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An alphabetic listing of all of the bricks at Hagnk's as of November 5th, 2007. Please update as new data is found.

Bricks, C

c00lb0t --- CGC forever!
CA Dude --- I'm Brick Samson!
CA Dude --- This is not the brick you are looking for.
Cabby --- Advegnturers for Hagnk
Cabby --- Logng Live Hagnk!
cabybara --- sdueak!
caca3230 --- Join the bleach soul society :),-caca3230
Caine --- Brickcat is briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.
Cairnarvon --- Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.
CAKEZULA --- My other brick is in the Great Wall of China
Calidore Artega
caliope --- And So It Goes.
caliope --- And So It Goes...
call_me_ishmail --- call_me_ishmail wasn't here.
Calonectris --- To Hagnk, with love.
cameron --- love's the only engine of survival
Canada Joe101 --- Snack Attack.
Canada Joe101 --- This brick is shiny.
Canada Joe101 --- You all just lost the game.
cankergirL --- I hope this brick gives you ulcers. - IP 4 LIFE!!!
Canni --- Yay
Caplin --- Team Ugli Rocks Your Socks
CAPSLOCK --- I love ya'll!
Capt Spaulding
Capt Spaulding --- I want a shoehorn.  The one with teeth.
Captain Cannon --- This is nothing to worry about.
Captain Eek
Captain Obviate --- In appreciatiogn of all of Hagnk's assistagnce!
Captain Pants
Captain Phlemschzois
Captain Target --- Captain Target was here!
captain tinkle
Captain Yaksworth
Captain Yaksworth --- ...but one collosal waste of meat for me.
Captain Yaksworth --- ~Engraving of Captain Yaksworth in a heroic pose~
Captain Yaksworth --- ~Engraving of infinity~
Captain Yaksworth --- ~Engraving of two bugbears having a... oh dear~
Captain Yaksworth --- Always look on the bright side of life?
Captain Yaksworth --- C3H8O2+H20->CH3CH2OH+CH3COOH
Captain Yaksworth --- C6H12O6 + 6O2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O
Captain Yaksworth --- Cheat Code: weaknesspays. Game: Unspecified.
Captain Yaksworth --- Currently: Wondering if anyone will ever see this.
Captain Yaksworth --- For Monsoon Empire! Greatest clan in the Kingdom!
Captain Yaksworth --- Grim Brick: I wonder how long I will last?
Captain Yaksworth --- I bow in fear to the charm of the seer.
Captain Yaksworth --- I've always wanted to brick Hangk...
Captain Yaksworth --- KE=1/2mv2
Captain Yaksworth --- Still Captain Yaksworth
Captain Yaksworth --- This brick hopes it is disaster proof.
Captain Yaksworth --- This is one small brick for Hangk...
Captain Yaksworth --- Thunderbolts and lightning are frightening.
Captain Yaksworth --- Yet still Captain Yaksworth
captain_decadence --- What´s brown and sticky?           A STICK!
Captaincaveman --- CaptainCaveman says Geico Rocks!
CaptainSpam --- 1:33a EDT, Carlvember 2, June 21, 2007
CaptainSpam --- All in all, this is just 25,000 meat in the wall..
CaptainSpam --- Almost out of meat now!
CaptainSpam --- Another 25k meat out of the economy!
CaptainSpam --- CaptainSpam was here.  And had Grimacite and meat.
CaptainSpam --- HA HA I'M IMMORTAL NOW
CaptainSpam --- Haiku area/Superfluous excitement/Situate yourself
CaptainSpam --- Haiku in 50 characters?  Can it be done?
CaptainSpam --- Hi!  I'm here!  Respect me now!  Please?
CaptainSpam --- Meatsink!  Meatsink!  Meatsink!  Meatsink!
CaptainSpam --- Okay, so I donated.  Could someone love me now?
CaptainSpam --- So I have to brick farm AND meat farm now?
CaptainSpam --- The proof is too long to fit on this brick.
CaptainSpam --- Why is my keyboard's battery light fla
CaptainSpam --- You are seeing me type!
Captn Strapon --- Strapon's very favorite brick for breakin' stuff
carboniferous --- Escaping brick factory, EYE LAZORS PEW PEW PEW!
Cardern --- I don't even like Pink Floyd.
Cardern --- The Rye is probably the best clan ever.
Cardinal Fang
Cardinal Fang --- I approve this brick.
cardinal_fang --- "...and orangutans and breakfast cereals..."
cardinal_fang --- "A scratch? Your arm's off!"  "No, it isn't."
cardinal_fang --- "Biggles! Fetch...THE CUSHIONS!"
cardinal_fang --- "Help, help! I'm being repressed!"
cardinal_fang --- "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK!"
cardinal_fang --- "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!"
cardinal_fang --- "Oh, we used to DREAM of living in a corridor!"
cardinal_fang --- "Pining for the fjords?!"
cardinal_fang --- "We want... a shrubbery!"
cardinal_fang --- Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?
Carl Pants --- Carl Pants sez: kids, stay in school and off drugs
Carl Pants --- just got back from NYC 6/25/07
Carl_Svengal --- Carl
Carrotosaurus --- Good Luck, Hagnk!
Cartooncheryl --- Hooray for Hagnk!  Now, no more accidents!  :D
Casanuda --- Pretend I wrote something inspiring/funny here.
Casanuda --- Pretend I wrote somthing inspiring/funny here.
CasBah --- Don't worry. I forgot your name too. ~ Casbah
CasBah --- I'm not tense, just terribly, terribly alert.
Casheew --- I like bunnies
CaspeR11589 --- ONLY FOR YOU HANGK!!!! CaspeR!!!!!
Cassandra --- Radio KOL! A Listener is YOU!
Cassandra7 --- I got carded today buying alcohol.  I'm 34. Woo!
Cassandra7 --- Radio KOL! A Listener is YOU!
Cassandra7 --- Stay Sane Inside Insanity
Casselwary Hank --- ToYNBEE iDEA 2001 RESSURECT DEAD oN JUPiTER
Cat Daddy --- ummmmm
Catdrake --- Catdrake Sez: Brian Caden For Mayor!
CathyOak --- Furious Furry Furries of Fury A Clan To Build With
Catscat --- Catscat - KOL Familiar Shelter's Familiar Vet
Catscat --- Catscat ~ Supporting the Lair!
Catscat --- KOL Familiar Shelter - "We Dare Because We Care"
CatsEye --- Pink Taco Brick
Catypoo --- Hagnak for el president!
Catypoo --- thwack!
Catypoo --- Yatta!
Cauldwell --- I
Cavatellia --- * In Loving Memory of Vlad *
Caya --- Amicitae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore
Caya --- Amicus certus re incerta cernitur
Caya --- Amor est vitae essentia
Caya --- Love and kisses, Lee!
Caya --- To Lee, with love
Cecil Dariance
Cecil Dariance --- For Hagnk!
ceede --- so I herd Johnatton lurves mudkips
Ceelgohsplatt --- She's a (depleted Grimacite) BRICK... house!
Celest --- I think my name should be in lights. They told me
celeste --- May Hagnk's never suffer another tragedy. celeste
Ceres_MoonStar --- This brick is dedicated to the awesome tinyzu! :)
cerridwen --- goodnight and good luck
cerridwen --- not edible
ceviche --- Brought to you by the Snugglebunnies of Doom
CfAcTor3000 --- Haruhiism lives on!  Aya Hirano 4 life!
CGSFSS --- sfss is here to say hi
chacmool --- AZAG THOTH
chacmool --- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Chalamachino --- Don't laugh at me cuz I retarded, I will WOOOL YOU
Chaly --- Chaly wishes this brick of hers was John Lennon.
Chance Harper --- Chance Harper has some Strange Luck
Chandor --- Better luck next time, Hagnk
Chandor --- To err, human.  To keep our stuff safe, divine.
chango --- Chango was Here, I guess
chaos_five --- chaos_five was here.
chaos_five --- Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!
ChaosVaeden --- RIP, Dead Girl Scout.
Charbroiled --- Alliance From Hell rules!
charchar --- i supported hank, and beat the lvl 11 quest, go
charchar --- i supported hank, and beat the lvl 11 quest, go me
Charlie --- love Charlie, #41039
charmed1 --- Charmed1 waz herez!
Charr --- An adventurer is I
charx --- RIDE THE CHARX.
Chasseur --- Fnord.
ChasteGalahad --- We're all Mad here. I'm Mad. You're Mad.
CheapFire --- Brick By Brick: A Lego Anthology
CheapFire --- Hagnk's Rebuilt From Donated Bricks From The Mafia
Cheeseboyardee --- Meat sinks.. gotta love 'em.
Cheesy C --- A Gift of Duh Clan!!!
Cheesy C --- Brought to you by Cheesy C's Bar and Grill!
Cheesy C --- Cheesy C's Bar and Grill.  Good Eats!!!
Cheesy C --- Duh Clan Rules
Cheesy C --- Duh Clan Rules!!!
Cheesy C --- Duh Clan says Thanks for KoL
Cheesy C --- Duh Clan!!!
Cheesy C --- Eat at Cheesy C's Bar & Grill.
Cheesy C --- For all my friends in Duh Clan!!!
Cheesy C --- For Duh Clan!!!
Cheesy C --- Hagnk is the best storage guy ever!  Cheesy C
Cheesy C --- It's a brick from Duh Clan!!
Cheesy C --- Proud Supporter of Hagnk and all he does. Duh Clan
Cheesy C --- Show respect to Duh Clan!
Cheesy C --- Thanks Hagnk's. from Duh Clan.
Cheesy One
cheesypuff --- I'm going to play Kol until I die.
Chef DHurrr --- ++++This Brick Dedicated to the Goddess Epona++++
Chef Raz --- the end is nigh...
ChefBoyArtie --- My little brick in the wall
chefmaster2000 --- This brick was from clan Corruption. Come join!
Cheif Wiggum
chemgirl --- Hello NS13!
Chester A --- RIP Chester A Wigglebottom  She was a good hamster
Chester Meatpot --- I have sandwiches in my compartment!
chewbecca --- yeaaaaaaaaaa no more underpants gnomes!!!!!
Chibibean --- "Non-standard quote related to apricots"
chicken1234 --- i wants to help out Hagnk from chicken1234
Chief Lakkanookie --- The Chitty Wall Proudly supports Hagnk's!
Chief Lakkanookie --- The Mongohrians proudly support Hagnk!
Chief Roy --- Chief Roy was here, and will be here.
chikensrule --- My Spoon Is TOO Big!
chikensrule --- Spay and neuter your pets!
chikensrule --- this is my piece of kol history
Chikinymer --- Don't Mess With Texas
Chikinymer --- Partiya Lenina — sila narodnaya
Chikinymer --- Slavsya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye
childunit --- A lazy adventurer is me!
ChillyDragon --- ...and probably this one too.
ChillyDragon --- And on and on and on...
ChillyDragon --- Bamf!
ChillyDragon --- Bigger than ever!
ChillyDragon --- But not this one.
ChillyDragon --- daixy
ChillyDragon --- Do it faster, Makes us stronger.
ChillyDragon --- Eternal Uberbrickage. Luv chill.
ChillyDragon --- Five of these were donated by KlarEsc
ChillyDragon --- For Allie with much Luv from Chilly
ChillyDragon --- For pummeling Hagnk with bricks earlier.
ChillyDragon --- Heh...sorry for giving you...other bricks...
ChillyDragon --- Here's to Hagnk, the unluckiest man in the kingdom
ChillyDragon --- Here's to no more comets.
ChillyDragon --- I AM INVEEENCIBLE!
ChillyDragon --- I have too many bricks and too much meat!
ChillyDragon --- I'm out of good ideas for messages. Sorry.
ChillyDragon --- Insanely hard to break, we hope.
ChillyDragon --- It's all shiny and black and brilliant...
ChillyDragon --- Looking for head voices. Apply within.
ChillyDragon --- Many more to come!
ChillyDragon --- Maximum Brickage!
ChillyDragon --- Message on vacation. Check back later.
ChillyDragon --- More than ever, hour after,
ChillyDragon --- Now with 50
ChillyDragon --- one day, I'll have a railgun, you'll see!
ChillyDragon --- Otori forever!
ChillyDragon --- our work is never over.
ChillyDragon --- Remember these times fondly. THEY'RE A-GOIN!
ChillyDragon --- Rhapsody in bohemia!
ChillyDragon --- See above...because we don't have railguns.
ChillyDragon --- Shop Smart, Shop ChillyMart! (copyright theft go!)
ChillyDragon --- Shwing!
ChillyDragon --- Soon, we'll all float!
ChillyDragon --- Stone Cold Crazy!
ChillyDragon --- The dragons of Loathing support this brick.
ChillyDragon --- This brick not made into railgun ammo.
ChillyDragon --- This space intentionally left blank.
ChillyDragon --- This space unintentionally left blank.
ChillyDragon --- Work it harder, make it better
Chimpina --- Mah piece! You threw mah piece in the drink!
Chinaman101 --- joining in on a part of kol history!
Chinaman101 --- Leaving a legacy for my multis
ChinaMANbobalOO --- Doody
ChinaMANbobalOO --- I'm the greatest!
Chish --- I told you so!
Chmmr --- Heck, why not.
Cholupa --- All in all it's just another - time for a change.
Chondara --- Hagnk, you're such a brick.
Choolies --- Evil Piggies Clan ... for all you naughty piggies
Choolies --- For all your clan needs:  The Evil Piggies
Choolies --- The Evil Piggies Clan, Helping Hagnk!
Chris118911 --- Your mother's a wh0re
Chris15 --- This message cost me 25,000 meat.
Chrisauceror --- Woohoo!! 7H15 64M3  R0C|
Christineressiatulanie --- ~In memory of Hagnk's megntally unstable Granddad~
Christineressiatulanie --- All the clever sayings take more than 50 character
Christineressiatulanie --- Be excellent to each other.
Christineressiatulanie --- Dedicated to: Council of Loathing (not a suck up)
Christineressiatulanie --- for a good time call Susie the Arena Mistress
Christineressiatulanie --- Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most
Christineressiatulanie --- Put 10,000 Meat on Chori Zo today!
Christineressiatulanie --- skool is whear they make you less stoopid
Christineressiatulanie --- Strangers have the best candy.
Christineressiatulanie --- Your mamma was a penguin
Chrono Mage
Chrono Mage --- .-.
Chrono Mage --- ^_^
Chrono Mage --- >.>
Chrono Mage --- Brick'd
Chrono Mage --- Every other person playing the game were brickbots
Chrono Mage --- Hagnk has thrown a brick at you, hitting you in...
Chrono Mage --- It is time! OH NOES! RUN AWAY!
Chrono Mage --- I've got a lovely bunch of depleted grimacite....
Chrono Mage --- One last brick for, uh, brick-kind?
Chrono Mage --- That's ridiculous! It's not even funny!
Chrono Mage --- The End is a horse that goes "neigh!" Fear it!
Chrono Mage --- waaaah
Chrono Mage --- Write brickbots, piss Hagnk off?
Chrono Mage --- x.X
Chrono Mage --- Yay meatsinks
Chuamonster --- Bricka bricka bricka
Chuamonster --- chub chub
Chuamonster --- Chuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaamonster!!!
Chuamonster --- I got your brick right here!
Chuamonster --- wokka wokka wokka
chunder --- Be swift sweet prince, SP favors the fleet of
chunder --- Be swift sweet prince, SP favors the fleet of hand
chunky_boo --- I don't need no education.
chunky_boo --- I have no idea for another message
chunky_boo --- I love stealing stuff.
chunky_boo --- Maybe I should be the master of the chunks.
Ciara --- Hail Eris!
Cinco --- zesty!
cinimin --- cinimin was here, goody2shoes came later.
Circaea --- Till terrace and meadow the deep gulfs drink...
ckb1 --- All your bricks are belong to ckb1
ckb1 --- Brick #98752
ckb1 --- ckb1 was here
ckb1 --- Don't sit on the remote
ckb1 --- Get on the bus!
ckb1 --- Good?  Bad?  I'm the guy with the brick.
ckb1 --- Have you seen my meat? Its in a brick.
ckb1 --- I
ckb1 --- I fought the law and the bricks won
ckb1 --- Master of the art of hug
ckb1 --- This brick made possible by viewers like you
ckb1 --- this is a message i put on a brick that i bought
ckb1 --- this is what a meat sink looks like
ckb1 --- up to 50 characterssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
ckb1 --- Would you like a brick? Yea, Hagnk you very much.
Clackling --- LEMON
Clackling --- Mazel Tov, Hagnk! Enjoy your new home!
Clackling --- My brick has a first name, it's C-A-R-L-A.
Clackling --- There was a time when I was funny. No more.
ClamJuice --- ClamJuice wuz hear. Word.
Clarinetess --- I am an invisible flying cow.  Worship me or die.
Clarinetess --- Long live Hagnk!
Clarity --- I have become comfortably numb.In the brain!
Clark kent
clayjar7 --- whoohoo
ClemBob --- Boy Howdy!
Clent --- All the cool people shop at Bait and Switch
Clent --- Clent was here.
CLetus p slackjAW --- One day strangers will see this brick and say, meh
Cliff Fitter
cliffywise --- Follow the yellow brick road!  - cliffywise
cliffywise --- For Squijba
cliffywise --- Good Luck Hagnk! Thanks for everything!-cliffywise
cliffywise --- Hey, Teacher!  Leave those kids alone!
Cloak --- Have you seen the writing on the wall?
Clockworks --- I stick a brick in with a multi!
Clogall --- All Hail The Knights Errant
clonan --- DOWN with HAGNK's says Clonan
clonan --- UP with HAGNK's says Clonan
Clone547 --- Blood Of My Enimes: The drink of Champions!
Cloud Nine --- This brick was donated by Cloud Nine... so... here
Cloud Strife --- I am a protagonist
clown420 --- "Two Words! More Puppets!! YEAH!!!"
Club --- ... picked up his hammer and saw
Club --- brick #5
Club --- Club (#66669) loves the succubi
Club --- Club is here
Club --- Club was here
Club --- Hagnk has all my stuff.
Club --- Hagnk has none of my stuff.
Club --- How does Hagnk get my stuff, anyway?
Club --- Is this brick eleven or not?
Club --- This is a message with more than fifty characters
Club the Foot --- º¿º
Clubba --- give it to me, baby
Clubba --- hah!
Clubba --- I rule
Clubba --- pink floyd rules
Clubba --- shhh
Clubbrz L337
Clubbrz L337 --- (up to 50 characters)
Clubbrz L337 --- /whois KaosFreak
Clubbrz L337 --- ;-)
Clubbrz L337 --- a short message on it
Clubbrz L337 --- Currently in channel: clan
Clubbrz L337 --- damn meatsinks!
Clubbrz L337 --- Hi?
Clubbrz L337 --- I like dogs!
Clubbrz L337 --- I should probably be counting these...
Clubbrz L337 --- I'll Huff.. and I'll Puff.. and I'll, ooh, shiney!
Clubbrz L337 --- It's a Brick... da, da, da, don... House!
Clubbrz L337 --- KaosFreak (#379890), the Level 4 Ermine Thumper
Clubbrz L337 --- odd... this doesn't show up in the quest log?
Clubbrz L337 --- Strong bricks, but what's the mortor made of?
Clubbrz L337 --- thanks for the grimicite chellin!!
Clubbrz L337 --- that one player is you!
Clubbrz L337 --- There is currently one player in this channel, and
Clubbrz L337 --- This is a chat channel that only members of your c
Clubbrz L337 --- Yay Meatsink!
Clubbrz L337 --- you are the weakest brick... good bye!
Clubbrz L337 --- your name
CluckyBanana --- FNORD
CluckyBanana --- I
cmdr_monkey --- Cmdr_Monkey was here and he pee'd over there
CMOT Dibbler --- Dragon Vortexx
Cobain Dougans
Cobra81 --- I'm not locked up in here with you.
Cobra81 --- Ni!
Cobra81 --- You're locked up in here with me.
CoC --- 25K For This?
CoC --- Bricked!
CoC --- Howdy!
CoC --- Meat Sink Get Your Meat Sink!
CoC --- The Secret Brick...
Cod --- I
Codex --- Long distance callers make long distance calls.
Coercer --- wooo
CofactorX --- Here be dragons
CoffeeGod --- HAIKU VIKINGS RULE!  We're the very best by far!
CoffeeGod --- HAIKU VIKINGS!  Small but mighty!
Cokeslut --- 250000 I cant afford that
Cokeslut --- 4 8 15 16 23 42
Cokeslut --- A journey of a thousand miles begins with a brick
Cokeslut --- Abundance, like want, ruins many
Cokeslut --- All Your Brick Are Belong To Us
Cokeslut --- Ask a lot, but take what is offered
Cokeslut --- Daddy what else did you leave for me?
Cokeslut --- Don't look a Gift Brick in the Mouth
Cokeslut --- Even a fool may be wise after the event
Cokeslut --- For the motherland
Cokeslut --- Hangk Smells
Cokeslut --- I found Loathing marble, I left it brick
Cokeslut --- I found Rome brick, I left it marble
Cokeslut --- Ifyoudon'teatyermeat, you can't have any pudding
Cokeslut --- last brick!
Cokeslut --- Let thy secrets be thy discontents.
Cokeslut --- Lomhlaba Unzima, Lohmhlaba
Cokeslut --- Moisturize
Cokeslut --- No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Cokeslut --- Pohj Yth Fhdfg T Jgyteg hjg Yuonh
Cokeslut --- See the brick Be the brick
Cokeslut --- The sinning is the best part of repentance.
Cokeslut --- Vulnerant omnia, ultima necat
Cokeslut --- We don't need no education
Cokeslut --- We dont need no thought control
Cokeslut --- Where there is a sea there are pirates
Col Cobra
Colbear2 --- Elbereth
commanderMAcK --- Ginsu is the greatest GAMZ0R. TRU DAT!
commanderMAcK --- Ginsu is the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer
commanderMAcK --- I am broke, yet i waste my time with this. lol!
commanderMAcK --- I collect all the lihc eyes in the kingdom!!!
ComTechDave --- Have fun advantures i probly am done playing 4ever
conformisT --- 好
conformisT --- Bu hao
conformisT --- 這是我爸爸,Lo-Pan.
conformisT --- Hail Eris and Fnord
conformisT --- I could have spent this on an iPhone.
CONFUSIon --- HCN: +40 Adventures per day. It's called 'rollover
CONFUSIon --- HCN: 1m meat in a year vs Plexiglass in 3 months?
CONFUSIon --- HCN: Because pulling is for levers.
CONFUSIon --- HCN: Easternmost peninsula holds the secret.
CONFUSIon --- HCN: Friends don't let friends use the mall.
CONFUSIon --- HCN: How u br1ck for m1n3?!111
CONFUSIon --- HCN: I bricked your mom last night.
CONFUSIon --- HCN: Prepare for The Reset
CONFUSIon --- HCN: We have more balls than the NBA
CONFUSIon --- HCO: Screw porq, we
CONFUSIon --- I liek Mudkips!
Contrickster --- *~*~Elvish Manor~*~* is the best clan
Contrickster --- If you read this you have won 100 meat
Contrickster --- sallyfox rox!
Cookiecutter --- For Miestese, this brick is for you.
Cookiecutter --- I WAS THERE: The Great Grimacite Brick Panic '07
Cookiecutter --- Where were you when the invasion started?
Cookiecutter --- WHITE WEDNESDAY: Lest We Forget :'-(
CoolBot --- I'd rather have the rock
coolman1 --- coolman1 was here woohooo!!!
coolman1 --- I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!!
coolman1 --- I wuz here for NS13
corah --- Outside the Asylum
cornbreadakahn --- All in all this is just another brick in the wall.
Cornomaniac --- Cornomaniac pwns
CoronaDude --- Gary
Corran --- For my lovely wife Lyza.
Corran --- In honor of my clan, the Star Wars Freaks
Corran Katarn --- Cast in the Name of God... Ye Not Guilty.
Corran Katarn --- Yossarian Lives
Corwin --- Hard to the Core
Corwin --- HCN: Hard to the Core
Corwin75 --- Exactly 3 years of playing today, I love this game
Cosmo Gunny
Count Dogula --- A brick by any other name would stack as sweetly.
Count Dogula --- All the finest people are named Laura.
Count Dogula --- Dogula because I have a blood bond with a dog.
Count Dogula --- Each brick represents mucho meat.
Count Dogula --- Fiddle-faddle.
Count Dogula --- For the love of God, Montresor!
Count Dogula --- I am the keystone.  Or keybrick.
Count Dogula --- I belong to the Illige people.
Count Dogula --- I have 7 siblings.
Count Dogula --- Illige vidiots rule
Count Dogula --- I'm really a Countess.
Count Dogula --- I'm sitting on a cask of amontillado.
Count Dogula --- Masonry built with a saw and a hammer
Count Dogula --- Please don't brick me up in this basement.
Count Dogula --- So where's that damn Amontillado?
Count Dogula --- Some people call me the Illige Vidiot.
Count Dogula --- The House of Usher wouldn't fall with these bricks
Count Dogula --- Where's the mortar?
Count Dogula --- why oh why no free wifi at home?
Count Scrofula
CptnLunch --- Go Hagnk!
Crackgnome --- I'm wearin' a bear suit! - The Crackgnome
Crackgnome --- Now I have forever left my mark. - The Crackgnome
Crackgnome --- The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!
Cranky Ewok --- This brick is 100
Crashington --- A generous Adventurer is me!
CraterousGrater --- Let's Make This One Indestructible!
crewgrrl --- It's Me!
Crimson_Squad --- BRICK
crispi --- !!!!! Chris Loves Em !!!!!!
criticalgirl --- All your funk are belong to me!
criticalgirl --- Ask me about the old days before ascension!
criticalgirl --- Fear my whimsy. FEAR IT!
Crono725 --- Kenesaw Mountain Landis lives!
crookedbassterd --- All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
crookedbassterd --- Hey, teacher!  Leave those kids alone!
Crow ---  - Burmashave
Crow --- A place to Park
Crow --- It's hard to find
Crow --- Space is Big
Crow --- Space is Dark
CrowPie --- Hooray for Bosco the wonder dog!
Cruikshank --- aren't we friends?
Cruikshank --- bears will eat you
Cruikshank --- I haven't had time off since I was 21 through 24!
Cruikshank --- I leave for 20 minutes, and EvilCorp's in shambles
Cruikshank --- OK, if everyone's finished being stupid.
Cruikshank --- that giraffe thinks he's better than me!
Cruikshank --- With gusto
Cruikshank --- you and me.... all day
Cruikshank --- you're a mother for god's sake!
Cruor Extrahorum --- Always glad to help!
Cruor Extrahorum --- Everyone should make Bricks for you!
Cruor Extrahorum --- I'm in ur wallz, protectin' ur l00tz.
Cruor Extrahorum --- May Dragons never attack your humble store!
Cruor Extrahorum --- You deserve it for all you've done for us!
CrystalBerg --- A day without sunshine is like . . . night.
CrystalBerg --- Nietzsche is dead. ~ God ~
Cthubert --- Now 82% less safe! .... More! More safe!
cThules --- cThules rules, ya tools
cthulhuette --- Hpfly sturdy/dpltd Grmct brks/bld Hagnk a new home
CthulhuFlavorRamen --- Feeling the love for hagnk's new home!
CthulhuFlavorRamen --- Ryan
Cthulhu Kid --- The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is
Cthulhu Kid --- the inability of the human mind to correlate all
Cthulhu Kid --- its contents. We live on a placid island of 
Cthulhu Kid --- ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity,
Cthulhu Kid --- and it was not meant that we should voyage far.
Cthulhu Kid --- The sciences, each straining in its own direction, 
Cthulhu Kid --- have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the
Cthulhu Kid --- piecing together of dissociated knowledge will
Cthulhu Kid --- open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of 
Cthulhu Kid --- our frightful position therein, that we shall
Cthulhu Kid --- either go mad from the revelation or flee from the
Cthulhu Kid --- deadly light into the peace and safety of a new
Cthulhu Kid --- dark age. --- H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu
cuddlysteve --- All in all this is just another...
cuddlysteve --- cuddlysteve was 'ere
cuddlysteve --- Is it just coincidence that Hagnk rhymes with W..?
cuddlysteve --- Shop at Cuddly's Floggables
Cupcakes of Hell
Cupcakes of Hell --- Catscat is the best familiar Vet!
Cupcakes of Hell --- For Nitocris, mistress of my heart
Cupcakes of Hell --- Hello Kitty Pez For The Win!
Cupcakes of Hell --- I am not a sheep, I am a pretty pony
Cupcakes of Hell --- I don't have anything of significance to say here
Cupcakes of Hell --- I totally have to pee!
Cupcakes of Hell --- In honor of BLUE, may she play again some day
Cupcakes of Hell --- lechón del ladrillo!
Cupcakes of Hell --- LICK MY BRICK!
Cupcakes of Hell --- Nitocris: I'M wearing the spurs tonight baby
Cupcakes of Hell --- One of it's legs are both the same!
Cupcakes of Hell --- pollone del mattone!
Cupcakes of Hell --- surgeon de brique!
Cupcakes of Hell --- This brick is a bomb!
Cupcakes of Hell --- This brick is non-refundable
Cupcakes of Hell --- This brick is uncopyrightable
Cupcakes of Hell --- This brick made possible by rum and peach snapple
Cupcakes of Hell --- To all the players that aint with us no more
Cupcakes of Hell --- To the reader of this brick: I know what your doin
Cupcakes of Hell --- What is the difference between a duck?
Curfew --- gee wiz i helped hagnk
CursedGrimoire --- Pull my finger
Cusmonaut --- breathing - movies - rock´n roll
Cybergoat --- Tobiooooooooooooooo!
CybrWulf --- CybrWulf was here!!!
Cydian --- Oh the places you'll go...to worship me!
Cyre --- Svelte!


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