Hagnk's Bricks (F-G)

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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, F-G

fable angel --- 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984 2984
fable angel --- and death to the Hobbits
fable angel --- clan dfsbsdb suports the great little gnomes
Facetious --- This is just not right!
fairladykate --- What could possibly go wrong?  fairladykate
Fallen Angel --- Your ad here (25,000 meat)
Fallen2004 --- You held my urinal cakes for ransom!
Faloun --- An end to an era
Faloun --- Faloun wuz in ur wall, sprayin ur graffiti
Faloun --- Hoobajoobs of the world, represent
Faloun --- RIP LTS Synergy.  We all miss you.
Faloun --- RIP Statis, 6-25-2007, nevar 4get
Fanatos --- (c) Neil Milne 2007
Fanatos --- In memory of Keith Milne - may he rest in peace
Fantasy Lite --- This Brick Thanks to Terry!
FaQ --- I love you Laura, with all my heart
FaQ --- Korn stole your song
Farfalla --- Farfalla wuz here!!!!
Fat Lenny --- Fat Lenny's gonna lick your brian today
Fat Tummy --- That Operation Funk is so hot right now.
FattyMcFat --- Fattymcfat is the 1337'est
Faustus Pringle --- There's Nothing Like Good Home Cooking!
Faux --- Arun Sharma, Victor Galis, Alejandro Suarez.
Faux --- Brett Lucey, Ryan Studelska, Eric Burk,
Faux --- Chris Russell, Joe Streeky, Patrick Ringham,
Faux --- Lost in love is what I feel, when I'm with you....
Faux --- The Line of Eld, Atlanta GA 2007:
Faux --- White over Red, Thus Gan wills ever!
FauxPasIII --- I has a brick.
FauxPasIII --- Impeach King Ralph Now!
fayzeshyfft --- I
fayzeshyfft --- My meat! My meat! My precious meat!!!!
fayzeshyfft --- w00T!
fayzeshyfft --- YAY!
Fearful Ferret --- ...
feelgood --- hi
Fegan --- Don't learn too late!
Feldermer --- Bork! Bork! Bork!
Feldurol --- AVR - my love for you is forever.  Feld
Felix Helix --- Dick Cheney slurps rectal mucus for breakfast.
felix9 --- Murix Bob owns this brick
Fembot ArtsyPantS --- if you can read this, you are upside down.
FengShuiNinja --- Comet-proof mini storage brought to you by Ninjas.
FengShuiNinja --- Yay- hangks is fixed!
Fetish Chini --- Chains required. Whips optional.
FetusZord --- Eat the frozen Monkey!
Ficlogic --- For Azertyuiop xx
Ficlogic --- Paving the road to Hell?
Fiend --- oh oh oreo man joe is cool
figarofigaro1 --- Hail NaNoWriMo Knights! from figarofigaro1
FijneVent --- SPF rulez!
FinderGal --- Yay!
fineldar --- Hey, Teacher!  Smooches, -Fineldar
Fire_Haven --- Fire_Haven collects Gouts of Flame!Send them now!
FireBallz --- Hagnk will one day turn evil, MARK MY WORDS
firecold --- firecold was here
Firekast --- With Eldritch Force I Build A Prison
FishyBug --- Another time.  Another Place.
FishyBug --- I love you Barbara!
FishyBug --- Yay....Bricks!
Fist_o_Doom --- Good Luck This Time Hangk...from Fist_o_Doom
Five --- From Mesha, Bandit, Never, Nyx, Pinecone, and Bob
Fixerup --- Warehouse23 Forever
Fizy Mike
Fizzay --- Fizzy woz 'ere. '07
Flaming Gummi Ork
FLANCH --- sam i am i dont like green eggs and ham
Flannelcat --- ****Flannelcat says: More Meat Than Sense****
Flash DiMartini
flatluigi --- flatluigi just wasted 25k on this message!
Flavored_Trojans --- Fairy wing sandwiches.... yum....
Flinkle --- OMG FLINKLE WUZ HEER!1!!!1!
Flinkle --- Yilfielle is made of awesome!
flint firestarter the 1st --- i Fuego Es Me Amigo !
flippy --- Carl x flippy
flippy --- In memory of Vultar.  Duct tape love.
flippy --- KingFelix is a Smooth Criminal.
flippy --- Ninjas need love too.
flippy --- QLou
flippy --- Think of the children!
Fluffie --- This costs too much!
Fluffy Muffinbrewer --- I MISS YOU
Fluffypuff --- Donate your bodies to science, you fools!
FluffyThumbTacks --- Kieren and Bella in the Birdhouse in my Soul
fly_boy42 --- Blue three
fly_boy42 --- Bone crushers!
fly_boy42 --- Double chop!
fly_boy42 --- Gendreavus is late
fly_boy42 --- Go Team Sea Slug!
fly_boy42 --- I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some candy today!
fly_boy42 --- I'm the ghost of Christmas past.
fly_boy42 --- It's a hat.
fly_boy42 --- I've been got!
fly_boy42 --- Just leave it to me! I'm Mia Hamm.
fly_boy42 --- Shoot! The light changed.
fly_boy42 --- There will be red things!
fly_boy42 --- They are so red, and yet, they are delicious.
fly_boy42 --- try la lai
fly_boy42 --- Waka laka!
fly_boy42 --- Why in the heck
fly_boy42 --- Why in the heck!
fly_boy42 --- YaAaAaAh, I'm the original ladies' man!
fly_boy42 --- Yes! I just love tomatoes!
fly_boy42 --- You know those tiny bubbles inside your eyes?
fly_boy42 --- You shouldn't grow careless and fall asleep naked.
fly_boy42 --- Youcantrytofoolmeallyouwantwithyourevilcuteness
flyinglama --- join the provance of loathing!
FlynnLikeErroll --- I always knew you'd make it thourgh Hagnk! Love!
fnordspoon --- I'm a shaaark
Fondue the Cheesy
Foolish Fool of Food --- A knavish speech sleeps in a foolish ear.
FoolOfPoop --- C-3PO is the half-brother of Luke and Leia!
FoolOfPoop --- Dedicated to the dead heroes of the Cola Wars
FoolOfPoop --- Dedicated to the living heroes of the Cola Wars
FoolOfPoop --- Freedom!
FoolOfPoop --- I can't smell what the Rock is cooking!
FoolOfPoop --- Requiem in pace!
FoolOfPoop --- Saran Wrap tastes like Play-Doh!
FoolOfPoop --- Up to 50 characters is really not too much space!
FoolOfPoop --- Vote for me, I will give everyone a space station!
FoolOfPoop --- Your skin is your biggest organ!
foopoiuyt --- Pandas Rule
Foosily --- for want of a brick, a kingdom was lost
Ford_Prefect --- "nothing witty to say"
Ford_Prefect --- Hmm, reminds me of last time I played basketball.
Ford_Prefect --- I'm mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out.
Foreskinicus --- Foreskinicus loves his kitty named Kita.
ForestRanger --- Go Red Sox!
ForestRanger --- Illuminati. Our asses are still better than yours"
Fork Pastawalker --- Do I leave a message before or after the beep?
Forsythe --- Meat sinks SUCK
Fortune Kitty
fourandtwentyblackbirds --- Beware the plant revolution.
FourthSunrise ---
FourthSunrise --- 25
FourthSunrise --- 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375
FourthSunrise --- all the cool kids are doing it
FourthSunrise --- braaaaaaains
FourthSunrise --- cut stuff
FourthSunrise --- Don't make me get my alt
FourthSunrise --- fours!44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
FourthSunrise --- it's fun
FourthSunrise --- Moses is a raid boss
FourthSunrise --- never eat human skin
FourthSunrise --- Ph34r
FourthSunrise --- PSHHHHHOWWWWW
FourthSunrise --- seriously, try it
FourthSunrise --- sex
FourthSunrise --- sexy
FourthSunrise --- this one's not going to be um, im just thinking
FourthSunrise --- ummmm.ummmmm......
FourthSunrise --- you know you want to
FourthSunrise --- you need something better to do with your life
FourthSunrise --- yummy
Fr00d --- Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes
Fraghld the Simpleminded
Framistan --- Framistan wuz here
Framistan --- Yep.
Francisco_el_hombre --- 25000 meat was sunk with this brick
Francisco_el_hombre --- Hey, kid, leave the bricks alone!
Francisco_el_hombre --- There is no brick
Frangelica --- Turtle Tamers do it with empathy.
Franklinn --- Canada Rocks!!!
Franklinn --- kol will live on forever!  (Now in brick form)
Frannicus --- Play hard, think deep, front as much as you like!
Fred the Giggly One
FredBob --- FNORD
Fredericus --- No Less Than All
Frediablo --- a cat named romeow is flipping out right now
Frediablo --- balls
Frediablo --- bloodbath & beyond is a totally sweet clan
Frediablo --- blow a pound of bacon fat on your back
Frediablo --- bonerballs
Frediablo --- bukkake bukkake bukkake bukkake
Frediablo --- dying fetus
Frediablo --- frediablo has a huge donk and wears magnums
Frediablo --- george bush is a satanist
Frediablo --- GWAR will kill you and your babies
Frediablo --- have i mentioned i love marijuana?
Frediablo --- i does cocaines
Frediablo --- i hope your mom dies of AIDS
Frediablo --- I love it when babies die from SIDS
Frediablo --- i love weed!
Frediablo --- jesus i spent mad meat on this
Frediablo --- maggots are having sex with my brain
Frediablo --- me first word was " ho "
Frediablo --- monkeys fling poo
Frediablo --- my peepy is meepy beepy
Frediablo --- nutsack
Frediablo --- ostrich sack
Frediablo --- superjoint ritual
Frediablo --- this is a stupid waste of meat.....like your mom
Frediablo --- this walla is freakin sweet
Frediablo --- trip out on LSD
Frediablo --- up with dope, down with hope!
Frediablo --- YURT
Fredmaehn --- All mall prices should be palindromes!
Fredmaehn --- Lummerland ist abgebrannt.
Fredmaehn --- Meow.
Fredmaehn --- My last brick.
Fredmaehn --- Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten!
FredRulz --- Umm...ghettofied
Freezingdeath --- Big boom, bumpty-bumpty-bump. Big big boom!
Freezingdeath --- This is most likely going to be a waste of meat
Freida --- Thagnks, Hagnk, for keepigng all my stuff safe.
Freman --- This Is Freman the oldest newbie in the kingdom
Frenchy LeFrench --- Touching Frenchy's Brick Is Very Very Bad!!!!!!!!!
FreshMeat --- Best of luck with the new place Hagnk
Friar Bacon --- Behold! And thus, his words are turned to brick!
Fridge Magnet --- 25000 meat & all I got was this lousy brick
FriedCheese --- The Cheese Is Now Fried.
FriedCheese --- The Cheese Is Now Fried.  Don't Sweat it :)
FriedCheese --- To Hagnk and Hagnk's!  A Speedy Recovery :P
Frijoles Junior --- Frijoles Junior was here. Miss him, miss him.
Frisbee --- Frisbee's Brick!
FrisCreed --- Chris Fried. 38,000 words per minute. Per second.
Frita Bandita
Frita Bandita --- I
Fritzerator --- ... ich gehe immer noch auf Schalke ...
Fritzerator --- ... ICH LIEBE KOENIGSBLAU!
Fritzerator --- ... ob ich erlahme und ergrau ...
Fritzerator --- Ob ich verroste und verkalke, ...
Fritzerator --- Schaaaaaaalke!
Fritzerator --- Schalke ist der geilste Club der Welt!
Frood --- "Love is unconditional, relationships are not."
Frood --- Has anyone seen my towel?
froodian --- Sass it.
froot5 --- froot5 was here (but not HERE here)
FroskeAndeRs --- Hello, Adventurer! I'M The Secretive Mason!
FroskeAndeRs --- I don't know what to write on this brick thing.
FroskeAndeRs --- If you dont have a face, you cant brush your teeth
FroskeAndeRs --- kmail limb77 for a free mr a
FroskeAndeRs --- This is exactly what I want to spend my meat on!
FroskeAndeRs --- This is my new blog.
Fryguy9 --- This brick intentionally left blank.
Fubushi --- xyzzy
Fujiko --- irc.coldfront.net: join #kol
Fujiko --- We don't gneed gno educatiogn.
Full of it --- Full Of It Sayeth "Long live Noblesse Oblige!!!"
Full of it --- Full Of It Sayeth "Long live Noblesse Oblige!!!"
Fullmetal Swampfox
Fungo the mIldly annoyIng --- Eat Bertha's mussels.
Fungo the mIldly annoyIng --- Nov shmoz ka pop?
Fungo the mIldly annoyIng --- Watch this space.
Fungo the mIldly annoyIng --- You deserve a brick today!
Funky_Monkey --- The Rabid Spatulas
Funzen --- Clan Rockstar!!! by Dack
furgig --- furgig was here
Fuz --- Brick #19686
Fuz --- Brick #404
Fuz --- Burma Shave
Fuz --- Fuz wuz here
Fuzzy Nipplelips --- I am Fuzzy Nipplelips! Hear me whimper!
FyggNuuton --- Word up, Hagnk!
Fysk --- This brick is not gneiss
Fysk --- This is like Tetris for beginners
gab20174 --- Sweet.
Gabkin --- Turn on, tune in, drop out
gabringel --- A new brick In the wall!! Courtesy of gabringel!!!
Gabrizelle der Jagermeister --- I
Gachapon Wizard
Gachapon Wizard --- I wish I had a decent door stop.. I cant find one!
Gachapon Wizard --- main()   {   printf("hello, world");   }
Gachapon Wizard --- OM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Gachapon Wizard --- OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM my forearm is delicious
GadTheHero --- Secret entrance. Press!
GadTheHero --- This is not a brick. It's a fruitcake.
Gaephrius --- I hope the rubble doesn't burn down.
GAH --- GAH was here...
gaLActic diaMond lucyspacE --- LucySpace loves the Hogs of Destiny FOREVER!!!!
Galgoran --- Move forward.
Galuf --- "Kgnock Kgnock" "Who's there" "B" "B who" "B Rick"
Galuf --- At last, the restoration of Hagnk's.
Galuf --- Brick are forever.
Galuf --- Hagnk's Ancestral: Now with more radioactivity!
Galuf --- I got hit by a comet, and all I got was this brick
Galuf --- I helped Hagnk and all I got was this lousy T-ext
Galuf --- I love the smell of grimacite in the morning.
Galuf --- I'm just another brick in the wall.
Galuf --- I've learned the most important secret ever!! It's
Galuf --- May Hagnk's live on forever!
Galuf --- My last brick. Sorry I couldn't do more for ya pal
Galuf --- Thanks for holding my items every ascension!
games spirit
Gandapasta --- The Elephant Ninjas clan supports Hagnk's rebuild.
Gannet Swift --- Good luck Hagnk!
Gaorin --- All in all you're just a...
Garath_McGrath --- A good Belgian brick will keep out all chunks!
Garath_McGrath --- May the skies be kinder to you with your new house
Garble --- 25k Meat and all I get is this lousy message?
Garblesnarf --- That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth.
Garc --- Hope this one holds up.
Garfnobl --- This Brick Intentionally Left Blank
GarlicWall --- Derp.
Garlinner --- Garlinner was here
Garlinner --- I lost hideous amounts of money. Pity me.
Garnet Rene --- Here's to a new building Hagnk! *toasts* Love, GR
Garnet_Jello --- Good luck, Hagnk!
Garnet_Jello --- I actually bought Grimacite to make this brick?!?!
Garnet_Jello --- I wish I had more Grimacite...
Garnet_Jello --- Messages?  We don't need no stinkin' messages!
Gauln --- Elbereth
Gauln --- Good luck, Hagnk!
GBJazzMan --- hoobajoob4life
GBJazzMan --- so i herd u leik mudkips
GedTheFlayer --- All in all its just another...
GedTheFlayer --- Long live Hagnk!  May he never again be crushed.
GeeDee --- Put up or shut up, there is no baker in your way.
GeeDee --- Save the cheese! Ask me how!
GeeDee --- There better be a better use for Grimacite SOON!
geekrockgirl85 --- geekrockgirl85 will eat your soul.
Geexer --- Geexer, Leader of the Clan Monkey Ninjas!
geexers --- "Checkout my big black brick!"- Geexers
Geldar --- long live king ralph
Genbu Cosplayer
Genbu Cosplayer --- Clash of Galaxies Supernova... a star goes out
Genbu Cosplayer --- IAQs will never die!
Genbu Cosplayer --- Played for three years, still goin'.
Genbu Cosplayer --- Remember the ALTSamo!
Genghis Kahn --- Without KoL, my life wouldn't be complete.
geno8016 --- This brick placed by Clan Turtle Army.
Gezol --- 42
Gezol --- Brick: It's better than bad, it's good.
gfrommy --- George Fronimopoulos
Gheed --- L B C
Ghohnnie --- Doot doot do dooo...
Ghohnnie --- Here's to you, Hangk.You're a good man, err gnome.
Ghohnnie --- We can't stop here, this is Hangk country!
Ghost Sabre
GibletJuice --- Damn that rock is hard!
Giestbar --- Minsc And Boo Stand Ready!
Gilead --- Retry? Abort? Quit?
Girmluhk --- This Brick is made of Cheese!
gizpotato --- Abigail!
glenn --- Watch out for Gtrump and Slim Inc
GligSith_Tcharf --- "It annoyed me, so I fixed it..."
glimmer --- you can be more.
Glorf the Mighty --- This brick is proof I'm a kind, giving person.
GloriousDeath --- Antediluvian Brethren of the Arkenbone
GloriousDeath --- The Antediluvian Brethren of the Arkenbone
Glover --- NS13 in 1  day
Glukthar --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
Glukthar --- Boy, this is really expensive!
Glukthar --- frick on a stick with a brick!
Glukthar --- Glukthar was here
Glukthar --- HC runs: 12; Full SS/Plex pre-NS13: priceless!
Glukthar --- Insert wishful thinking here.
Glukthar --- Long live NPZR!
Glukthar --- My astral badger is bigger than your astral badger
Glukthar --- Nerf this! =P
Glukthar --- Vote Al Kaprielian for President of the USA!
gMAN13 --- Anything for Hagnk!
Gnocciqueen --- an adventurerer is GnocciQUEEN
gnoMErcy --- I can haz cheezburgr
Goblin Magician --- um, bricks are dumb.
Goblingrin II --- Goblingrin II was here
godwallop --- Adonai!
goferchan --- i
goferchan --- we're just talking to the kids
Gog --- Damn, but I sure would like to do it to Danielle.
GOGAR --- Clan Gunt Brothers for the win!
Gogulluk --- Dean for America!
goju jim --- Goju
golden_cow2 --- I
GoldentEE --- I am a Frangk!
Golrandir --- Always look both ways before crossing the street
goltar25 --- not some lame brick about badgers (about stoats)
Gonain --- Wish you were here
gonepostal --- a harcore brick for all to see
Goobermeister --- Goobermeister was here!
good band!
GoodnightMonkey --- GoodnightMonkey + Stubblyhead = TLF
googleblaga --- 50 chars... Should say something smart, oh crap.
Gooply --- All my bricks are belong to Hagnk.
Gooply --- All my bricks are belong to Hagnk..
Gooply --- Brickbrickbrick
Gooply --- Go Hagnk Go!
Gooply --- Hope these bricks don't blow up!
Gordius --- Drowning slowly
Gordius --- Thinking of my problems that I left behind
Gordius --- Wise men don't know how it feels
Gorg --- Gorg love pretty ladies!  SMASHBONK! YP
Gorg --- Many worships lemony SWEETTART goddess Almalphia.
Gorg --- Pretty venturess Being
GorillaZ --- Yay for Hagnks!!!
Gorin --- You have forgotten the face of your father!
Gormless Eddie
GospelGeek --- Is there anybody out there?
gothicsnoopy --- Heres another brick for the wall
GpHerder --- At the sixtieth stroke
GpHerder --- But the judge wasn't fooled
GpHerder --- For using his house to chase tail
GpHerder --- he loved sixty-nine
GpHerder --- he'd do it all the time
GpHerder --- In a manner uncanny,
GpHerder --- Power to the Penguins!
GpHerder --- Said her Dad with a grin
GpHerder --- Saw no crime so he ruled:
GpHerder --- She dropped it one day,
GpHerder --- she'd wiggle her fanny
GpHerder --- The bloody thing broke
GpHerder --- The was a young lady from France
GpHerder --- There once was a girl from Lahore
GpHerder --- There was a young gigolo named Bruno
GpHerder --- There was a young girl from Nantucket
GpHerder --- There was a young man from St. Rose
GpHerder --- There was a young man of kildare,
GpHerder --- They wanted to put Bill in jail
GpHerder --- Wait, what?
GpHerder --- Which caused Francois to say,
GpHerder --- Who carried her purse in her pants,
GpHerder --- Who carried home fish in a bucket
GpHerder --- Who said, "Screwing one thing i do know.
GpHerder --- Who was having a girl in a chair,
GpHerder --- Who'd lie on a rug on the floor.
GpHerder --- whose love life was so full of woes
Grabtharr --- V for Valhalla! Glory for Chapter XIV!
Gracin --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
Gracious Cymbals --- Take care of your shoes
Graf von Steiff
GrampaMoses --- Hello! And... good-bye... Shall I...?
GrampaMoses --- I built a brick without a message.
GrampaMoses --- Storagem inist oragemini Welc welc omewelc omeome.
GrampaMoses --- That brick is mine. (Feel free to talk to it.)
GrampaMoses --- What's a MiniStorage? That is my eternal question.
Grande Jake
Grandpa Fussandput --- Was Here
Grandpashelbs --- Grandpashelbs, of Hardcore Nation
Grayson --- Grayson - London through and through.
GreenArmadillo --- Thanks for 60+ lives of storing my stuff! -GA
GreenIce --- what am i meant to put here?... yay for me...
gregdagrimreapa --- Bow chicka Bow-Wow
gregdagrimreapa --- go kill a squirrel
Gregstrom --- All in all...
Gregstrom --- One of its legs is both the same!
Gregstrom --- One says to the other "how do you drive it then?"
Gregstrom --- Two fish are swimming around in a tank.
Gregstrom --- What's the difference between a duck?
Grey Sage --- Grey Sage's Grimacite
Grim Digger --- Grim men of all countries, unite!
Grimmborn --- Mistakes? We don't make mistakes.
grimwald --- ok, there must be a trophy in this, so Im in
GrinningJim --- Consuelo was there!
GrinningJim --- God, I need a shower.
Grod --- Grod make brick.
groggy --- Eels rock!
Grogum --- Killroy's got nothin' on this.
Grogum --- Poor Hangk. I should stop killing butterflies.
Grogum --- We're gonna need a bigger boat...erm...wall.
Grokly --- "Social Trade Channel" Commemorative Brick
Grokly --- To my buddy Hagnk: Thanks for watching my stuffs
GrokTheMad --- GrokTheMad here! Help! I am being held prisoner in
Grollo --- "I'm significant!", screamed the dust speck.
Grollo --- and here!
Grollo --- I'm the man!
Grollo --- random commentary on NS13... rock!
gromit --- gromit put this brick here 23/06/2007
GromitBear --- Amontillado brick
GromitBear --- brick, brink, blink, bling, bring, ding dong ding
GromitBear --- Brick, schmik.
GromitBear --- British brick
GromitBear --- Edgar Allen Poe got the idea from me.
GromitBear --- Empty mind
GromitBear --- Ender brick
GromitBear --- Eyes only, and not your eyes.
GromitBear --- farming only for friends of Hangks
GromitBear --- Go away, I don't want to talk to you.
GromitBear --- Happy fun good luck brick
GromitBear --- I'm holding up the wall
GromitBear --- I'm hot for Seth Rogen
GromitBear --- Immunity brick
GromitBear --- Laura
GromitBear --- Literate brick
GromitBear --- Margot's brick
GromitBear --- Message in a brick
GromitBear --- Nadine's brick
GromitBear --- New hairdo brick
GromitBear --- Prom brick
GromitBear --- Simpsons on the couch brick
GromitBear --- Soylent brick
GromitBear --- Steal another brick
GromitBear --- Steal this brick
GromitBear --- Stop the war brick
GromitBear --- This brick is a secret.
GromitBear --- This brick is more secret than the last one.
GromitBear --- Top Secret.  You are not allowed to read this.
GromitBear --- Wait, wait, don't tell me...
GromitBear --- Who are you looking at?
GromitBear --- Will this come back to haunt me?
GromitBear --- Zen brick
Groo the Wanderer
GroovingGreta --- This would have cost less from a Free Mason...
Grope --- In the immortal words of Socrates: "I drank what?"
grremlack --- two small green heart tattoos
GrrrrlPower --- GrrrrlPower! - You boys try, so very, very, hard.
Grunj --- ....if you don't eat your meat?
Grunj --- ...a saw and a hammer.
Grunj --- ..an integral part of a neighborhood! ~Jazz Hands~
Grunj --- ..of these hunks. Shouldn't have collected so many
Grunj --- :(
Grunj --- ¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño?
Grunj --- Absolut Ruby Red is better than I expected. Try it
Grunj --- All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
Grunj --- Anybody have a spare DC engine or solar panels?
Grunj --- Bricks are tasty. Bricks are good. Bricks are.....
Grunj --- Dam!
Grunj --- Dirty bastard.
Grunj --- El queso es viejo y moldy.
Grunj --- Figured I could throw another brick up here.
Grunj --- Grimacite guayabera.
Grunj --- Hangk so owes me for this.
Grunj --- His grin doesn't reassure me. He's still holding..
Grunj --- How can you have any pudding...
Grunj --- How come all I can think of are Pink Floyd lyrics?
Grunj --- How many friggin' bricks does this guy need?
Grunj --- How many of these things can someone do?
Grunj --- How the heck do you fit 50 characters on a brick?
Grunj --- I almost put a brick in the wall that said /who
Grunj --- I don't think this guy's on the up and up.
Grunj --- I needs me some of those.
Grunj --- I think one of my firend's stole my "The Wall" DVD
Grunj --- I totally didn't make it to level 30 because...
Grunj --- I wish I'd spent fewer days collecting this stuff.
Grunj --- I wonder how many of these there'll be?
Grunj --- I'm fronting a lot of meat to this punk.
Grunj --- In case you never tried one, diets suck.
Grunj --- Is Grimacite Purple?
Grunj --- It would be cheaper for me to just buy him a laser
Grunj --- It's a tad laggy tonight- was super fast yesterday
Grunj --- Masons scare me. Sometimes.
Grunj --- Mm, hmm.
Grunj --- Mr. Mason, build up this wall!
Grunj --- My Grue beat up you honor student Grue.
Grunj --- No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Grunj --- Our cat needs a hamster wheel.
Grunj --- Secretive Brick.
Grunj --- Send Nytmare all your barbed-wire fences.
Grunj --- Skipperic says hi.
Grunj --- Skipperic's playing Ecco the Dolphin right now.
Grunj --- Teacher leave those kids alone.
Grunj --- That's a mighty big wheelbarrow.
Grunj --- The mason needs a fez.
Grunj --- The Rye pwns you.
Grunj --- This guy is going to roll with all of our dough.
Grunj --- This is a brick. It is grainy and concretish.
Grunj --- Was ist das?
Grunj --- We don't need no satisfaction.
Grunj --- What are these for again?
Grunj --- What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?
Grunj --- Where is he getting these tools? Haliburton?
Grunj --- Wie gehts?
Grunj --- Wish this dude would make something besides bricks
Grunj --- Wonder how many /commands are going to end up here
Grunj --- Wonder if these will hold up in the next disaster
Grunj --- Yeah, I didn't think that would work.
Grunj --- You can't have yr pudding if you don't eat yr meat
gruper4 --- I can do all things through Him who strengthens me
Gryphon --- "Reality is the original Rorschach. - Principia Di
Gryphon --- A cheap thrill is still a thrill.
Gryphon --- Accepting reality is the first step to insanity.
Gryphon --- All computers wait at the same speed.
Gryphon --- All generalizations are false.
Gryphon --- All that glitters has a high refraction index.
Gryphon --- Always remember: Pillage THEN burn.
Gryphon --- Anarchy: it's not the law, it's just a good idea.
Gryphon --- Any appetite is its own excuse for existing.
Gryphon --- Anything not nailed down is a cat toy.
Gryphon --- Are part-time bandleaders semi-conductors?
Gryphon --- Art is dangerous. - Duke Ellington
Gryphon --- At least our cows are sane!
Gryphon --- Caffeine is not a substitute for sheep.
Gryphon --- Caution: naughty bits follow... 101001100011101
Gryphon --- Change your mind; it's starting to smell.
Gryphon --- Chastity is its own punishment. - David Gerrold
Gryphon --- Convictions cause convicts.
Gryphon --- Dead cats never land on their feet. - Frank
Gryphon --- Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
Gryphon --- Devine: de thing de grapes grow on.
Gryphon --- Do not disturb. Already disturbed!
Gryphon --- Does 'anal retentive' have a hyphen?
Gryphon --- Does fuzzy logic tickle?
Gryphon --- Don't follow me or you'll end up at my place.
Gryphon --- Don't take life seriously, it is not permanent.
Gryphon --- Dust breeds.
Gryphon --- Entomology: I fear no weevil.
Gryphon --- Entropy isn't what it used to be.
Gryphon --- Entropy requires no maintenance.
Gryphon --- Eschew obfuscation. - Norman Augustine
Gryphon --- Every valuable idea offends someone.
Gryphon --- Everyone hates me because I'm paranoid.
Gryphon --- Everything that is not mandatory is forbidden.
Gryphon --- Evolution stops when stupidity is no longer fatal.
Gryphon --- Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
Gryphon --- He who dies with the most toys, still dies.
Gryphon --- He who turns and runs away gets shot in the back.
Gryphon --- I can resist anything but temptation.
Gryphon --- I don't remember being absent-minded. Frank Kaiser
Gryphon --- I get enough exercise just pushing my luck.
Gryphon --- I have a rock garden.  Last week two of them died.
Gryphon --- I refuse to star in your psychodrama.
Gryphon --- I said 'no' to drugs, but they just wouldn't liste
Gryphon --- I think therefore I am, I think...
Gryphon --- I used to have a handle on life, then it broke.
Gryphon --- I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
Gryphon --- If all is not lost, then where is it? Bill Carbon
Gryphon --- If I save the whales, where do I keep them?
Gryphon --- If it's tourist season, where do I get a license?
Gryphon --- If love is blind, lingerie makes great braille.
Gryphon --- If we quit voting will they all go away?
Gryphon --- If you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.
Gryphon --- If you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.
Gryphon --- If you can't be good, be careful. - Scott Perry
Gryphon --- I'm saving up to become eccentric.
Gryphon --- In a mad world, only greater madness succeeds.
Gryphon --- In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.
Gryphon --- In case of fire shout 'fire.'
Gryphon --- It is bad luck to be superstitious.
Gryphon --- It only takes a single child to raze a village.
Gryphon --- It takes talent to fall off the floor.
Gryphon --- It works better if you plug it in.
Gryphon --- It's hard to be serious when you're naked.
Gryphon --- Just say 'no' to one word solutions.
Gryphon --- Laugh and the world thinks you're an idiot.
Gryphon --- Liberal arts major...will think for money.
Gryphon --- Life is anything that dies when you stomp it.
Gryphon --- Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
Gryphon --- Mediocrity thrives on standardization.
Gryphon --- Most people deserve each other. - Shirley's Law
Gryphon --- Never hold a dustbuster and a cat at the same time
Gryphon --- Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself!
Gryphon --- Nice computers don't go down.
Gryphon --- No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats
Gryphon --- No real problem has a solution. - Smith`s Law
Gryphon --- Objectivity is in the eye of the beholder.
Gryphon --- Only users lose drugs.
Gryphon --- Out of my mind.  Back in five minutes.
Gryphon --- Practice safe housing, use condos.
Gryphon --- Pro is to Con as Progress is to Congress.
Gryphon --- Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.
Gryphon --- Reality is a hypothesis.
Gryphon --- Reality is the only obstacle to happiness.
Gryphon --- Rehab is for quitters.
Gryphon --- Saint: a dead sinner revised and edited.
Gryphon --- Scrute the inscrutable, eff the ineffable.
Gryphon --- Shave the whales. Feed Hungary. Free the mallocs.
Gryphon --- She won't live forever, why give her a diamond?
Gryphon --- Silly humans. Nothing is catproof.
Gryphon --- Sleep is an inadequate substitute for caffeine.
Gryphon --- Solutions are NOT the answer.
Gryphon --- Strip mining prevents forest fires.
Gryphon --- Televangelists: The Pro Wrestlers of religion.
Gryphon --- The geek shall inherit the earth.
Gryphon --- Things are never so bad that they can't get worse.
Gryphon --- Things go right so that they can go wrong.
Gryphon --- This product sadistically tested on gerbils.
Gryphon --- 'Tis the goal of all housecats to become spherical
Gryphon --- To all you virgins: thanks for nothing.
Gryphon --- Today's subliminal thought is:
Gryphon --- Trespassers will be experimented on!
Gryphon --- What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art.
Gryphon --- What goes around usually gets dizzy and falls over
Gryphon --- When all else fails, read the instructions.
Gryphon --- Where there's a will, there's an inheritance tax.
Gryphon --- Why are there Braille signs on drive-up ATMs?
Gryphon --- Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?
GT1 --- ;p
GT1 --- meat sinks suck
GtM2 --- Hagnk for President!
GtM2 --- Smoke 'em if ya got 'em...
guabobe --- Guabobe bops you!
Guiseppi --- Placed on the eve of NS13 -- Guiseppi -- 6/24/07
Guiseppi --- There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Guiseppi --- This is my brick.
Guiseppi --- Yes, for the love of God!
GuitarSideChops --- GuitarSideChops of Pastamancers Unite
Gulf of Roo
Gulgothica --- All in all, I'm just another brick in the wall
Gullinkambi --- another brick
Gulweep the Almost Competent
gundamissac --- Life comes and goes, but death is forever
GUnitGangsta --- GUnitGangsta (#164736) - This was a waste of meat!
gunnerboy10281 --- You can say thank you now...
GunshipVP --- Clan Goat Snatchers!
GunshipVP --- GunshipVP Rules!
GunshipVP --- Hook 'Em Horns!
GunshipVP --- Up the Irons!
Gunslingah --- Ariel + Robert sind am geilstn. Ich liebe Kätzche
gunslinger --- What the f*ck is the Internet?
Gunther Maplethorpe --- Gunther Maplethorpe was here 06/24/07.  And, (A)
Gupfee --- Gupfee gave grimacite for goodness--grawr!
Gurni --- Clan of the Bugbear rules!
Gurni --- Get a piece of the rock
Gurni --- Hangk's repair fund
Gurni --- Help support the repair Hangk's fund
Gurni --- Rock and roll forever
GusterLover6 --- she dreams in color // she dreams in HTML
Guy Incogneeto
Gwenevire --- Michael made me do it.
Gwenndalynne --- With Love, Gwenndalynne
Gypsum --- Happy Building!


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