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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, N-O

n1nj4 --- I
Naginata --- Dream is Destiny
Nagol --- i helped out hagnk! w00000t
nakeddave --- naked dave says relax!
Nameless Pete --- 10-26-05 NEVER FORGET
Nameless Pete --- Boo, lag!  Hooray, NS13!
Nameless Pete --- DEPLETED Grimacite?  The penguins making a bomb?
Nameless Pete --- How's it going, the future?
Nameless Pete --- I hope all this extra grimacite is worth something
Nameless Pete --- Is anybody going to see this in the sea of bricks?
Nameless Pete --- Like spraypaint but WAY more expensive.
Nameless Pete --- See how long THIS one lasts...
Nameless Pete --- So is stasis really gone where you are?
Nameless Pete --- This is the last thing I do before NS13.
Nameless1 --- *waves to snow monkey and raining frogs*
Nameless1 --- Git off mah lawn! *Shakes stick!*
Nameless1 --- I still haven't figured out a good saying for this
Nameless1 --- Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!
Nameless1 --- Who gives a damn about apathy?!
Nameless88 --- This Space for Rent
NamelessSoldier --- Insert Pink Floyd Joke here.
Namor the Submariner
Nardolin --- An end to blood-dimmed tides and mere anarchy!
Narth --- Narth has been touched by his noodley appendage
narth vader_v2
narth vader_v2 --- But in the town it was well known
Narwhal Pummeler
narwhal6563 --- I am the lizard king. I can do anything.
Nashtinka --- I love you, Braaaaaaak.
Nashtinka --- I'll go ahead and knit my sock.
Nashtinka --- I'm the decider.
Nashtinka --- Leaktaker!
Nashtinka --- Please, let us go home.
Nashtinka --- With Retsyn (TM)
Nat Wunty --- A brick is me!
NatalieDressed --- Let's call the whole thing off.
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - Always Remember NS-11!
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - I like posting my name twice.
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - I love ya Hagnk!
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - I miss the text-based campsite
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - I'm worried about the storm o_o
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - Kingdom of Loathing > MySpace
Nate Pyrokai --- Nate Pyrokai - Presidant of Servocity Productions
Natedogg --- I like candy
NateTheDuck --- We Love Duckie!
Natter91 --- THANK YOU HAGNK!
Natter91 --- THANK YOU HAGNK! -Natter91
Naughty_Nurse --- Naughty_Nurse loves Mr. Incontinence!!
Naughty_Nurse --- Wish You Were Here, Keiko-sleep peacefully kitten.
Nazzu --- Boo!
Nazzu --- Hey! There's a Spider on Your Back!
Nazzu --- Just another brick in The Wall
Nazzu --- Nazzu was here
Nazzu --- Rawkit Lauwnchair!
necronomicon --- Necronomicon -6-20-06
necronomicon --- Necronomicon -6-20-07
necronomicon --- Necronomicon WAS here
Necrophage --- PC LOAD LETTER?  What the f-ck does that mean?!?
necrorealms --- Gee, what a lame rip-off.
necrorealms --- Goodbye NS11. Hello NS13 and 1000-turn ronin.
Negrodamus --- Sup goons!
neko chan --- i will always wait
neko chan --- neko
Nekosoft --- I still can't wait for NS30!
Nemmie --- Nemmie rules!!!!
Nemo07 --- NS-13 is NIGH!!!!! Repent!
Nemo07 --- This brick intentionally left blank
Neogeoanimo --- For my good friend Hagnk and his amazing storage!
Neolink --- hope you dont get hit by a chunk of Ronald
Neomage2021 --- colbert
Neomage2021 --- cupcakes
Neomage2021 --- ello poppet
Neomage2021 --- hmm this is suspicious
Neomage2021 --- holy crap this is alot of messages
Neomage2021 --- I love Jo Ana
Neomage2021 --- I pooped a hammer
Neomage2021 --- I win
Neomage2021 --- new mexico tech
Neomage2021 --- Nothing to see here
Neomage2021 --- ns 13 is coming
Neomage2021 --- oh noeees
Neomage2021 --- pink floyd
Neomage2021 --- Rawwwr
Neomage2021 --- south park
Neomage2021 --- w00t
Neomage2021 --- you lose
Neon --- Neon waz here helping Hagnk out!
Neonick --- I love ya, Graham! Oh, and Lester loves you too!
Neopifex --- All in all you're just another one of these.
Neopifex --- Do not want!
Neopifex --- Genius Patrol forever!
Neopifex --- Im in ur building, messin wif ur storage
Neopifex --- The Dude abides.
Neotemplar --- Deus Vult
Neotemplar --- Don't Panic
Neotemplar --- I put Doc Galaktik's kids through college.
Neotemplar --- I still want my pyramid…
Neotemplar --- Seriously I still want a pyramid…
NeptuneIzzy --- Puppy and Fopsie
Nerimo --- 99 chunks of grimacite...
Neurotranz --- Marines kick arse!
Neurotranz --- Neurotranz is the best!  Go Marines!
Nevalkarion --- (Walls can't attack.)
Nextkiller --- Bwaha radiation
Nibek --- This won't end well for Hagnk, I bet
nic364 --- nic364 rules and dont 4get to brush your teeth O.O
Nicarra --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall
Nicarra --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall (2)
Nicarra --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall (3)
Nicarra --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall (4)
Nicarra --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall (5)
Nick Man --- For great justice!
NickHab --- And on some days ILTOB
NickHab --- ILTOB
NickHab --- In other words ILTOB
NickHab --- No really, ILTOB
NickHab --- Oh yeah, ILTOB
NickHab --- On the other hand, ILTOB
NickHab --- Seriously, ILTOB
NickHab --- Then again, ILTOB
Niconik --- no problem :)
Nienor --- Just what the Kingdom needed...
Night Lady --- Goonie's Never Say Die!
Night Lady --- Subi Wu!
night_araphim --- Night_Araphim, aka the braxman, immortalized.
nightassasin --- I hope you're place gets blown up, hagnk!
nightfever --- Token brick number 1
nightfever --- Token brick number 10
nightfever --- Token brick number 2
nightfever --- Token brick number 3
nightfever --- Token brick number 4
nightfever --- Token brick number 5
nightfever --- Token brick number 6
nightfever --- Token brick number 7
nightfever --- Token brick number 8
nightfever --- Token brick number 9
Nighthawk --- Another brick in the wall
nightm --- Hannes e snyggast
nighttamer --- 1 brick just in case.
nighttamer --- One chunk (just in case)
nightthief --- chunk1
nightthief --- chunk2
nightthief --- chunk3
nightthief --- chunk4
nightthief --- chunk5
Nikadaemus --- BANDITS OUTPOST RULES!  Come see me at Nik's Nook!
Nikadaemus --- BANDIT'S OUTPOST RULES! Come
Nikadaemus --- BANDIT'S OUTPOST RULES! Come see me at Nik's Nook!
Nikademus --- This message brought to you by the Legion of Evil.
nikkithelessor --- I love Lisa and Geaux Tigers!
Nikolai Arantus --- Nikolai Arantus: The Beelzeburger King
Nillo --- How I mine for fish?
Nillo --- I SPILL my DRINK.
Nillo --- It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
NimitzBlitz --- PP at heart, Membro Leale in mind
Nimue --- This brick intentionally left blank
Nina Katarina
Nine Jack Nine --- To Hangk, have a crazy summer! BFF Nine Jack Nine
ninety6days --- 00ooOOoo00ooOOoo00ooOOoo00ooOOoo00ooOOoo00
NINjesse --- Yep
NinJew --- 25K meat and all I got was this lousy brick
NinJew --- I am a brick!
NiobeCyane --- Death to the Frat Orcs!
NiobeCyane --- Everybody drink some more!
NiobeCyane --- Everybody drink!
NiobeCyane --- For the Kingdom!
NiobeCyane --- Long Live King Ralph XI!
Nitethorn --- Nitethorn was here
nitewing81 --- The Poo helped rebuild
Nitocris --- CupcakesOfHell is never too drunk to find the hole
Nitocris --- Jairukaze is a GayAsianMidgetPoRRnStaRR
Nitocris --- Lord Janus Is A Secret Pants Wearer
Nitocris --- Lord Stefano Is A Secsky Secsky Bunny
Nitocris --- Lord Stefano is my knight in shining armor
Nitocris --- My Other Ride Is Lord Stefano
Nitocris --- n00beast ate my father.
Nitocris --- someone_lurking is a silly silly boy.
Nitocris --- someone_lurking is a tofu eating hippy
Nitocris --- There's nothing sweeter than Cupcakes Of Hell
Nitocris --- Thou Shalt Not Anger Mister Woe D:
Nitocris --- Viva La RRevolucion!
NitraMo --- Bricks are for fools!
NitraMo --- NitraMo forever!
nivgod --- nivgod was here
NML Manticore --- NML Manticore n' Hoboclown 4 eva
Noahs Ark --- As you were Gentlemen
Noahs Ark --- Does anybody really know what time it is?
Noahs Ark --- I don't suppose you'd mind?
Noahs Ark --- Noahs Ark, June 23, 2007
Nocturnal_One --- Eternal_Darkness supported this.
Nodosaurus --- Nodosaurus Rocks!  Member of the clan ISMO.
nodrenhere --- It took 400 days for nothing to happen.  But then!
nodrenhere --- NS13 - the best thing since Ascension...
nodrenhere --- What discoveries await us in the highlands?
Noip --- For the love of GOD, MONTRESOR!
Noip --- I can hear my heart beat...
Noip --- I love you but your lips... are... drugged!
Noip --- Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!
Noip --- My name is Ozymandias, king of kings!
Noip --- Oh my god, they killed Charlie McCarthy!
Noip --- Who watches the Watchmen?
Nolij --- Airball.
Nolij --- She's one of these.  And I'm drowning slowly.
NOM my forearm is delicious
nomoi --- coi rodo
nona --- Ceci n'est pas une brique.
Nonia --- What else should I spend money on? So Says Nonia!
nonl33t m4st3r --- Buy t3h Haloz
nonl33t m4st3r --- Now Loam-colored!
Nonner --- No secret here.  Move along.
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- Hey Jerks, Join the Crack of Doom
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- I thread to flame!
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- I'm wasting meat!
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- In loving memory of Phil Hartman
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- Let's Go Pens!
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- ROF: Come for the flames, Stay for the friendships
NonReligiousHolidayMascot --- ROF: We Know Drama
NooDel --- Chicken Satay a la Picard rules!
Noodle Nick --- All the COOL guys have beards. WHY DON'T YOU?
Noodle Nick --- Avoid reality at all costs.
Noodle Nick --- Ceci n'est pas une brique.
Noodle Nick --- Have you hugged your spleen today?
Noodle Nick --- Let not the Sands of Time get in your Lunch.
Noodle Nick --- STOP THE CRAWDADS before they destroy us all!
Noodle Nick --- The grown-ups are certainly very, very odd.
Noodle Nick --- There is only one number that is not equal to five
Noodle Nick --- This brick is upside-down. Please turn over.
Noodle Nick --- Unauthorized Personnel Only
Noodle Nick --- WARNING: may contain grimacite.
Noodle_Mage --- Jarred Scott Kough loves Rachel Louise Jarbo!
NoodleBandit --- All hail the king baby
NoodleBandit --- All heart, no shame
NoodleBandit --- Call Debbie for a good time. 555-1337
NoodleBandit --- Clano
NoodleBandit --- EH CLUB PREVAILS
NoodleBandit --- Help I am trapped in a brick making factory
NoodleBandit --- It's a prarie dog, not a chipmunk!
NoodleBandit --- LESS THAN THREE
NoodleBandit --- Shiny!
NoodleBandit --- Teh Club
NoodleBandit --- TEH CLUB PREVAILS
NoodleBandit --- This is ridiculous, it's not even funny.
NoodleBandit --- This is the house that a meatsink built
NoodleBandit --- Tommy Loves You!
noodlejl --- sweet
noodlon --- Gastropods snuffle among us
Noone --- (This brick intentionally left blank)
Nord --- Nord was here.
Norel --- The roof, the roof is on fire...
NormalJames --- You're welcome hagnk.
north5 --- (this brick intentionally left blank)
Nosaji --- Will a haiku fit / On a tiny little brick? / Nope.
Noskilz --- Today, Noskilz got 5 teleportitis before getting +
not machine washable --- Daaaance the night away
not machine washable --- Not all who wander are lost.
Not Ned
NOT SnufStyle420
NOT SnufStyle420 --- All hail the cactus king!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- But Daychilde likes sellbot selling gift items!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Daychilde and Underfoot like nipping in the bud.
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Daychilde stars as The Nutty Professor.
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Daychilde thinks selling gift items is bad...
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Daychilde will eat your soul.
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Fat laugh = /hur hur
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Hoo Haa Two Times Tuesday!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- P.S. Daychilde eats baby raccoons. True story.
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Samurai Pizza Cats FTW!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Samurai Pizza Cats pizza sale in December!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- T FOR /TRADE!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Thanks Clacking for letting me help Coldfront!
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Underfoot and Daychilde like nipping in the bud.
NOT SnufStyle420 --- Underfoot doesn't represent /valhalla, period.
not_A_ninja --- not_A_ninja still pluggin after 2 years
NotaSandwich --- I have a walrus in my pants.
NotaSandwich --- Laserface Jones starts dancing!
Notwau --- Click here for two tickets to the gun show
novaknight21 --- Awesome.
novaknight21 --- Aww yeah.
novaknight21 --- I LOVE YOU HAGNK
novaknight21 --- Lawl.
novaknight21 --- Running out of things to say...
novaknight21 --- Sweeters.
novaknight21 --- Wahoo!
novaknight21 --- Whoo!
novaknight21 --- Yeah.
novaknight21 --- Yee-haw!
Novusuna --- This is Novusuna's brick, kindly do not deface it
NoWayItsClare --- Clare's a brick: house. Mighty mighty.
npzr --- silence    Arrr!!!   ...braINs...   DANGER DANGER!
ntopp --- I ain't no great Samaritan.
ntopp --- Must not sleep. Must warn others.
Nuclear Griffon --- Dedicated to: Jim
Nuclear Griffon --- Dedicated to: ME! Zakari Shane Moore!
Nuclear Griffon --- Dedicated to: Roxanne
Nuclear Griffon --- Five Iron Frenzy! YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!
Nuguns --- Nuguns was here ^_^....deal with it :P
Nurofen Owlbag --- All your owls are belong to us.
nvx --- [ . n v x ]
nw0428 --- Nw0428?=42      do not wash please       he he he
nya nyo --- thanks for the mammaries
Nyarlathotep --- just another brick in the wall
Nyec --- Ah the joy of meatsinks! - June 23rd 2007
Nyec --- Another Brick for the Wall - June 23rd 2007
Nyec --- August 27, 2004
Nyec --- Death to the Hermit - June 25th 2007
Nyec --- Grasp low hanging fruit - June 23rd 2007
Oacaxa --- for Tacuba, Oacaxa, Mr_Murphy and Guppie
Oatgan --- Oatgan rules
oblsahm --- GospelGeek is Awesome
obsidean_00 --- silence Arrr!!! ...braINs... DANGER DANGER!
Ocean11 --- yay! I only have meat to lay 1 brick!
Ocpus --- Ocpus Fishies Flatfish and Gout -- Under the Sea!
octalgorn --- Just don't lose all of my stuff this time
odaffer98 --- Odaffer98: john has a long mustache Go Wolverines
ODiva --- Hangk - you ROCK!
odysseustheattackcow --- I love Emily Harris also, I have a jones for Jones
Oed --- Oed's Brick!
OffaMyLawn --- Hagnk Rules!
OffaMyLawn --- Poor Athabasca
OfficeBoy --- an officeboy is me!
OgreLXXV --- Wanna see my disco balls?
Ogthar --- ***********************Ogthar ********************
Ogthar --- Ogthar Bought This
OhMahGourd --- "I'm Ol' Greg - do you wanna see my mangina?"
Ohyes --- Happy 3rd Anniversary Mumbleyjoe! Love, Ohyes
Oiley --- I just love this game - I wish my wife did too.
Oiley --- Watch out for meat sinks!!
Oji San --- Hurray for Hagnk`s!
Oji San --- Hurray for Hagnk's!
OkbYe --- 3 years sitting on my ass in front of my puter!
Olaf the Hungry
OlafTheMediocre --- For Djelorean!
Old Ned --- Brick # 4.
Old Ned --- Hoping to speed up construction.
Old Ned --- Hoping your store will last longer now. - Old Ned
Old Ned --- Just another brick in the wohl.
Old School Deedlee --- Just another brick in the wall
Old School Deedlee --- unique message # 316596
Old School Deedlee --- Windows: Just another pane in the glass
OldCW --- Join Old CW's Germ Free Clan
Olidimarra --- A five ounce bird can't carry a one pound coconut!
Olidimarra --- Join the International League of Pedants!
Olidimarra --- This brick was donated by Olidimarra..
OLuckyStarO --- Beat your head here for maximum stress relief!!!!
OLuckyStarO --- The Triforce of Friendship; May it ever prevail!
OLuckyStarO --- You see these shackles, baby? I'm your knave!
Ombligo --- Ombligo was here!
OmegaZone --- I honour of my love, Patooty
Omera --- SCRUBS IS ON! YAY!!!
Omi --- I wuz me
Omi --- Kilroy Wuz Here
oneofmostVILEness --- I love Stormofsilence.
Oneway --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
Onionmeister --- I don't mind waiting, Liesl. I love you.
Onionne --- Onionne loves Tyrannus Inebriox
Ontological Zombie --- ALL GLORY TO THE CACTUS KING
OodleNoodle --- Miles and Aveline rock the casbah!
oodleook --- 6/411 :þ
oodleook --- Onwards; the tower is full of balls!
oogabooga --- Hagnk, this wall had better last a bit longer
oogabooga --- To my dearest love, Hagnk
oogabooga --- To whom it may concern: the treasure is buried in
oogabooga --- V pna'g guvax bs jung gb jevgr.
OOgy --- Oogy is the greatest.
ookokorrafaa --- For a good time, call Jenny: 867-5309
OOnuthin --- The End Is Near
Orchid ---  Love ya slack
Ormway Vic --- Clapton is God
Ororon --- 1337
Ortega --- Nothing more than a brick. ~ Ortega
Ortega --- This is my brick. There are many like it, but this
Oswald_the_Mighty --- Welcome to the World of the Future
Otep --- I love you, Katie Houin.
Othowan --- Clan Creamcheese Rules
Othowan --- KoL Contributor
OutlawTorn --- Just another brick in the wall
Overgrown Pancreas Man --- This brick.  This brick.  This brick.
OvergrownGoblin --- This brick helped create bathroom stall # 2.
Owain --- (>^^)>
Owain --- 100 get! (probably)
Owain --- after this, we should get him tanked
Owain --- ahem... brick
Owain --- and all the time in the world!
Owain --- because NOTHING can kill the grimace!
Owain --- been kicked when he's down
Owain --- build it good!
Owain --- Build it higher!
Owain --- buy war bonds!
Owain --- Don't fear the reaper!
Owain --- Endurance trial!
Owain --- engraving every brick is extravagant and pointless
Owain --- enitlavo ruoy knird
Owain --- Everybody get up, c'mon get down with the...
Owain --- fifty characters? that's not long enough, motherfu
Owain --- fire-proof, comet-proof, water-proof, idiot-proof
Owain --- Follow the evil-brick road!
Owain --- For the illuminati!
Owain --- Go forward!
Owain --- goodbye, precious meat
Owain --- hand cramp!jgfasdlkfsdlkg
Owain --- Happiness is a warm, radioactive element
Owain --- he's wearing a frown
Owain --- how many brinks does the building need?
Owain --- I can only hope my generosity will be rewarded
Owain --- I don't care how many possesions I have to sell
Owain --- I don't envy the guy who has to put this together
Owain --- I don't have to impress you!
Owain --- I hope there's a point to this
Owain --- I never wanted to be a mason...
Owain --- I see no raisins why grimacite masons
Owain --- I should stop now
Owain --- I tip my hat to the new constitution!
Owain --- I wanted to be a lumberjack!
Owain --- I wouldn't be a stonemason now if you begged me!
Owain --- I'd be lucky to get a trophy...
Owain --- If you can read this, you don't need glasses
Owain --- Ignore forming carpal tunnel!
Owain --- I'm going the distance!
Owain --- I'm going to keep doing this
Owain --- I'm just talking 'bout my g-g-generation
Owain --- I'm Kilroy!
Owain --- I'm sure some people will give hundereds
Owain --- in this life or the next
Owain --- insert witty message here!
Owain --- It's demanding to fight those evil machines
Owain --- It's lighter, cheaper, and shiny!
Owain --- It's not too late!
Owain --- I've been hiding
Owain --- I've got a secret!
Owain --- I've got loads of meat!
Owain --- Join my clan!
Owain --- Just build it!
Owain --- Keep on rockin' in Seaside Town!
Owain --- Keep writing!
Owain --- last one
Owain --- listen to radio KOL!
Owain --- Message'd!
Owain --- Move ahead!
Owain --- must be getting close to 100 bricks by now
Owain --- no way I'm falling for another meatsink
Owain --- nothing can stop me now!
Owain --- okay, now I'm stopping, last message
Owain --- one more brick is made
Owain --- one step closer to our goal
Owain --- only one message screwed up by the cat!
Owain --- personally, I'm hoping for a cool, rare item
Owain --- remember remember the 4th of Carlvember
Owain --- Rock me like a hurricane!
Owain --- seriously, that stuff was like liquid good
Owain --- should ever be forgot
Owain --- Sickness!
Owain --- That's no moon! it's an ancestral storage!
Owain --- that's not happening, is it?
Owain --- the grimacite bricks we all bought
Owain --- the metal will live on!
Owain --- think about it, we could see hangk's from SPACE!
Owain --- This is ill-advised!
Owain --- This is not a brick
Owain --- this message is best viewed in Firefox
Owain --- this new storage space will be inveencible!
Owain --- This space intentionally left filled in
Owain --- this will never get boring for me!
Owain --- Try to detect it!
Owain --- under my skin
Owain --- we don't even need to be thanked
Owain --- We should start a campaign to bring it back!
Owain --- We want a radioactive rock to tie a string around
Owain --- well, I do like trophies
Owain --- We're building a stairway to heaven!
Owain --- we're doing a favour for Hangk
Owain --- What's it like to be thick as a brick?
Owain --- why couldn't we build this out of chrome
Owain --- why not write haiku
Owain --- With everyone working, there'll be alot
Owain --- Y'know what I miss? Sprite Ice
Owain --- y'know why grimacite is so hard?
Owain --- You can't kill the metal!
Owain --- You don't think I can keep going?
Owain --- You just lost the game!
Owain --- you're going to a better place!
Owain --- you're supporting the mason's control of the world
OwlBiter --- For Scotty, love AJ
OwlBiter --- For Teha, love Mummy
Owlish --- In Honor of Owlish, Avian Evoker Ascendant
Owlish --- Owlsh Rulz! Penguins Drool!
Oxbarn --- Don't tread on me -- please!
Oxbarn --- For the love of God, whatever-your-name-is!
Oxbarn --- Mafia ankle-tying brick - do not touch!
Oxbarn --- Smile!
Oxbarn --- This brick intentionally left blagnk.
Oxbarn --- This brick intentionally left blagnk. (by Oxbarn)
oxyegene --- Engaged 26.06.07
OxyTheMoron --- Yoink!
Oyster on a Half Shell --- Where ever you go, there you are
OzzyOzzy --- For the love of God, Montresor!
OzzyOzzy --- Nothing beside remains...


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