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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, M

m0rgan --- I did this cuz I was bored.  ^.^;
Mabs --- Hug the Penguies!
Mabs --- Love the Penguies!
Mabs --- Penguies are the CUTEST!
Mabus --- His name is Robert Paulsen.
Macaroni the Bent --- Macaroni the Bent was here.  Long live Hangk's!
Machiko --- A Generous Adventurer is Me!
Machiko --- I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!
macropete --- jesus loves buddha loves iraq
Mad Hamish --- Meow.
madcowchef --- Fnord
madcowchef --- Putrification/back of refrigerator/unsanitary
madcowchef --- Zombification/autocannibalism/self cleaning zombie
Maddog Battie
Maddog Battie --- [b]Maddog Battie![/b]
Madtwinsis --- heart heart rainbow unicorn 21-06-07
Madtwinsis --- I'm here since June 30, 2004 ^__^
Maeldwyn --- None of us could keep our bricks in our pants.
Maerna --- And I Halped....
Mage_P_Rant --- American Pirate Association
Mage_P_Rant --- Brick walls are no match for TENACIOUS RESENTMENT.
Mage_P_Rant --- Bwahaha! Mine is an evil brick!
Mage_P_Rant --- Consult your pineal gland. Lucky numbers: 5 23 19
Mage_P_Rant --- EJIPSHUN LAZUR BEEMZ!!!1!one
Mage_P_Rant --- Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews...
Mage_P_Rant --- I am not a brick, I am merely paralyzed with RAGE.
Mage_P_Rant --- I may be a brick, but at least I'm not adopted!
Mage_P_Rant --- Screw the rules, I have bricks!
Mage_P_Rant --- What Homo sapien are you calling sesquipedalian?!
Mage_P_Rant --- You're as obtuse as you are aesthetically obscene!
MAGEofDEATH --- WUWUWUWUWU!!!!!!!!!! kol is the best... WUUUUU!!!!
magermagician --- Keep looking up.
Magic_Squeegee --- Magic_squeegee, here since before ascension.
Magictoast --- A mispelled message here would look awful-oh crap.
Magictoast --- DESU^(a whole lot of numbers)
Magictoast --- Standing in my town...
Magictoast --- To make room for the torn down Hagnk's.
Magictoast --- Where they tore down Hagnk's...
Magiric --- If you can't see the fnords they can't eat you.
magnetman --- Thanks Hagnk. We couldn't do it without ya!
Magnoodle --- A shame, I cannot think of anything witty to say.
Maguma --- Maguma + Lagomorpho
Maikeruu --- Accident Prone supports their own kind.
mailbox head
Majestaet Morc --- No dark sarcasm in the classroom!
Majin Vlad
Majin Vlad --- Alliance From Heck!
Majin Vlad --- You push the brick...nothing happens!
major --- Oh No.... Another Song Reference
MajorInfinity --- PANTS!!!!!!!!
Mala the Sad --- When you're sad, everyone cheers you up.
MalAdjusteDsocially --- Benjamin Sane
MalAdjusteDsocially --- Lb4Lb
MalAdjusteDsocially --- Misfit Toys!
MalAdjusteDsocially --- Payguhn
MalAdjusteDsocially --- TheApproximateHuman
Malatise --- Yiff yiff yiff! Ketchupy love for you!
Malhavok --- The Monkeys will not falter!!!!
Malice Aforethought --- Get well soon hangk!
Malice Aforethought --- Man, it's hard to think of something to write >.
Malice Aforethought --- Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
Malice Aforethought --- Scammer :)
Malik ---                     The Brick of Loathing
Malik --- ....(              {{}}              )....
Malik --- The worms ate into my brain.....
Malik --- When I think about you, I touch my brick.
Malodorous Impedicus --- 42
Manbearpig --- Manbearpig Rules!!!
Manco Bianco --- Manco Bianco is the king!
MandaBear --- And I helped again.  I feel so generous.
MandaBear --- I totally helped
MandaBear --- Yo, lookit me supportin'
manDaliet --- Another thing I hate: hypocrisy.
manDaliet --- I also don't like jokes.
manDaliet --- You know what I hate? Advertisements.
manglewolf --- Square in all three dimensions.
Manimal --- Gone Fishin'
mansho --- Hand Turkeys: 23 and counting.
Manta Creep
Manze --- Brian Caden for mayor of Seaside Town.
Manze --- Hay guyz, I have the flaaaaag
marcpork --- Dr. McAwesome shall return!!
Marcussi --- george lucas would be proud
Marcussi --- i forgot what i was supposed to do
Margulies --- Hagnk's my friend!
Mariasha --- Clano 4 Life!
Mariasha --- Kittens and win
Marin Ara --- Everything has an end, except a sausage.
Marinara Jane
Marix --- You may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of Aaagh
MarjaMariachi --- It's Hagnk's!  Hooray, Hagnk's!
markc7 --- Proudly donated by markc7, a non-hippy vegan
mArkZ --- This is Mark's brick. Huzzah for Pirates!
Marlee --- The End Is Near!
Marm --- Marm wuz here. And sexy as ever.  :)
Marmot --- Life & Love
Marmot --- My dog used to feel the same way.
Marshall --- "If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any
Marshall --- "Wrong, Do it again!"
Marshall --- "You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still
Marshall --- `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Marshall --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Marshall --- All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
Marshall --- All mimsy were the borogoves,
Marshall --- And burbled as it came!
Marshall --- And stood awhile in thought.
Marshall --- And the mome raths outgrabe.
Marshall --- And, as in uffish thought he stood,
Marshall --- And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Marshall --- Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
Marshall --- Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
Marshall --- Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
Marshall --- Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
Marshall --- Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
Marshall --- He chortled in his joy.
Marshall --- He left it dead, and with its head
Marshall --- He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Marshall --- He went galumphing back.
Marshall --- Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
Marshall --- I hope 50 bricks is good for a trophy or something
Marshall --- I spent Hardcore meat for this, Hangk.
Marshall --- if you don't eat yer meat?"
Marshall --- laddy!"
Marshall --- Long time the manxome foe he sought --
Marshall --- No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Marshall --- O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
Marshall --- One, two! One, two! And through and through
Marshall --- pudding. How can you have any pudding
Marshall --- So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
Marshall --- Teachers leave them kids alone
Marshall --- The frumious Bandersnatch!
Marshall --- The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Marshall --- The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Marshall --- The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
Marshall --- Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Marshall --- We don't need no education
Marshall --- We dont need no thought control
Martavius --- Kilroy was there
Martini --- None can defeat the pwoer of the quad laser
martiniman --- It's 4:19, you gotta minute?
martiniman --- jrf
martiniman --- Only you can prevent forest fires!
Masaka Motto
Mask --- This better get me a trophy!!
Master BATES --- Master Bates here
Master Erk
Master Garlic
Master Harper of Pern
Master of Poop --- All in all your just another brick in the wall...
MasterCheifSpartan117 --- Here ya go, Hagnk.
MasterIth --- FIGS!!!
MasterofMystery --- --xxxxxXXXXX "Jesus Saves" XXXXXxxxxx-- MoM
matcauthon --- Arthur Rehberg is the biggest nerd in history.
Matola --- It's raining men!  Hallelujah!
Matt_afi --- Matt_afi rocks!
Matt_afi --- This is something that I actually wasted 25000 mt.
MatthiasvW --- Still cheaper than getting a brick at Disneyland
Mauler --- Best of luck Hagnk :)
Mauler --- May the 3 amigos watch over your new location
Maverick5681 --- BRICK!
Max52 --- I have nothing to say, but at least I said it.
Max52 --- This is all I am.
maxguy56 --- Disco Inferno:  May the Moxie be with you.
maxguy56 --- Hi How Are You?
maxguy56 --- Maxguy56 was here too.
maxguy56 --- This is really graffiti I wrote on the wall later.
Maximum Taco --- T
Maximum Taco --- Tacoz Rule
Maximum Taco --- Tacoz Rule!
Maximum Taco --- V for Valhalla!
MAxvanCe --- Go /pvp! --MaxVance (#943551)
Mayonesse --- Ready for the big floods, Hagnk?
Mbili --- Mbili was here - June 2007, just before NS13
mcbain --- Not for all the applesauce in Glucdensclobin.
McLoinCloth --- Comets suck
McLoinCloth --- CTC awesomeness +5
McLoinCloth --- I lost my mind in the distant woods
McLoinCloth --- MLC4SS
McLoinCloth --- PL4JW
McLoinCloth --- Spread the
McLoinCloth --- Stuff this! (into the wall (harr harr))
McLoinCloth --- Why am I so pale?!
McLoinCloth --- Why hallo thar!
meat maestro --- All in all your just another brick in the wall...
Meat_Curious --- Xyzzy
Meat_Mascot --- Rich and Meaty!
meatball21 --- HI everybody! hagnk is awesome!
Meatcurtains --- I hate meatsinks...
meatpoppet --- Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
meggi --- Please Don't Spit.     ---Bubish. Believe It.
meghan625 --- Tx JH!
MeGrimlock --- I think I smell a meatsink
Meh --- Meh, whatever.
Mekare --- 100 grimacite bricks sitting on the wall...
Melanti --- 42
Melindria --- In Loving Memory of Mom!
Mellow D --- Second Mouse Gets Cheese From Mousetrap! Mellow d
Melon Squeezer --- Activate Interlock! Dynatherms Connected!
Melon Squeezer --- Beer is good.
Melon Squeezer --- Eat a BLT
Melon Squeezer --- Infracells Up! Megathrusters Are Go!
Melon Squeezer --- There is no spoon.
Melon Squeezer --- This land is your land.
melonmuncher --- All your melons are belong to melonmuncher!!!
melonmuncher --- melonmuncher (#424450) was here bitches!
Memnar --- I DON'T HABEEB IT!
menace_o --- How can you have pudding if you don't have meat?
menace_o --- If you don't eat your meat, you'll still have $$$.
Mendin --- The depleted Grimacite is PEOPLE!
Mendin --- There is no brick, there is only Zuul.
MentholMan --- Strawwood claw rattlin' m' jaw
Mercy --- Who was told what to do by the man.
Merganser --- Be happy, don't be redundant, but be happy
Merger --- Merger made this brick, 22/6-2007
meringue --- meringue of atlanta, ga of evilkitten clan
Merrill --- Best wishes on a gnew start! Chign up, Hagnk.
meru la renat
meru la renat --- HoEs are da best, see?!?
meru la renat --- Space is wide and good friends are too few...
mesideth05 --- =P
MetalHouse III---This needed to get laid
MetalHouse III---grimcite turns me on
Metal Mike The Pirate
Metal Mike The Pirate --- Hangk better remember this when I need some meat
Metal Mike The Pirate --- If this building falls again I'll be pissed
MetalShogun --- All I ever wanted was to be somebody big.
MetalShogun --- For Bohemia!
MetalShogun --- For Hagnk
MetalShogun --- For Justice
MetalShogun --- For Justice!
MetalShogun --- He loved Big Brother
MetalShogun --- I just wanted to be somebody
MetalShogun --- Metal Forever
MetalShogun --- The night is young, friends, and so are we.
MetalShogun --- The Union Forever
MetalShogun --- To Hagnk: Who loves ya, baby?
Metraxis --- Lose Fluffythumbtacks stuff again, and  Ez 25:17!
Metraxis --- Love for the monkey, Love for the Fluffy
Metronomed --- I
Mewzard --- To my clan and friends...thanks for the fun.
MI4 REAL --- MI4 REAL Was Here
Miakel --- the cornerstone
Mich --- I wish I was a spacepirate.
Mich --- Space piracy ahoy!
Michael Landon --- I'm Michael Landon and I'm making you do it.
mick --- Mick Haunts You In Your Sleep!!
mick --- Your MOM goes to college!
mick --- ZOMG JEZZIKUH = HAWT!!!
MickieJ --- Please don't fall apart again!
MidnightBlue --- About time this place was cleaned up!
MidnightBlue --- To building it bigger & better than it was before.
mifsit --- Hail Eris!
Mighty Mickey --- Mighty Mickey Did this brick! (i woz ere NS-13)
Mighty Xerxes --- HCN, in your wall
MikeDoom --- A forty a day keeps the doctor away!!  -MikeDoom
MikeDoom --- Going to the zoo today with Nick!!!!
mikedy963 --- blah, blah, blah get a job
mikedy963 --- eagles fly but weasels arent sucked in jet engines
mikedy963 --- I am the dread pirate wesley
mikedy963 --- that's no mini moon, that's a space station
Mikel --- /games is the best channel ever! Love, Babaganoosh
Mikel --- :-)
Mikel --- All in all, im just another brick in the wall.
Mikel --- Allegra (#204292)
Mikel --- apathetical
Mikel --- Aquacadet08 (#216053)
Mikel --- Bitter Hawk (#505296)
Mikel --- Bobman671882 (#1232720)
Mikel --- Brian Caden for Mayor
Mikel --- Calamity Cat (#901232)
Mikel --- Chartan (#647220)
Mikel --- Dedicated to Mikel, Love /games.
Mikel --- DeliciousTerror (#267354)
Mikel --- GoodKittyGoneBad (#254200)
Mikel --- Gourdy (#952059)
Mikel --- Gourdy wishes Hagnk well.
Mikel --- Hamsterdestroyer
Mikel --- Help keep games scammer-free!
Mikel --- HidingHermit (#725639)
Mikel --- Highly Explosive Baryshnikov.
Mikel --- I shall RULE THE WORLD!!    Love, Mikel
Mikel --- irinadoll (#727540)
Mikel --- Journe
Mikel --- kaileykat (#331967)
Mikel --- King Friday (#285051)
Mikel --- kitten wants (#623142)
Mikel --- KittenWithAWhip (#256006)
Mikel --- Lady_Elsbeth (#527905)
Mikel --- Long live the D!
Mikel --- Mikel (#92832)
Mikel --- Mistress of the Obvious say: GKoL rocks!
Mikel --- Mitchell: He died as he lived, with his mouth wide
Mikel --- MoxiousGas
Mikel --- NeitherCuddlyNorWuddly: Neither fuzzy nor wuzzy
Mikel --- Nuurgle (#615067)
Mikel --- One brick topped with pepperoni, sausage and love.
Mikel --- Paula (#972642)
Mikel --- Perin (#441442)
Mikel --- Please do not feed the mods. Sincerely, paxson.
Mikel --- PoppiN69 (#1164331)
Mikel --- Requiescat in pace, smokeyliker. (#512780)
Mikel --- RettaBear (#745577)
Mikel --- RuncibleSpoon (#843810)
Mikel --- SalemSmith (#331640)
Mikel --- Sebastian (#282433)
Mikel --- Shadowless (#463137)
Mikel --- Sinead O Colander Sez KoL DJs Roxz0rz!
Mikel --- SkudMastaFlex (#627151)
Mikel --- Smitty the scammer
Mikel --- smkydz (#438429)
Mikel --- spilk316 (#632919)
Mikel --- StargazerC (#696981)
Mikel --- Sword Master 9944 (#391471)
Mikel --- Taelios; 220652
Mikel --- Tarotina (#598715)
Mikel --- Tatsuya... knower of a policy of loathing.
Mikel --- the condor
Mikel --- The Razor Sharp Kittens Clan, a family forever.
Mikel --- This brick dedicate to Promeatius, from Mikel.
Mikel --- This brick dedicated to Aquacadet08.
Mikel --- This brick dedicated to friek.
Mikel --- This brick funded by the Razor Sharp Kittens Clan
Mikel --- This brick is made of pizza: super_pizza7
Mikel --- Tinkeron (#244583)
Mikel --- tivolimom (#549388)
Mikel --- Xon Kaynark (#128508)
Mikel --- Ymra (#497140)
Mikel --- Zebulon (#248821)
Mikel --- Zsaurvan (#407216)
Mikelio --- From the Original Mikelio!
mikethepoor --- Turtle Power!
Miki_Ger --- Here it is!
Mildred Bob --- ifyourreadingthisyouhavewaytoomuchtimeonyourhands
Milkatron --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall
Mindsage25 --- I used this brick to drown a fish!
mini mer
MiniMeat --- I
Minor --- I may be Minor, but I carry a big stick!
Minor Annoyance --- Buy Wonderfalls on DVD. Tim Minear: FOX's martyr
Minor Annoyance --- Radio Show: November 6 2006 33min: Saturated Fats!
mintbacon876 --- Mintbacon876 was here with his ub3r 1337 h4xn3ss
mintbacon876 --- uhhh....what should I put....MINTYBACON OWNS!!!!!!
MintyFD --- Ftaghn!
Mirror Kirby
Mishey22 --- Fun stuff
Mishey22 --- Mishey!
Miss Chievous --- silence Arrr!!! ...braINs... DANGER DANGER!
missfishie --- Merely for the line in my Accomplishments page!
Mister Flopsy --- I love my brick
Mister Meister --- Woo Hoo! Another meatsink!
Mistine --- Michael, my love, made me do it.
Mistress of the Obvious
Mistress of the Obvious --- Mistress of the Obvious Loves Super Pet Man!
MistressGiggles --- Have a nice doomsday
MistressGiggles --- Here's to us. Who's like us? Damn few, and they
MistStlkr --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
mixedbouquet --- Mixedbouquet is one generous (and humble) player!
miyaka124 --- I'm miyaka124 and I'm also Parfait!!!^_^ Hello!!!
Mizem --- Death to All Monkeys in the Kingdom!
Mizem --- In Memory of My Comrade MPorcius
mmcbride --- I'm way too addicted to KoL...
Mme_Defarge --- It was the age of foolishness
Mme_Defarge --- It was the age of wisdom
Mme_Defarge --- It was the best of times
Mme_Defarge --- It was the epoch of belief
Mme_Defarge --- It was the epoch of incredulity
Mme_Defarge --- It was the season of darkness
Mme_Defarge --- It was the season of light
Mme_Defarge --- It was the spring of hope
Mme_Defarge --- It was the winter of despair
Mme_Defarge --- It was the worst of times
Mme_Defarge --- We had everything . nothing . heaven . hell
mmmPASTAmmm --- Here lies mmmPASTAmmm. The Master of Mugcakes
mmmPASTAmmm --- I found Jimmy Hoffa!!!!!!!
moaning lisa --- Moaning Lisa Loves Willis Forever 02-14-2005
Moderniste --- Little brick,buried in the earth,Maldoror is gone!
Moderniste --- only shadows of hooks
mogster11 --- It's depleted, don't worry about the peak to peak
Mojonic --- look mom, i'm famous!! Mojonic rulessss
Mojotech --- This brick brought to you by Mojotech!
Mokona --- This brick is dedicated to my boys.
Moku --- gNaughty Sorceress Thirteegn! 6/24
Moku --- Must....make it....to level.....30......
Mokus --- We may not be the young ones very long...
Moldar --- What a waste!
Moldar --- Woot
Moley --- Good luck in the future from - Moley
Molley --- Hooray for Hagnk's!
Molotovnight --- Molotovnight + KaNG clan = AWESOME!
mommabob --- Momma knows best
mommabob --- Stone Pirates rock! Join us and you'll rock too!
mommabob --- Stone Pirates rock, join us and you'll rock too
mommabob --- Stone Pirates where Pirates go to Rock!
Mongo42 --- Meh.
Mongo42 --- Mrrrphl.
Monkey61 --- Best brick in the wall...
Monkeybone --- Run, Rabbit Run...
MonkeyChipsNDip --- This Is My Brick. Long Live My Brick!
Montana Johnson --- Snakes.  Why did it have to be snakes.
Montoya --- Kaaewen stole my pants.
Mony Tanero
Mony Tanero --- Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Mony Tanero --- BIOLOGICAL HAZARD: Steaming Evil Within
Mony Tanero --- Do a YouTube search for Pants Pankuro.  Really.
Mony Tanero --- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hello Divine! *hic*
Mony Tanero --- Grok the Duckfarmer is a major hottie.
Mony Tanero --- I fixed Hagnk's & all I got was this stupid brick.
Mony Tanero --- In Memory of Danny Lee Buck
Mony Tanero --- It's a brick, and I'm drowning slowly.
Mony Tanero --- Just call me "More Mony than Brains" Tanero.
Mony Tanero --- Meh. BoozerBear will buy the most bricks anyway.
Mony Tanero --- Miss V is a little cutie pie!
Mony Tanero --- Penn says hi.
Mony Tanero --- Psst... wanna buy some goofballs?
Mony Tanero --- Random Avengers: No job too small. No fee too big.
Mony Tanero --- She's a BRICK.... HOUSE!
Mony Tanero --- STRIVE MIGHTILY, but eat and drink as friends!
Mony Tanero --- Teller says hi too.  Metaphorically speaking.
Mony Tanero --- Terwilliger Bunts One
Mony Tanero --- That's all you do? Bird imitations?
Mony Tanero --- There's a song in my heart and a leak in my wallet
Mony Tanero --- This message will self-destruct in five seconds.
Mony Tanero --- What's that rumbling sound?
Mony Tanero --- Who Moved My Cheese? I did, you pompous ass!
Mony Tanero --- You May Already Have Won 1 Million Meat!
Moo Goo Gai Pan --- Moo Goo Gai Pan was here.
moobs --- "I hate Illinois Nazis."
moobs --- This brick was stolen from the Masons.
moobs --- This is not the loose brick you're searching for.
MoOdy --- I love wilwarin, a-yup. I went there. Oh yeeeeeah.
MoOdy --- Is this where I type for chat?
MoOdy --- Looking for a good time? Call Jenny (867-5309)
moop --- moop was here!
Morbank --- One Brick, Moon Brick; 'Lith Brick, Kubrick.
MorkaisChosen --- Should I spend all my Meat in Hardcore? Yeah, OK!
Morland --- BHSU Yellow Jackets Rule!
Morland --- hmmmmm, what should I put here?
Morland --- I club Seals
Morland --- I wonder how many bricks I have left?
Morland --- This is a massive meat sink.
morning_sickness --- Dark Sarcasm
morning_sickness --- Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't sp
morning_sickness --- Excuses indicate incompetence
morning_sickness --- Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots have boot fairys!
Mort The Painter
Mortimer Snerd --- Mortimer wuz here
Mortimer Snerd --- Visit the House of Snerd!
morwen --- Morwen is trapped within these walls 6/25/07
morwen --- Morwen said "Duh" on 6/30/07 5:36 PM
morwen --- Sairism is the best cult ever!
Mosy --- XLII
MoTH --- !eticamirG fo kcirb a edisni kcuts m'I !pleH
MoTH --- ...
MoTH --- 11 23 37 If you can read this you are 37 23 11
MoTH --- 123581321345589144233377610987159725844181
MoTH --- 149162536496481100121
MoTH --- AXenosayswhat
MoTH --- Biscuitpickle
MoTH --- Brawler Moth, Level 50 Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper
MoTH --- Femmz0rz!
MoTH --- Ginger Ale tastes good.
MoTH --- jimjamjimjamjimjamjimjamjimjamjimjamjimjamjimjam
MoTH --- My snake is blue.
MoTH --- V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J
MoTH --- Warshade Moth, Level 31 Warshade
MoTH --- Wow, I have a lot of Grimacite.
Motty --- Love, Honour and Caffeine.  Stay Shiny!
Motty --- Stand Up. Fight back. Serenity.
Motty --- You can't stop the signal.....
Mount Dead Cookie --- 1 day until NS13! Whoooo! I finally made it!
Mount Dead Cookie --- Up yours, comet!
MoxieJune --- Because I Can Clan
MoxiousMouse --- Anything your heart desires
MoxiousMouse --- As dreamers do
MoxiousMouse --- If your heart is in your dream
MoxiousMouse --- Makes no difference who you are
MoxiousMouse --- No request is too extreme
MoxiousMouse --- When you wish upon a star
MoxiousMouse --- Will come to you
MoxiousMouse --- Your dreams come true
moxom_s --- Moxom_s bricked this
Moyrath --- For Dorothy Mantooth
Moyrath --- In memory of Brick Tamland
Mr Dudeman
Mr Hardnoodle --- "Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal"
Mr HeadCase --- Mr HeadCase was here! - Not over there though.....
Mr Magnifico --- For the love of God, Montressor!
Mr Mart --- Mr Mart owns JOO!
Mr Matty
Mr Salieri --- Hagnk's Sucks
mr skullhead --- "I'm a brick and she's drowning slowly..."
mr skullhead --- Josh loves Jess.
Mr_A --- Evil Piggies Clan ... for all you naughty piggies
Mr_A --- For all your clan needs:  The Evil Piggies
Mr_A --- Here to help Hagnk!
Mr_Moxious --- 'Gratz on the new shop, Hagnk.
Mr_SqueakyOs --- A Friend of Hagnk's Is You!
Mr_SqueakyOs --- An Interactive Fiction Player is Me!
Mr_SqueakyOs --- Aventuristo estas Vi!
Mr_SqueakyOs --- Bogn chagnce, mogn ami!
Mr_SqueakyOs --- In Memoriam: Sarcasmo
MrAnnouncer --- (2005) Directed by Rian Johnson.  Rent me.
MrAnnouncer --- This Brick Stolen From The Seaside Town YMCA
MrBen --- hi
MrDent42 --- Don't Panic!
MrEnsberger91 --- She was a brick house, i had to demolish her.
MrForklift --- MrForklift -- Accept no substitutes
MrMonKey0101 --- Gotta catch 'em all.
Mrs Trout --- Just because I wear a smock... i DO have home
MrSmoothie --- For the Orange!!!!
MrSnerg --- Floyd Rose would be proud :-)
MrSnerg --- For Battle!
MrSnerg --- Funded by DJ RisbyRoan Kol Radio competition
MrSnerg --- Mr Snerg is the Snergiest Snerg there ever was!
MrSnerg --- Put another log on the fire!
MrSnerg --- Thanks also to fRIBEkini!
MrSnerg --- The old grey mare she aint what she used to be.
MrSnerg --- This one was funded by gambling.
MrSnerg --- We don't need no education.
MrStupendous --- We apologize for the inconvenience.
MrSwoon --- I wasted 25,000 meat.
MrWee --- Hi Argent
MrWee --- Hi from MrWee
MrWee --- MrWee was here
MrWee --- Send me presents please!! ~ MrWee (#286951)
MrWeeble --- Consider me a Fragnk!
MrWeeble --- GRADE  MW
MrWeeble --- Grade SW
MrWeeble --- I'm not just another brick in the wall
MrWeeble --- that one next to me is made of mud
ms_gwyn --- have mercy on our dirty little hearts
ms_gwyn --- we are just zeros and ones
MsApeman --- Let's Make This One Indestructible!
MsJoBetty --- Epic, clever, and timeless message.
MsJoBetty --- For a good time call 867-5309 (Jenny)
MsJoBetty --- Hagnk, unwitting sponser of many advertisements.
mSjOBetty --- I won't carve naughty words into bricks.
MsJoBetty --- Put Another Brick In The Wall! (25,000 Meat)
Msyjsm --- ...and no more kicking the dog!
Msyjsm --- ...equal blankets for the ladies....
mtanders --- we don't need no education
mtiger --- kingdom of kol-THE BEST CLAN EVER-mtiger
muff69 --- DoctorSalsa
MUgsy TooThe --- Moo.
MUgsy TooThe --- This is not a message.
Mukiba --- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Mukiba --- Here lies andy     peperony and chease
mumbeeni --- Shop at THE top emporium - Fortnum & Mumbeeni's
Mundoasesino --- I helped Hagnk and all I got was this lousy brick.
Mundoasesino --- Interrupting cow says, "MOO!"
Mundoasesino --- Laura Palmer
Mundoasesino --- Mmmm... pie.
Mundoasesino --- Rust, give the gift of lockjaw this Crimbo season!
Mundoasesino --- Talk Like A Pirate Day is the best, arrrr.
Mundoasesino --- Today is: Carlvember 3
Murkey --- I'm ascending and all I got was this lousy brick!
Murphus --- Murphus the Cat was here!!!
Mushada --- Mushada, good at beating the bushes.
Musica --- Musica's Musical Menagerie
Mutant Rat --- Dum Vivamus Vivamus (tee em)
mutigers --- Now, what do I get?
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number eight
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number eighteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number eleven
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number fifteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number five
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number four
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number fourteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number nine
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number nineteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number one
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number seven
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number seventeen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number six
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number sixteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number ten
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number thirteen
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number three
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number twelve
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number twenty
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number twenty-one
Mybloodyself --- Mybloodyself's Mybloodybrick number two
Myrkul --- For the love of God, Montressor !
Myrrdin --- If you read this, then you have already read it.
Mystia_Wildfire --- Mystia Wildfire wuz here, June 21, 2007
MysticMelvin --- Elbereth
MysticMelvin --- Fourscore and seven bricks ago, I was wittier.
MysticMelvin --- If only Grimace was made out of cheese...
MysticMelvin --- It was mine, but now its wall gone.
MySwingline --- haha. yes!
MySwingline --- uh... is that my stapler


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