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This page lists all the quests and craftables available in That 70s Volcano.


Available quests are listed at the W.L.F. Bunker. Each day, the Bunker will list three possible quests. You do not need to accept a quest to begin working on it -- just go out and obtain the listed quest item from the appropriate boss or noncombat, then return to the Bunker to turn it in. You may turn in only one quest item per day, regardless of how many quests you have completed. (Note that available quests change from day-to-day, but all quest items are obtainable regardless of posted quests. So if you forget to turn it in today, you might be stuck with it tomorrow, but contrariwise, if you accidentally collect the wrong quest item today, it might be just what the W.L.F. needs tomorrow.)

Turning in a quest earns 1 volcoino. Volcoinos may be spent at Disco GiftCo in The Towering Inferno Discotheque.

Depending on the quest, it must be completed in one of three ways: defeat a boss in a combat, obtain a quest item from a noncombat adventure, or collect a certain number of drops or craftable items.

Combat quests

Quest bosses in The SMOOCH Army HQ, The Bubblin' Caldera, The Velvet / Gold Mine, and LavaCo™ Lamp Factory are each encountered via a noncombat choice adventure that always occurs after you have completed 50 successful combats in the zone in the current day. The adventure can only be encountered once per day in each zone, regardless of how many turns you spend in the zone after that. Extra turns spent in a zone after the noncombat do not shorten the 50-fight counter for the next day.

The quest involving Travoltron occurs in The Towering Inferno Discotheque and is governed by a different mechanic. He is found on Floor 3 of the Tower. You can fight him immediately if you have at least 3 units of disco style (see below).

The quest items, bosses, locations, and correct choice adventures are listed below:

Quest item Boss Location Choice adventure choice
the tongue of Smimmons Geve Smimmons The SMOOCH Army HQ Choose first door from left
Raul's guitar pick Raul Stamley The SMOOCH Army HQ Choose second door from left
Pener's crisps Pener Crisp The SMOOCH Army HQ Choose third door from left
signed deuce Deuce Freshly The SMOOCH Army HQ Choose fourth door from left
Lavalos core Lavalos The Bubblin' Caldera Go toward the roaring
Mr. Cheeng's 'stache Mr. Cheeng LavaCo™ Lamp Factory Go into the boss's office
Mr. Choch's bone Mr. Choch The Velvet / Gold Mine Head to the boss's shack
Saturday Night thermometer Travoltron The Towering Inferno Discotheque Go to the third floor

Non-combat quests

Certain quests can be completed simply by choosing the correct option in a noncombat choice adventure (no combat is necessary). With one exception, the choice adventures occur once per day per zone, after you have won 50 combats in the appropriate zone, as noted above. The exception is the fused fuse, which is obtained in a different noncombat, the lamp-making choice adventure The Floor Is Yours, which occurs in the Lamp Factory far more frequently.

The quest item, zone, and correct choices are:

Quest item Location Choice adventure choice
The One Mood Ring The Bubblin' Caldera Go towards the singing
Half-melted hula girl The Velvet / Gold Mine Check out HR
Glass ceiling fragments LavaCo™ Lamp Factory Go up the stairs
Fused fuse LavaCo™ Lamp Factory Sabotage the machine (in The Floor Is Yours adventure)

Additionally, going up the stairs unlocks male factory workers and female factory overseers, while checking out HR unlocks male mine workers and female mine overseers.

Item collection quests

Certain quests can be completed by collecting a certain number of items dropped from combats or items that you craft. Turning in this quest removes the appropriate quantity of the item from your inventory.

The quest items in question, the number required, and the means of obtaining them are:

Required item Number needed How obtained
gooey lava globs 5 Dropped by lava golem in LavaCo™ Lamp Factory
New Age healing crystal 5 Dropped by healing crystal golem in The Velvet / Gold Mine
superduperheated metal 1 Converted from heat-resistant sheet metal after combat in The Bubblin' Caldera
SMOOCH bracers 3 Crafted from superheated metal (see below)
smooth velvet bra 3 Crafted from unsmoothed velvet (see below)
SMOOCH bottlecap 1 Acquired when consuming a SMOOCH soda (see The SMOOCH Army HQ)

Unlocking the Velvet / Gold Mine

Certain items that unlock other content (unsmoothed velvet, 1,970 carat gold) can only be obtained by mining in The Velvet / Gold Mine. Like Itznotyerzitz Mine, the zone is initially predominantly combat-based. To be able to mine, you must fight mine workers until one drops a broken high-temperature mining drill. The drill can be repaired by obtaining a piece of heat-resistant sheet metal from combats in The SMOOCH Army HQ. With the sheet metal in your inventory, go to your inventory for the broken drill and click on the "fix" link. It may require a few pieces of sheet metal for the fix to be successful. Once completed, you will have a high-temperature mining drill.

Failure to "fix" the broken high-temperature mining drill will result in destruction of the sheet metal and possibly also the drill; if you lack one or the other, you'll have to get what you're missing from the appropriate zone.

To access the mine, equip the high-temperature mining drill and obtain at least 15 levels of hot resistance (via equipment, buffs, etc.). The drops from combats in the mine can help, as they give considerable hot resistance (at the cost of stat debuffs, which won't matter when you're mining). Once you are properly equipped, you can enter the mine and mine for velvet, gold, and crystals.

Accessing The Towering Inferno Discotheque

Initially, you cannot access the elevator in the The Towering Inferno Discotheque. To get access to each floor, you need increasing amounts of "disco style." Disco style can be obtained by wearing smooth velvet items. Multi-using unsmoothed velvet from your inventory will create these equipment pieces:

Each piece of smooth velvet equipment you're wearing is worth 1 point of disco style. If you have sufficient style, you can take the elevator to one of six floors in the tower. Note that you can only use the elevator once per day.

  • Floor 1 (requires at least 1 disco style): obtain 100 substats in each stat
  • Floor 2 (requires at least 2 disco style): obtain item drop buff
  • Floor 3 (requires at least 3 disco style): fight Travoltron
  • Floor 4 (requires at least 4 disco style): reduce drunkenness by 1
  • Floor 5 (requires at least 5 disco style): gain 5 adventures
  • Floor 6 (requires 6 disco style): obtain a volcoino

Making a LavaCo Lamp

It is possible to make LavaCo Lamps, offhand items that give +5 adventures and a 50-turn +stat buff each rollover. Making each lamp requires collecting certain items at various zones in the charter and encountering the choice adventure in the Lamp Factory several times. There does not appear to be a limit on how many lamps you can make per day. Needed items:

To make the lamp:

  1. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the wire puller" to make thin gold wire from the gold.
  2. Meatpaste the thin gold wire with unsmoothed velvet to make insulated gold wire.
  3. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the kiln" to make empty lava bottle from the healing crystal.
  4. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the squirter" to fill the bottle with lava.
  5. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the bulber" to make a crystalline light bulb from a glowing crystal.
  6. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the glob dyer." You will then choose the color to dye your lava glob. The colors correspond to the stat buff that you will receive from the finished product: red = muscle, blue = mysticality, green = moxie.
  7. From your inventory, use the resulting colored globule to put it into the lava bottle, acquiring uncapped green lava bottle / uncapped blue lava bottle / uncapped red lava bottle.
  8. Meatpaste the colored lava bottle with a SMOOCH bottlecap to cap it, acquiring capped green lava bottle / capped blue lava bottle / capped red lava bottle
  9. Encounter The Floor Is Yours in the Lamp Factory. Choose "Use the chassis assembler" to make a LavaCo™ Lamp housing from the bulb, insulated wire, and a sheet of heat-resistant metal.
  10. Meatpaste the housing with the capped lava bottle to complete the item.


Obtain pieces of heat-resistant sheet metal by fighting in The SMOOCH Army HQ. With those pieces in your inventory, fight in The Bubblin' Caldera. After each successful fight in the Caldera, one piece of sheet metal will be automatically converted into an ingot of superheated metal. Multi-using superheated metal (you need 45 total) from your inventory creates items comprising the SMOOCH Army Uniform.

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