Guy made of bee pollen

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guy made of bee pollen
guy made of bee pollen

For some reason, the pollen knocked off of that guy made of bees crystallized into a little man-shaped lump. Some kind of morphogenic resonance, I guess. It doesn't seem to be alive, though, which is good because it would probably speak in a chirpy little voice, saying things like "Bee pollen is good for your health!" and "I'm delicious and full of protein!" That would just be weird.

Type: spleen item (awesome)
Toxicity: 3
Level required: 8
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: guys made of bee pollen)
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Item number: 2096
Description ID: 407006358
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Obtained From

The Haunted Bathroom
Having a Medicine Ball
The Guy Made Of Bees

When Used

You snort the guy made of bee pollen, and feel energized and invigorated. You also feel like you've got sinuses full of pollen, which is not as pleasant.
You gain ??105-142?? Fortitude.
You gain ??105-142?? Mysteriousness.
You gain ??105-142?? Roguishness.
(You gain 3 Spleen.)


  • Morphogenic resonance refers to the theory of morphogenetic fields and resonance in biology, introduced by plant biologist Rupert Sheldrake.
  • Morphogenic resonance is also used in some of Terry Pratchett's novels, particularly those segments dealing with transformation of an object or creature.


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