Hagnk's Bricks (P-R)

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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, P-R

Paalikles --- Eat yer pudding or you can't have any meat
Pablo --- Inconceivable!
PacHinkOid --- what a time to be in hardcore
Package --- Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.
Padfoot --- Mischief Managed.
Padfoot --- This brick is dedicated to the English
Padfoot --- This brick is dedicated to the English Language.
Padre_LUPO --- Ende Neu...
PaedragGaidin --- This brick brought to you by The Inconceivables!
Pakalolo --- Pineapple Buttsecks
Paksukainen --- Nuutti on kingi!
Paksukainen --- Nuutti rokkaa!!!
Palladium --- doG oN
pandaba --- Pandas are the cutest things in the universe!
pandaba --- Sleepyhead & Ticklebug
PandaPants --- Always surround yourself with Family and Friends!!
PandaPants --- Boowa & Kwala
PandaPants --- Bubble wrap is cheap therapy.
PandaPants --- David Gemmell
PandaPants --- Do not pee on the Electric Fence!
PandaPants --- Eat at Joe's
PandaPants --- Is the Great Wall really so great?
PandaPants --- Let the music into your soul and feel joy.
PandaPants --- Never turn down the chance to help.
PandaPants --- Puppets
PandaPants --- Rachel Caine
PandaPants --- Read more books and imagine.
PandaPants --- The light at the end of the tunnel may be a train!
panne --- Panne is the greetest!
PansieMan --- Denette, I love you
Pansy --- Pansy's the man (or woman), see!
PanteraComplex --- The Complexity of the Complex is not very Complex.
pantsthief --- I will steal your pants!
PantyWaist --- All in all, we are all just bricks in Hagnk's wall
PantyWaist --- Momma, should I build the wall?
Pao of Loathing --- Long live the Filipino Loathers!
Papa Zito --- lolwut?
Paper123 --- ... all in all, this my last brick in the wall.
Paper123 --- ... and ANOTHER brick...
Paper123 --- ... and here's another brick...
Paper123 --- ... brick in wall, this is another...
Paper123 --- ...and another brick...
Paper123 --- ...and still another brick...
Paper123 --- ...another brick this is, in the wall...
Paper123 --- ...I wonder how long I can keep this up...
Paper123 --- ...I've been spending too much on this...
Paper123 --- ...llaw eht ni kcirb rehtona dna...
Paper123 --- ...ooh, I found yet another one...
Paper123 --- ...Surprise! Another brick...
Paper123 --- ...wall the in brick another and...
Paper123 --- ...what a shock, it's another one...
Paper123 --- ...what's this? Another brick...
Paper123 --- ...yaaawn, it's another one...
Paper123 --- All in all, it's just a brick in the wall. Yeah..
Papirini --- Hello everyone!
Paprika --- Be as crisp as the munch of an orange.
Para Dupe --- --> YOUR NAME HERE
Para Dupe --- Wow! Look at the size of this Meatsink!
Para Fert
Para Fert --- Have you taken your O.A.F. for an ascension run?
Para Fert --- This Grimacite is almost as tasty as Dwarf Bread
Para Fert --- This is not a brick.
ParanoidAndroid --- woot
Parka --- Yo
parker2897 --- Mark & Lori Forever
Parrithead --- All in all, we're all just bricks in the wall
Parrithead --- Hagnk has become comfortably numb
Parrithead --- im in ur campground, smashn ur windoes
Parrithead --- Now taking bets on the half-life of THIS building.
Parrithead --- R.I.P. Stasis
Parse --- C'est ne pas un brick!
Parse --- Hagnk better appreciate this...
Parse --- I spent 25,000 and all I got was this stupid brick
Parse --- I'm a this... house!
Parsley Saladshooter --- FREDDIE MERCURY LIVES!
pasta supremo --- What Do You Do with a BA in English?
Pastafarian Pirate
Pastahead --- Long Live Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Pastahead --- Pastahead was here 6/21/2007
Pastaroni --- Donated by Pastaroni in honor of Eleanor Violet
pastasalt --- Emperor Justice luvs Pink Floyd
pastaShaft --- z0mg go Hagnk's!
PaSTE --- "Barbarian" is/an onomatopoeia/in ancient Latin.
PaSTE --- 50 characters?/Impossible brevity/for a good haiku
PaSTE --- All in all...
PaSTE --- Bugger 'ell, you can't swear on these things!
PaSTE --- Cock-a-doodle-do:/an onomatopoeia,/or a dirty act?
PaSTE --- P K + S A 4 EVER
Pastian --- This better not be a totally pointless meatsink.
Pastian --- You found the last words of Joseph of Aramathea!
Pastrami --- 25000, what a rip-off!  Better write something goo
pathetikal --- apathetical
PatMcRotch --- SnarkOutQueen is a big softy hearty heart.
patmo98 --- I have to pay 25,000 meat to put in one brick?
Paw --- This brick brought to you by Paw....SMASH!!!
Paxo --- KERO!
Paxo --- leedsleedsleeds
Paxo --- parp
pcentella --- You acquire an item: crazy bastard sword
Pcychosis --- With this brick I forever leave my mark.
PeachNotScreech --- LucySpace
PeANuTS_1987 --- Brick by Brick
PeANuTS_1987 --- Meatsink Ahoy!
PeANuTS_1987 --- Meatsink ftw!
PeANuTS_1987 --- Merry Meatsink!
PeANuTS_1987 --- v
Peanutstehmulti --- Brick donated by The Dragon Tamers of KoL
pearl_essence --- Pearl Essence bought a brick.  :)
Peawee --- cLan of tHe sIX MoNKies
pebblesapo --- HCN - All your balls are belong to us
Pechuga De La Diabla --- PSYCHOJON SNIFFS POO
Pechuga De La Diabla --- YETZERHARAH PWNZ JU
PeejTastic --- mangsLAUGHTER supports Hagnk!
Pegathy --- BAM!
Pegathy --- Ninja Ninja Ninja ... woohooo Go Unlikely Ninjas!!
Pellet --- Pellet, Overlord of Pellet and Friends
Pellet --- Pellet's fifth brick
Pellet --- Pellet's fourth brick
Pellet --- Pellet's second brick
Pellet --- Pellet's third brick
Pelviz Grizzley
Pencap --- Mightier than the Sword Sheath!
Penelope X --- The Pink Pussycat
Penguin Mafia --- These funds better be sent to the Don.
penguinofdoom --- My Message
PepeLePhew --- May Hagnk's and the kingdom live on forever!
Pepito --- "Yo solia ser delicioso" - Pepito
Percy06 --- Up the Lake/Down the Lake/Bullfrog had a bellyache
Perin --- Stabby put this here
Perenor --- Perenor was here
persephassa --- Blue Persian kittens fed on cream and curds.
peter_damien20021 --- helllo
peter_damien20021 --- hi
PetesSake --- I
Phage --- meatsink
Phage --- phage was here
Phantom Stag --- Brought to you by Gravedigger Brewing Company!
pheanix --- Love ya Twin
phil man --- Hey it is phil man i love chuck norris he kicks***
philbb --- Huzzah!
philbb --- philbb was here!
Philip the Greater
Phocid --- You go Hagnk!
Phoenix333 --- Phoenix333 was here.
PhoenixFireRising --- Hagnk's shall rise again!
PhoenixFireRising --- I have to push the pram a lot...
phrainck --- Disco Inferno rocks!
phrainck --- phrainck was here
Phrim --- Phrim Brick #2
Phrim --- Phrim Brick #2
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #1
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #10
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #11 (Ridiculous!)
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #12
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #13
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #3
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #4
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #5
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #6
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #7
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #8
Phrim --- Phrim's Brick #9
phyco12 --- go go go hagnk
phyco12 --- have fun dudes, and break your hippy stone
phyco12 --- noobies, good luck to u and ur mistakes
phydeaux37 --- gaybees!!!
Picante --- Yay!
Pich Phenix --- Don't Get Lost In Heaven...
Pickle Head --- Pickle Head was here
Pieces --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Pieguy259 --- I will find love only when this brick erodes.
piff133 --- Thanks, Hagnk!
piffinator --- Kill!
pikpikcarrotmon --- It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide
PinkLady --- Just Another Brick In The Wall!
Pinky the Bold
Pinky the Bold --- 42
Pinky the Bold --- 42, Conan O'Brien, Douglas Adams, The Beatles
Pinky the Bold --- Canada's Hard-Rockin' Mounties!!
Pinky the Bold --- Retard Rick Productions
Piper --- Thank you Ravyn for the Grimacite!
Pirate_Ninja --- I need neither education nor thought control.
Pixie Styx
Pixiestix --- Yelsraek - Rock on getting the Master's - Love T.
PixySnot --- *~PixySnot was here.~*
PixySnot --- *~PixySnot was here~*
PixySnot --- PixySnot was here.
pizza nazi --- Is there anybody out there?
PlaidNyad --- Follow the grimacite brick road! Follow follow f..
PlaidNyad --- Joined 4/2004.  Rejoined 4/2005. I
PlaidNyad --- Proud supporter of Hagnk before there was a Hagnk!
plaster --- 546,754,354,675,345,345,709,421 is divisible by 9
plaster --- fastest SCO without a stat day
plaster --- geeks do it like they do math, in their heads
plaster --- HoD forever!!!
plaster --- Hogs of Destiny
plaster --- If you read this please kmail me and let me know.
plaster --- It's amazing how expensive these messages are.
plaster --- jasejasejase02 is a hunka burnin love
plaster --- plaster was here
plaster --- Shezera for President
plaster --- this brick in honor of Psy
plaster --- wonders how many times this brick will be read?
plaster --- You should at least be able to eat the oracle
Plater --- "I like bacon" ~Plater
Plelf --- Do the chickens have large talons?
Plelf --- Evil Kittens Rule!
Plelf --- Not in the face, Not in the Face!
Plelf --- Sad Christmas
pluffyfillow --- And in the end, on dreams we will begin.
pluffyfillow --- Do not taunt happy fun ball.
pluffyfillow --- i can has cheezburger?
pluffyfillow --- Might as well JUMP
pluffyfillow --- Now he's a court jester with a broken heart
pluffyfillow --- Thinking up a message is the hardest part.
pluffyfillow --- Video killed the radio star
pluffyfillow --- You spin me right round baby right round
Plumber --- I
Pman --- Awesome!
PMega --- FNORD
Pneumatic_SWE --- Five is definitely enough.
Pneumatic_SWE --- Just a meatsink, you say?
Pneumatic_SWE --- Nothing clever comes to mind.
Pneumatic_SWE --- Pneumatic_SWE: Still nothing clever comes to mind.
Pneumatic_SWE --- Well, guess it doesn't get any better than this.
Poadzor --- It's a Secret to Everybody.
Poadzor --- It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Poadzor --- Please do not read this text.
Poadzor --- We can't stop here. This is bat country!
Poadzor --- You're the man now dog!
Pobelter --- I wonder how many left ~Pobelter
poekatator --- Paul loves Melissa
poekatator --- Slackworks -- All Up Ons
pogonophobe --- Narf
pogonophobe --- narf!
PogueMahone --- Go Hagnk's!
PogueMahone --- The Mahone's Support You!
POIEDa --- POIEDa was here 2007
poison --- this is a super strong brick
poison --- this one cost me a lot so its very strong
poky --- 3vil rules
Polarz --- 3 paths which to choose?
politiksjunkie --- 26 bricks is about 26 too many. -fin-
politiksjunkie --- 98 bottles of brick
politiksjunkie --- 98 bottles of brick on the wall
politiksjunkie --- 99 bottles of brick
politiksjunkie --- 99 bottles of bricks on the wall
politiksjunkie --- Brick/Mortar 2008: It's got to be better than Bush
politiksjunkie --- can we have a grimacite graffiti wall too?
politiksjunkie --- come sail away with eusst!
politiksjunkie --- eusst loves styx like sajauna loves hinch
politiksjunkie --- Eusst loves Styx!
politiksjunkie --- For a good time call 1-800-Hinch!
politiksjunkie --- For a good time call PatMcCrotch is a duck!
politiksjunkie --- I demand royalties for singing in this song!
politiksjunkie --- i hope the meatsink doesn't swallow hagnks!
politiksjunkie --- Iconic Powder is like Baby Jesus for the Soul
politiksjunkie --- If you love styx, eusst is your soulmate.
politiksjunkie --- in a game of life, bricks beat bush!
politiksjunkie --- In a land far, far away
politiksjunkie --- In case I haven't mentioned, eusst lovvvesss Styx!
politiksjunkie --- lolololkevbobisnumberonespade!lololamirite
politiksjunkie --- Once upon a time
politiksjunkie --- Sajauna loves WANG!
politiksjunkie --- take one down and pass it around
politiksjunkie --- The Hoff has lost his cool. RIP Hoff
politiksjunkie --- there lived an ex clan leader named prostrikter
politiksjunkie --- These are not the shore bots you seek.
politiksjunkie --- this didn't go over well with the other clannies
politiksjunkie --- who insisted that all websites be pukey pink
poncho the sane --- I
poncho the sane --- Vote Poncho the Sane... Vote Often!  IP4LIFE YO!
pondscum --- Uh . . .
Ponjos --- Ponjos (#290462) was here, June 21st, 2007.
Poop Digger --- of Clan Hamilton.  Aaron Burr can kiss our asses!
poopyash --- Kirsten loves Kitty
poopyash --- Squizzlebreath was 'ere! Wookies!
poopyash --- This is SquizzleSpace.
pope --- All must bow to the might of POPE!
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI --- I
Pope Benedict XVI --- Justin Miller loves Mizzkyttie
Pope Benedict XVI --- Mizzkyttie is teh sex.
Possessed_Raccoon --- DUN DUN DUNNNN
Possessed_Raccoon --- This brick is property of Josh Hippopotamus-Walker
Possessed_Raccoon --- This brick is property of Josh Hovercraft-Washer
Possessed_Raccoon --- This brick is property of Josh Hulahoop-Wawa
Postalflap --- You can't teach an old dogma new tricks. - Parker
potatoeater --- oddment, blubber, tweak
potatoeater --- this is actually not a brick
powercory25 --- Rebuild the storage!
Pr0n Star --- All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
PRATTY --- This brick was expensive...
Pravery --- Hagnk, I hope you're happy...
PrecioSura --- libertad and preciosura for all
Preniqueezer --- Wannabe Hero
prettypony --- I am a pretty pony
Prima Vera Angelhair --- Generosity Through Power
Prima Vera Angelhair --- Noblesse Oblige
Prima Vera Angelhair --- Power Through Generosity
PRIME1 --- Beer = Good GOTO END
Princess Anathema --- All mimsy were the borogoves,
Princess Anathema --- And have you ears for sense?
Princess Anathema --- And the mome raths outgrabe.
Princess Anathema --- Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
Princess Anathema --- Good creatures, do you love your lives
Princess Anathema --- I need but stick it in my heart
Princess Anathema --- In the forests of the night,
Princess Anathema --- Tiger, tiger, burning bright
Princess Anathema --- 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Princess Anathema --- What immortal hand or eye
Princess Ro Mar
Princess Sunshine
Princess Sunshine --- Blythe- the Kingdom still loves you, man
Princess Sunshine --- Everyone else: STOP DYING!
Princess Sunshine --- For Brandon. What gives, people? Stop dying!
Princess Sunshine --- If you judge people, you have no time to love them
Princess Sunshine --- Lord, make me pure- but not yet. St. Augustine
Princess Sunshine --- Revenant- see you out there, amigo
Princess Sunshine --- RIP James- you could've been one of us, if only...
Princess Sunshine --- To /c foodcourt- you guys are awesome.
Princess Sunshine --- To Grant- would've liked to meet you.
princessmandy --- Erutan999
pristina --- Clano-cam is watching you!
Procrusty --- Q: Are we not men? A: We are procrusty!
Procrusty --- There is no Hoffa here.
Prophecy --- love one another
Psata --- 37 days left
Psata --- Erez + Sagi = 4EVER
Psata --- I hate Sacksi! PURRRRRRRR
Psata --- Sacksi is Der Ãœber Greedy Fransman!
Psata --- Sir Psata of Awesometown
Psata --- Way to expensive... Not worth it!
Psata --- Wehrmacht does not approve.
Psata --- Woops, I didn't say that...
PSU Punk --- All heart, no shame.
PSU Punk --- And that's 11.
PSU Punk --- Go go gadget meat sink!
PSU Punk --- I always wanted a brick in the wall...
PSU Punk --- NS13 is here.  As is lag.
PSU Punk --- PSU Punk was here.
PSU Punk --- Save Hagnk!
PSU Punk --- Saxamaphone.
PSU Punk --- She's a brick, house.
PSU Punk --- Teh Club represent!
PSU Punk --- This brick is rediculous, it's not even funny.
Psy --- XOXOX ~ Psy. In loving memory of NS11
PsychoDad262 --- I got your meat sink right here
PsychoDog --- A meat sink is this!
Psyko --- Otori - Psyko.
Psyko --- Testudinata - For All Your Buffing Needs
Psykoguy --- Trapped in brick factory, send help!
PuccaGirl --- Don't forget your chopsticks!
puCCini --- "Coming from Mars are 1,000,000 to 1," he said.
puCCini --- "When worlds collide," said George Powell ...
puCCini --- .. .he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside
puCCini --- .. and was everybody dancing on the casket?
puCCini --- .. some insects called 'the human race'.. lost in
puCCini --- /Newbie
puCCini --- A gesture of support? Like two hands cupping?
puCCini --- All your bricks are belogng to us!
puCCini --- And Betsy Ross used to sit home, and sew ...
puCCini --- And the worms ate into his brain.
puCCini --- Aquarius, abandon hope for future plans.
puCCini --- As you fall from grace,the only words you say are:
puCCini --- Audio-vibratory-physio-molecular-transport-device!
puCCini --- Baby, of course Momma's gonna help build a wall.
puCCini --- Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.
puCCini --- Bullets through the at-mos-pher. Here they come.
puCCini --- Cages of convention, from the cradle to the grave.
puCCini --- Chesspiece Face and the Big Duluth call her ...
puCCini --- D, world Destruction.
puCCini --- Daddy, what'd you leave behind for me?
puCCini --- Didn't we pass a castle a few miles back?
puCCini --- Double feature picture show ... in the back row.
puCCini --- Drill me, fill me, bill me, dentist of the night!
puCCini --- Egad, a base tone denotes a bad age.
puCCini --- Everything is catching on f-i-i-i-r-e.
puCCini --- Feel so all alone / Everybody must get bricked!
puCCini --- For a good time, call Kaosfreak!
puCCini --- God bless Lili St. Cyr!
puCCini --- I don't want the world. I just want your half!
puCCini --- I know the Mason. Word.
puCCini --- I sunk Sodom and Gomorrah!
puCCini --- I took my boat for a car.
puCCini --- I'm too sexy for this brick.
puCCini --- In case of confusion, smack head here.
puCCini --- Leargn to speak gnome! It's easy and fugn!
puCCini --- Made in Denton, the home of happiness.
puCCini --- Never had a pocketwatch. Never counted backwards.
puCCini --- Rainy Day Women #12 and 35
puCCini --- Rose tints my world, keeps me safe.
puCCini --- Rosenkreuz and Morgenstern are dead!
puCCini --- Slowly disappearing ... farewell, Thunderchild.
puCCini --- Smash this brick for a surprise!
puCCini --- Taurus, contemplate domestic turmoil.
puCCini --- The bleeding hearts & artists make their stand.
puCCini --- the moon-drenched shores of our beloved planet
puCCini --- The summer sun is fading as the year grows old.
puCCini --- There's a nut with a shotgun, bang, bang, bang!
puCCini --- They'll brick ya when you're playing your guitar.
puCCini --- They'll brick ya when you're tryin to make a buck.
puCCini --- Verwirrung Zweitracht Unordnung Beamtenherrschaft
puCCini --- Warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow.
puCCini --- What a perfect specimen of mahood you are, Brad.
puCCini --- Will no one help the Widow's Son?
Puer --- It's 3 o'clock.  Do you know where your meat is???
Pugnax --- I'd say it's good to be a Mason at 25K a pop!
Pukeko ---  ( . ) ( . )    For Stella   ( . ) ( . )
Pukeko ---  I want to see you dance again
Pukeko --- Hello?  Is that Charlie?  Hello Charlie.  Great.
Pukeko --- In Cameron I trust.
Pukeko --- Old Pink in care of the Funny Farm, Chalfont.
Pukeko --- PurelyDreaming For all who love to dream and write
Pukeko --- Roger, Carolyn's on the phone...
Pulaski --- Truth and Justice versus Peace and Happiness.
Pulvinatar --- Good luck with the new building Hagnk!
Pun --- ...just another brick in the wall...
Pun --- 25,000 meat for that?
Pun --- Annick, listen,  it not over yet!!!!
Pun --- another waste of meat?
Pun --- Can I play with madness?!
Pun --- Carlvember 5
Pun --- Even death may die...what a shame!
Pun --- for sure, its heavy!
Pun --- Have you got a life?
Pun --- Hello Missqt!!!!
Pun --- I believe in the man in the suitcase
Pun --- I was born for dying!!!
Pun --- La gratuité à un prix!
Pun --- May contain traces of grimacite
Pun --- N3bbi3 and cheapsy are hot! =D
Pun --- PLATYPUS!!!!
Pun --- Pun was here....
Pun --- R.I.P Here lies a chunk of depleted Grimacite
Pun --- This is not vengeance, this is punishment!!!
Pun --- watch out! this brick may be a transformer!
Pun --- why i am writing this stuff anyways?
Pun --- will this give me a trophie?
PuppetMaster --- We miss LibbyG
Puremark03 --- God is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pureromey05 --- Mark Williamson rocks NS13 yah!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
purple pie
PurplePlasmaKirby --- PPK WUZ HERE
PushaanDude --- Good Luck Hagnk!
Pusillanimous --- Dammit...was that nine, or ten?
Pusillanimous --- Grrr...I totally effin lost count.
Pusillanimous --- I was hoping for weaponry...but this is cool too.
Pusillanimous --- OK, just one more.  Hagnk *is* awfully nice.
Pusillanimous --- Poop?
Pusillanimous --- Running...out...of things...to...say...
Pusillanimous --- Stupid meat sink...
Pusillanimous --- Thanks for holding my stuff, Hagnk!
Pusillanimous --- There had BETTER be a trophy for this. *glares*
Pusillanimous --- Why am I spending meat on this?
Pusillanimous --- Why can't I stop?
Puvogel --- Dies ist kein Ziegel !
Puvogel --- Puvogel's gall stone
Puvogel --- Puvogel's renal calculi
pyngpyng --- Trophy
Pyren --- Don't be afraid to be first to resort to violence
Pyren --- Law schools are classic asylums
Pyren --- Rule #1:  Pillage, THEN burn.
Pyren --- Rule #13: 13. Do unto others.
Pyren --- vita e' troppo breve per mangiare in modo mediocre
pyro8010 --- pyro8010 was here!
Pyroness --- Itdo!
Qeystra13 --- The Legend of Hyde and Vredenburg: 1 Year Service!
QLou --- Ok, I give in, 2 bricks.
QLou --- Sinking meat for one brick and that is all.
qpalzm --- I love you Eureka.
Qriz --- Hagnk is my best friend.
Quactuar --- In honour of the other brick I just donated.
Quactuar --- In honour of the other bricks like this one.
Que Chan Mok
QueenBowie --- Happy Birthday Claudio! 06.27.07
QueenBowie --- In Memory of Honey October 1990 - January 13, 2005
QueenBowie --- Just another brick in the wall.
QueenCaffeine --- Coffee! The original Power Aide!
QueenCaffeine --- Decaf = "Why bother?"
quenchi --- This is for Clan Chowder!  Go Team!
quentin mcalmott --- I spent 25000 meat and all I got was this lousy me
querulous ---                                   WHY?
quesodilla --- Not EVERYTHING'S bigger in texas...
quesodilla --- Yeah, texas does suck.
QuikSilver2814 --- A total bad-ass is me!
quilter --- Sure, what the heck.  Will I get a trophy for it?
quince --- e^(i*pi)+1=0
quince --- in memoriam: lady mondegreen
quince --- k + j, 6/23/2007, barcelona
quince --- less than three life
quince --- Never fear. We may let the scaffolds fall
quince --- quince was here
quince --- rho = i - sin(theta)
Quix --- NPZR rocks!
Quothz ---                                       Fnord
Quothz --- --Quothz-
Quothz --- Quothz was here. Probably. Unless he was there.
Quothz --- This is my message. I think it's a good one.
Quothz --- What fools these mortars be!
Qwert_93 --- All your bricks are belong to us
qwerty2 --- Takapihan Pyllistys r0xx0r j00r b0xx0rz!
Qwystin --- Church of Toot
R_Locksley --- Invisible Hands hold up the world
R_Locksley --- Press Here
RabbitAvenger --- Every time you cry a unicorn craps a kitten.
Rabidpeanutbutter --- -rpb- of the Golden Alchemists
rachels --- we are wise, wise women, we are giggling girls!
rachelssister --- new belgium beer rocks!
Rada Ahn
radar --- This is a brick in my 1337 prison
Radiche IV --- Radiche Were Here- 2007
rag doll --- I
RageBloodpike --- Take a crowbar and smash me in the face.
RageBloodpike --- We can rebuild Hagnks. We have the technology.
Raging Fire
Raging Fire --- Yay, Brick!
RagingDaisy --- 42!
Ragnok --- Thanks to my parents, for everything.
Raguu --- Mr. Mason, put up this wall!
Raikage --- Raikage wuz here
Rainmaker --- 23
Rainmaker709 --- Your just another...
Randeath --- Bitches, bitches, physics makes us all its bitches
Randeath --- This monkey gone to heaven.
random flashbang
Random_Chance --- (Push here to open secret trap door)
RandomCarp --- (Insert Pink Floyd lyrics here)
RandomCarp --- Cinnamon rolls aren't really revenge.-bash.org
RandomCarp --- COOKIE
RandomCarp --- DON'T PANIC
RandomCarp --- Good fences make good neighbors.-Robert Frost
RandomCarp --- Hey, sidewalk! Get out of my way!-Earthbound
RandomCarp --- HOORJ
RandomCarp --- I am a meat popsicle.-The Fifth Element
RandomCarp --- I am not a number. I am a stick figure.-#262311
RandomCarp --- I believe in peace, and bashing 2 bricks together!
RandomCarp --- I can't.My therapist and I have an agreement.-DotT
RandomCarp --- If civilization has an opposite, it is war.-LeGuin
RandomCarp --- I'M IN UR WALLS, HOLDING UP UR HAGNK'S-This Brick
RandomCarp --- It's better to help gnomes than garden gnomes.
RandomCarp --- Jul ner lbh ernqvat guvf?
RandomCarp --- Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.-The Who
RandomCarp --- Ms. Sorceress, tear down this wall!-King Ralph
RandomCarp --- SHE TOUCHED MY BUTT! STONE HER!-Cash Peters
RandomCarp --- Sometimes it's a hard world for small things.
RandomCarp --- The algorithm consistently finds Jesus.-Wikipedia
RandomCarp --- The algorithm killed Jeeves.-Wikipedia
RandomCarp --- The Kingdom of Loathing less than 3's Hagnk's!
RandomCarp --- There's a great mascot face hanging over this wall
RandomCarp --- Thick as a brick
RandomCarp --- We did not invent the algorithm.-Wikipedia
RandomCarp --- Why are you reading this?
RandomCarp --- Wow, what is this? Tobacco or...Pink Floyd?
randomcyn --- Beware of the Leopard.
Randomer --- Wait! Stop! Don't do that! NOOOOOOO---*SLPAT!*
RandomExtremity --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
RandomExtremity --- Do a barrel roll!
RandomExtremity --- How do I shot web?
RandomExtremity --- How I mine for grimacite?
RandomExtremity --- I like beans.
Ranil --- DO NOT WANT
Ranil --- Like coffee: hot and black.
Ranker --- Seek not meat alone, but rather in groups.
Raph Fury --- Cool Guy Crew wuz here...
rataxes --- Greetings from Sweden
ratbrane --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Ratclaw --- Caden for Prez!
Ratclaw --- I now demonstrate how I freely throw away meat!
Ratclaw --- Look! I'm wasting your time! Hahaha!
Ratclaw --- Moo. I am cow. Moo.
Ratclaw --- Remember: Stay in school and only do legal drugs!
Ratclaw --- rkMerafel is the most awesome dude ever.
Rav E Oli --- Here's to the Kingdom! Joyful adventures to all!
RavenLord --- Hammerfall
RavenMaster8 --- A true master paralyzes his opponent.
RavenMaster8 --- On the dias? On the dias? Rock you on the dias?
Raventhief --- Still not a brick.
RavenWithATan --- That 's a load-bearing fourth wall you just broke.
Ravioli Black
Ravioli Black --- Za Unu ( Tou too) :)
Rawk --- Kittens and Win
Rawk --- Kittens and Win :)
Rawk --- More Kittens and More Win!
Rawk The Slayer --- CONVOY! >.>
Rawk The Slayer --- Kittens and Win
Rawk The Slayer --- More Kittens and More Win!
RaZ --- another day, another brick
RaZ --- Hey! Teacher! leave those kids alone!
Razelore --- Razelore and Clovegirl married May 23, 2007
RazorbackX --- RazorbackX RazorbackX RazorbackX RazorbackX
rd1701 --- Hakuna Matata!
RDOlivaw4 --- RDolivaw is still here!! -hic-
RDOlivaw4 --- RDOlivaw4 is still here!
RDOlivaw4 --- Rdolivaw4 was here!!
Reago1 --- Bubba
Reago1 --- Bubba Gump shrimpin' company
Reago1 --- Cir Senam's Provocale Nice Guys
Reago1 --- Forrest Gump
Reago1 --- Here I come!
Reago1 --- JUST CLICK AWAY!!!!!!!
Reago1 --- Lieutenant Dan
Reago1 --- Ready...Set...CLICK!!!
Reago1 --- Shout! Just Shout!
Reago1 --- Soon to be above Dark_horse...I hope...
Reago1 --- Thats my GF over there...her name is BF...
Reago1 --- WEEE!!!! CLICK HAPPY!!!
RebA --- Why the hell am I still playing this game 7/7/07
Rebel of the Sacred Heart
Rebel of the Sacred Heart --- I love you, Hagnk. Run away with me.
Rebel of the Sacred Heart --- Y'see this? This... is my BOOMSTICK!
Redhairgirl --- Redhairgirl was here again
Redhairgirl --- Redhairgirl was Here!
RedIrish --- Last night I swallowed liquor and a lighter...
redpot --- redpot - HoD; this better be worth it!
RedSix --- Before she met me, the NS was just The Sorceress.
RedSix --- Brick placed by the Gideons.
RedSix --- Each brick was 25,000 meat.  You do the math.
RedSix --- Grimacite Brick: max load per wheelbarrow: 1
RedSix --- Here lies my pet rock.  Jarlsuary 4-Carlvember 2
RedSix --- Hit the bricks, punk.  We dare you.
RedSix --- RedSix, standing by.
RedSix --- Secret Brick.  Shh!
RedSix --- She's a Brick...             Hooooouse.
RedSix --- Sticks & stones will break bones, this'll kill ya.
RedSix --- The road to Ascension is paved with these.
RedSix --- The Secretive Mason: Maker of bricks without straw
RedSix --- There's no such thing as a free mason.
RedSix --- This brick is tougher than a Hardcore Pastamancer.
RedSix --- This brick marks the Mason-Dixon line.  Y'all.
RedSix --- This brick was placed by a tool.
RedSix --- This is not a brick.  A brick is a block of clay.
RedSix --- With thagnks to the Secretive Masogn!  -Hagnk
rehbdan --- Art is a big nerd!
Reivax --- LONGCAT IS
Rejem --- Straw? No too stupid a fad. I put soot on warts.
RemaTeLtRut --- RemaTeLtRut - Turtle Tamer
Rembrancer --- Rembrancer from the Drunken Debachery Clan
Rembrancer --- Rembrancer leaves her mark forever!
Remlin --- Guess whose blood the mortar's made of?
Rendar69 --- Scott & Sheila August 19th 2006
Rennej --- All Hail The Three Pronged Spoon! Hail! Hail!
Repo Man --- A Winner Is You!
Requium --- Requium's Minor contibution to Hangs
Residium --- Hännchen
Residium --- HCN - We have balls, and you?
Residium --- I'm hungry
Residium --- kuss für Philip vom Hännchen
Residium --- Residium luvs U all
ResnarTheGREAT --- UberMoai Rules!!!!
RetartedMarlowe --- Quit reading bricks.
Retserof --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Retserof --- Good Luck Hagnk!
Retserof --- Yet another brick in the wall!
Rev Noodlyson --- It is not bull.
Revoklaw --- The greatest outhouse starts with just one brick.
RevThwack --- Education
reX kwon --- Even when you lost everyone else's stuff.
reX kwon --- Hagnk, Thanks for not losing my stuff. Rex
reX kwon --- Umm, that's all.
Rgon --- It really tied the room together.
Rgon --- The Dude Abides.
Rhatt --- Rhatt - Keeper of the Cheez
Rheinhold --- San Dimas High School Football Rules!
Ric Fule --- Well, let's help Hagnk rebuild.
Richthofen --- Richthofen is a penguin. He, a penguin, was here.
rickerscott --- rickerscott - what more can I say?
Ricket --- "rick is the only man i don't want to set on fire"
Ricket --- Do you advocat the wearing of pineapple hat...s?
Ricket --- Elektra, pixtrade plzkthnxbai.
Ricket --- I just can't stop thinking about LucySpace's ass!
Ricket --- Lori McClarinetplayer says "lolbrick'd"
Ricket --- Soleil Bellefontaine + boyshorts = WIN!
Ricket --- WonderSherL is like, the best new player evar! ^_^
rickyfingers --- Ok.  Here's a brick for ya!
Riddles --- A couple bricks shy of being regular.
Riff --- The secret word is 'marmalade'.
RigilPaix --- 3/15/03 I love you hunny.
RigorMortis --- RigorMortis was here
Rigorn --- Rigorn's Brick #1 Thanks for looking!
Riibu --- Riibu: for little meat gets little recognition. :)
rilee --- rilee is cool
Riley Finn --- We love you, Hagnk! Hang in there, buddy!
Rippette --- Why's there bacon in the soap?
Riska --- Evil Jedi Hobbit!!!
Rivian --- Can Grimacite bricks deflect a meteor?
Rivian --- How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your
Rivian --- I can huff and puff, but now Hagnk's won't fall!
Rivian --- I hear Gringotts is buying out Hagnk
Rivian --- I think Hagnk should have his own trophies.
Rivian --- My Olympic Games brick was cheaper.
Rivian --- Nooooo!  They be stealing my bucket!
Rivian --- Pink Floyd
Rivian --- The real American dream is to win the lotto.
Rivian --- When are they putting the brothel in?
Rob You --- Gnomes Rule and Ninja Drool. Gnooomeesss!!!!!!!!!!
RobbyAnalog --- Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.
Robmortar --- But I poop from there
Robmortar --- Robmortar rocks. ITS OVER NINE THOUSANNDD!
RobN --- Hangk Rules!
RobN --- Lost Generation    Bigger than you...  ;)
RobN --- RobN was here
RobN --- This brick thrown by Shaq
RobN --- What, you want wisdom of the ages? It's a BRICK!
rocK Star
Rockasaurus --- Hagnk's a Rock N' Roll Suicide.
RockClimb --- What will destroy hagnk's next?
rocketmanly --- Call your mom right now
rocketmanly --- Do as your mother tells you
rocketmanly --- Give your mom flowers on *your* birthday
Rocky --- You see my name...Written in the wall!!
Rocky du Casbah --- I've gnever ascegnded, but I'm happy to help.
Rocky du Casbah --- Rocky du Casbah was here
RolphGunderson --- On such moments does the world turn.
Roma the Sun Dried
Romv --- I
Romys Tree --- In Remembrance of Mr. Knickerbocker
Ronaldinho --- Skid Row
Ropes --- Ropes would rather be hatefully remembered - 6/07
Roscoe P Coltrane
rotinisha --- Roti & Tom forever
RouxTheWorld --- GetFuzzy
Roy --- Roy was here!
rtaylor --- ~message deleated~
Rubber Toast --- IM IN UR WALL...yeah...
Rubix Squared
Rudiger Skeiyer --- Blossom, fallen seed; call upon thy hidden powers.
Rudiger Skeiyer --- Brick-layer Da! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
Rudolf The Red
RuffRuffDooDoo --- ARF!
rugga --- for my Sweeties Jing and Sky
Rumour Rhemer --- Evil has no time for PANTS!
Rumour Rhemer --- There was a hole here, but now it's gone...
Rumour Rhemer --- You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.
RunaLindi --- The Power of the Runes
RunninSausages --- Token effort
Rupatupa --- Look! A monkey!
Rupert --- Eremitestar is a disco bandit forever!!
RuriRuri --- Crucible Nocturne
Rutabega --- Begga da Ruta
Rutabega --- Generousity killed the cat.
Rutabega --- I
Rutabega --- Rutabega wuz here, too.
Rutabega --- Rutabega wuz here. 904 represent!
Rutabega --- Vote Rutabega for PM!
Rutarklep --- How much depleted Grimacite is critical mass?
Ryan_Galen --- Supermegatopia.
Ryo --- ~Ryo
Ryo --- Go (Sports team X)!!!
Ryscar --- 95 Bottles of Beer on the wall-95 Bottles of Beer-
Ryscar --- 60 Bottles of Beer on the wall-60 Bottles of Beer-
Ryx --- Ryx Was Here! Uhh.. Yeah.


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