Groggy's Tavern

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Groggy's Tavern
Groggy's Tavern

Groggy's Tavern is abuzz with the sound of merrymaking, but a closer examination reveals that the sound is coming from a speaker hidden behind the bar, and that all of the patrons save two are actually just action figures posed to look like revelers.

Huh. Well, of the two actual real human people in here, each of whom are wearing helpful nametags, which one would you like to take with you on your swashbuckling adventure?

<crew member 1>

<crew member 2>

<crew member 3>

(only available after rescuing a prisoner from Prison Island with the Ancient skull key)

Occurs at Welcome to PirateRealm.


  • Two randomized crew members are initially available. A third choice becomes permanently available after rescuing a prisoner from Prison Island with the Ancient skull key.
  • The crew members are described with an adjective and a role. Each adjective and role gives extra effects or unlocks things in PirateRealm:
Adjective Effect
Beligerent Unlocks Jungle Island. Can give an extra Gun at Shipwreck Salvage.
Dipsomaniacal Can give one Grog after combat. Can give extra Grog at Shipwreck Salvage.
Gluttonous Can give one Grub after combat. Can give extra Grub at Shipwreck Salvage. Helps when running out of Grub.
Pinch-Fisted Gives 5-10 Gold at the end of PirateRealm combats. Increases Gold yields from sinking pirate ships.
Wide-Eyed Unlocks Skull Island, Gain more fun from birdwatching.

Role Effect
Coxswain Helps when outrunning from storms.
Cryptobotanist Unlocks Jungle Island, helps when running out of Grog.
Cuisinier Unlocks Dessert Island, bonus fun for eating in Smooth Sailing.
Harquebusier unlocks Skull Island, deals damage in combat, and gives +1 fun from fights.
Mixologist Drinking Grog gives +2 fun, required to unlock Island Drinkin', a Tiki Mixology Odyssey.
A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office