Gygaxian Libram

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Gygaxian Libram
Gygaxian Libram

This Libram contains the secrets of Platonic geometry, and will allow its reader to summon all number of mathematically satisfying solids. There's also a chapter about making obnoxious irregular ten-sided solids, but most people ignore that one.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Gygaxian Librams)
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Obtained From

KoL Con 13 Merch Table (7 Mr. Accessories)
Only available for purchase at KoL Con. (since KoL Con VIII)

When Used

You take the Libram to your campsite, and a strange shimmering bookshelf appears near your dwelling. You put the Libram on it.
You place the Libram carefully on the bookshelf in your campsite.
You've already got a copy of that Libram on your bookshelf.



  • This item refers to Gary Gygax, credited with the co-creation of Dungeons & Dragons
  • A "libram" is a type of spellbook in the contexts of many RPGs. It is not a standard English word. While first found in Vance's The Dying Earth, Gary Gygax's use of it in D&D is responsible for its ubiquity in the fantasy genre.


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