TedPro --- Every time you read this sentence, a dentist dies.
teh swabs --- ftw!
teh swabs --- I LOVE PICKLES
TehN00bP0wn3r --- [NKB]
TehRev --- For my future daughter Eliza
TehRev --- For my wife Littlegm
TehRev --- For the hell of it
TehRev --- KOL - One small pen line one giant leap for gaming
teletypeturtle --- teletypeturtle's brick in the wall
temerity --- The best clan is The WeLL of Loathing
teMpOrAry maN --- I pray we never again suffer this much lag!
Tenkou --- Bananas are Activate!
Tenkou --- Can't throw this one through my window!
Tenkou --- Fight Crapitalism!
Tenkou --- Hastur! Hastur! Hastur!
Tenkou --- Ia! Ia! Cthulu fthghan!
Tenkou --- If you can read this you don't need glasses.
Tenkou --- Kilroy is dead.
Tenkou --- Made in China
Tenkou --- Never send a man to do a monkey's job.
Tenkou --- Vote No Confidence
Tenkou --- We don't need no education.
Tera --- Lobster Magneteers!
Tergon --- V for Valhalla!
Terlis --- Tell Erica I love her man
Termaine --- Howdy to Whuckbeat, Pessimist Prime and Uncle Pie!
Termaine --- Lets hear it for Grandma'
Termaine --- Let's hear it for Grandma's lye soap!
Termaine --- Urban Achievers Unite! Howdy Liamandme
Terrahawk --- Wot, no flying cars?
Terry --- Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver - Mom
Tervez --- FNORD
Tetrazini_Magnifico --- Kelyva Created: October 26th, 2004
Tetrazini_Magnifico --- Tetrazini_Magnifico Created: October 25th, 2004
TFwO --- The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
TGARex --- tyrannos00r = rawr
Tha Idiot --- SHOOP DA WHOOP
Tha Idiot --- Tha Idiot is here
Tha Idiot --- Tha Idiot was here
Tha Idiot --- Tha Idiot will be here
Tha Idiot --- You no hungry for NS13 You hungry for Hot Pockets!
tha_enigmas --- Don't steal. Government hates competition.
ThaBeave --- FLANGE!
ThaBeave --- LOLZ!
thankstowelie --- I am quite the generous adventurer. Indeed.
Thantos --- Nope...  No Kabal at all...
Tharken --- Thanks for storying the stuff all this time, Hagnk
Thassos --- Thassos says  'Scew school, stay in bed'
Thassos --- Thassos says 'Bricks are bad pets'
Thassos --- Thassos says 'Pray to Audrey. She is your God'
ThatPerson --- YEAH!
Thatsun Guydruff
The Alchemyst --- 'Tis better to be fortunate than wise.
The Annihilator
The Annihilator --- 50 meat Hagnk's is destroyed during NS13
The Annihilator --- I am a robotic phallus :U
The Annihilator --- I once hit a guy so hard I killed his whole family
The Annihilator --- lordjanus likes men
The Annihilator --- This brick was Rickroll'd. 6/21/07
The Annihilator --- WEATHER FORUM :U
The Annihilator --- Yo homes, to Bel-Air!
The Big O --- Steal this brick
The Big O --- This Brick Bought And Paid For By The Big O
The Big O --- This brick is smarter than your familiar
The Big O --- This brick will self-destruct in five seconds...
The Big O --- When I remove this brick, I can steal your stuff
The Big O --- Without this brick, there would be a hole here
The Butthole
The Captain --- If lost, please deposit in the nearest mailbox.
The Captain --- In memorial of the unknown ham.
The Captain --- Looking for parts of Valmar, please help.
The Drode
The Exploited --- All hail Magnamanus!
The Exploited --- The Exploited's Master is Magnamanus
The Exploited --- The Exploited's tribute to Hagnk's
The Fist --- OBEY THE FIST!!!!!
The Flying Guillotine --- 2oz. gin, 1/2oz. vermouth. Shake w ice, strain.
The Flying Guillotine --- All hail Cthulhu!
The Flying Guillotine --- Bowl naked!
The Flying Guillotine --- Corndogs are my friend
The Flying Guillotine --- Grandma's meatloaf
The Flying Guillotine --- I has a bucket.
The Flying Guillotine --- I LOVE CHEESE
The Flying Guillotine --- I must've been thinking of my other pants...
The Flying Guillotine --- Jesus saves for a bologna sandwich
The Flying Guillotine --- Please enjoy my grandmothers' meatloaf
The Flying Guillotine --- Thank you Easter Bunny! Bawk B'gawk!
The Flying Guillotine --- There is no cure for ass lasers.
The Garfather --- Unnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg-ahhhh!
The Great Went
The Green One --- The Green One: Sponsored by the Colour Green
The Heat --- Finished my last HCO run 1 day before NS13 - YES!!
The Hogs of Destiny
The Hogs of Destiny ---  -- The Hogs of Destiny
The Hogs of Destiny --- Ass Kickin, Sweet Lovin & Hard Boozin since '04
The Hogs of Destiny --- Darthdud--wines better than U
The Hogs of Destiny --- Go Hogs!
The Hogs of Destiny --- HoD 4 EVAR!!!!!
The Hogs of Destiny --- HoD--no you can't have our sekrits.
The Hogs of Destiny --- Hogs of Desitny rulezorz!!!!!111oneone cos(0)
The Hogs of Destiny --- Hogs of Destiny, porkin its way to the top
The Hogs of Destiny --- Hogs of Destiny--proud owner of Chasing nipplepix
The Hogs of Destiny --- Hogs Sexy and Livin Large
The Hogs of Destiny --- LucySpace loves the Hogs of Destiny FOREVER!!!!
The Hogs of Destiny --- LucySpace loves the Hogs of Destiny!
The Hogs of Destiny --- LucySpace loves the Hogs of Destiny!!
The Hogs of Destiny --- NS13--better nerfing through nerfs!
The Hogs of Destiny --- Shezera is a nice person
The Hogs of Destiny --- T Sarducci -Hog Puzzlemaster - Hogs of Destiny
The Hogs of Destiny --- The Hogs of Density?
The Hunter of Thompson --- When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
The Jesus Christ Snail
The Justin
The Justin --- Justin Miller + Mizzkyttie= Forever
The Justin --- Mizzkyttie is sexy.
The Justin --- Pope Benedict XVI loves Mizzkyttie
The Justin --- Pope Benedict XVI says "Send me meat!"
The Justin --- Send me meat!
The Justin Miller --- Forever, Mizzkyttie.  I promise.
the Left Hand Jack --- For God's own chocolate...
The Left Hand of Pork --- Bless this building with the power of Ham!
The Left Hand of Pork --- Let there be ham.
The Love Samurai
The Mack Of All Macks --- Tomorrow is my reason for today.
The Method --- Do the right thing
The Muffin Avenger
the noodle bandit --- The Noodle Bandit says to eat more meat
The Odd Hobbit
The Pastrami King
The Possum Trot --- Bored? Visit Slapout Alabama. You'll feel better.
The Raving Lunatic
The Second Solipsist --- Here's to you, Hagnk, old chap!
The Sofa King
The Toastmaster General
The Torte of Lini --- Destroy the patriarchy!
the Tristero --- --o---
The Unknown
the_dog_god --- Brick
The_Dot --- Clan -  All-Australian Rejects
The_Inferno --- The_Inferno (#127563) Three years playing KOL!
The_Overlord --- Love is like being eaten alive by ghosts.
The_Snake --- Give your lovins to LucySpace!
The_Snake --- I smoke LucySpace in the morning..Smoke LucySpace!
The_Snake --- LucySpace will murder you in pvp combat!
the_vegan --- I
The_Yanko --- Gnever Agaign!  Ugnited Agaignst Tyragnny! --- T_Y
theAngryStudent --- theAngryStudent (#442991)
theARBITER0123 --- Type "I like Weiner" in chat 53 times for a Mr. A!
TheBadHamster --- Cedrick, Yunchi, and Whisper were here
TheBadHamster --- This Brick sponsrd by the "Make Sandy Bionic" fund
TheBadHamster --- What's up Loathers?
TheBadHamster --- Who murdered Tony the Tiger? A Cereal Killer.
Theblackknight13 --- David Loves Ashley
Theblackknight13 --- Theblackknight13 always triumpths!
TheBrent --- ...and everyone's arguing...
TheBrent --- ...heading towards a brick wall...
TheBrent --- ...over where they're going to sit.
TheBrent --- ...take one step at a time.
TheBrent --- ...that we must lay one brick at a time,...
TheBrent --- I am like a brick.
TheBrent --- I found KOL brick, I left it marble.
TheBrent --- I would run through brick walls for KOL.
TheBrent --- The road to KOL is paved with yellow brick.
TheBrent --- TheBrent was here!
TheBrent --- They cannot see...
TheBrent --- We're in a giant car...
TheBryant --- =O Another Brick in the Wall
TheBryant --- Best things Evar: Eternal Darkness, Coffee Pixies
TheBryant --- Best things Evar: Eternal Darkness, Coffee Pixies!
TheBryant --- Bryant Loves Eternal_Darkness and Mr. Coffee =D
TheBryant --- Coffee Pixies in general are AWESOME =D
TheBryant --- Eternal Darkness = Win, just like Coffee Pixies XD
TheBryant --- Eternal_Darkness is best clan EVER =O
TheBryant --- Mr. Coffee eats the new bug familiars >.> EATS!!
TheBryant --- Mr. Coffee is the best Coffee Pixie EvaR =O
TheCheat --- meh.
thechibiknight --- ...
thechibiknight --- All hail thechibiknight!
thechibiknight --- And another one...
thechibiknight --- And another...
thechibiknight --- Another brick in the wall...
thechibiknight --- Another one...
thechibiknight --- Brickopotomus!
thechibiknight --- Bricks!
thechibiknight --- Bricks!  Aaah!
thechibiknight --- C'mon NS13!
thechibiknight --- Dropping more meat!
thechibiknight --- For all my clannies, hoorah Clanopotomus!
thechibiknight --- Here's another one...
thechibiknight --- Hoorah Hagnk!
thechibiknight --- Just a brick in the wall.
thechibiknight --- Sinking the meat!
thechibiknight --- This is the "I hate oxycore" brick.
thechibiknight --- This one is for ADH and Amythest.
thechibiknight --- This one is for Amplitude and Mick.
thechibiknight --- This one is for Clanopotomus!
thechibiknight --- This one is for comfy and /games.
thechibiknight --- This one is for Creinu and thechibidarkknight.
thechibiknight --- This one is for Noblesse Oblige and Little Lisa.
thechibiknight --- This one is for radio KoL!
thechibiknight --- This one is for Rawk and Lillith.
thechibiknight --- This one is for the DJs!
thechibiknight --- This one is for Tom the Mighty and Rotinisha.
thechibiknight --- This one's for your mother!
thechibiknight --- Time to buy some more bricks.
thechibiknight --- What is all this meat going to?
thechibiknight --- Where's my Time Juice?
thechibiknight --- Worst meat sink ever...
Thecla --- ...a thin line between heaven and here.
Thecla --- This is the line of division.
Thecla --- You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl...
theCrab --- Get away from my brick.
theCrab --- Random string of letters that seems to form words.
THEcrazyPYRO --- If I could I would...Burn this place down I would
thegoatmanofmd --- Is this living?
TheGreenLing --- /Me Put's Another Brick In The Wall! (25,000 Meat)
TheGreenLing --- 3 Best Friends, Raph Fury, Makarina, Jed the Nifty
TheGreenLing --- Hello, Adventurer! I'm The Secretive Mason.
TheGreenLing --- Michael Jackson, Is Way Better Than Jimmy Hendrix!
TheGreenLing --- No One Will Ever Look At This Prob!
TheGreenLing --- The Cool Guy Crew Is The Best Clan In The Kingdom!
TheGreenLing --- TheGreenLing Is so Totally Awsome!!!!
TheGreenLing --- TheGreenLing, Is So Awsome Its Amaz-z-zing!
TheGreenLing --- TheGreenLing, The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
TheLepusDeus --- The Lepus Deus forever! =D
TheMoocher --- TheMoocher WUZ here 2007
TheNice1 --- How u mine 4 fish?
TheNonamer --- We didn't start the fire...
TheOddOne --- Yayness!
TheOtherBarber --- i
TheOtherSpike --- All that is necessary for the triumph of evil,
TheOtherSpike --- is that good men do nothing.
TheOtherSpike --- This brick intentionally left blank.
TheOtherSpike --- What kind of mason uses a mitre saw?
TheOtherWhiteViking --- Boot to the head? No Brick to the face!!!
TheOtherWhiteViking --- Hail to the Commodors Mansion
TheOtherWhiteViking --- Player ID #88896
TheOtherWhiteViking --- Please Be Kind Rewind :)
TheOtherWhiteViking --- Shiny                  Thats all         Seriously
There are some that cal me Tim --- Lngbnna, Pocket, and Vile Deacon: PLEASE COME
Theros --- THEROS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheStupendousYappi --- El Chupacabra ~ Fear the goatsucker!
TheVillageIdiot --- :)
TheWharglesnof --- This one is for all the people back in Heiwadai!
TheWonderpony --- i hope no one makes any comments about pudding
Thisguy --- Ahah, fourth Little Piggy, I have found you now.
Thok --- Brick of
thomasemmerich --- ThomasEmmerich - Booyah!
Thor Diantral
Thorax the Swarthy --- I
Thorette --- Support our local KOL Familiar Shelter
Thosw --- This brick do in remembrance of Hagnk
Thrangor The Cold --- Thrangor Was 'ere. Here too. And here.
Thrower of Stones
Thrower of Stones --- Another one bites the brick...
Thrynity --- I
thumbtackthief --- Me fail English?  That's unpossible!
Thunderclees --- My clan is cooler than your clan.
Thunderclees --- Your clan sucks.
Thunderfoot --- MTV. We've got crab legs.
ThunderGate --- For Brian Brown
ThunderGate --- For Brian Brown
ThunderGate --- For Dave Meek
ThunderGate --- For Dawna Winn
ThunderGate --- For Jason Kull
ThunderGate --- For Melissa
ThunderGate --- For Steve Hall
ThunderGate --- For Todd Mowery
ThunderGate --- For Todd Snow
ThunderGate --- Head on the Door Rocks!
ThunderGate --- Hooray for Boobies!!!
ThunderGate --- Meeker Rules!
ThunderSource --- Safeidge from TS Jecht and ma BBZ in VFH! BRAP!
thunkles --- zoom.
Thy Wickid One --- Thine Majesty-Thy Wickid One
Thyme --- Thyme got two!
Thyme --- Thyme put this here!!


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