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Grey Goo is the Fall 2020 special challenge path, introduced on August 15, 2020. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads, "A self-replicating mass of grey goo has invaded the Kingdom from the furthest reaches of space. Destroy as much of it as you can in three days!"


Goo prevents access to that place.
  • On day 3, the Astral Gash becomes available, and you can ascend, even if you didn't do anything.
  • On day 4 and after you may not fight goo monsters anymore, instead encountering the adventure Goo-d Riddance when trying.


  • Standard restrictions apply while Grey Goo is the current challenge path. These restrictions will be lifted on November 15, 2020.
  • You cannot adventure in The Sea. Attempting to talk to An Old Man gives the following message:
That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.
  • You cannot adventure in any of the Clan Basement dungeons.
    • Attempting to adventure in An The Old Sewers results in:
      • The entrance to the sewers is clogged with grey goo. Oh well.
    • Attempting to adventure in The Slime Tube results in:
      • There's a solid cap of grey goo preventing you from going into the Slime Tube.
    • Attempting to adventure in Dreadsylvania results in:
      • Dreadsylvania is temporarily closed due to the grey goo matter.
  • Attempting to buy things from the PirateRealm Fun-a-Log results in:
    • Sorry, you can't use this store in this path. It's better this way.
  • Finishing a Hardcore Grey Goo run without using a clover does not unlock Bad Moon.


See The Council of Loathing/Grey Goo


Each scaling goo monster, except the Massive Prism, can be fought 11 times per day. The Massive Goo Prism can only be fought once per day, with combat lasting for 11 combat rounds. The "size" of each scaling Goo monster is given by the formulas below, with the amount of goo destroyed being 11 plus the "size" of the monster.

Goo creature Location Scaling effect
X-foot tall goo clown The Goo-Choked Fun House sqrt(Maximum HP)
X-ton grey gooblin The Goo-Coated Knob 3 * (Sleaze Resistance) * (1 + (Food drop% / 100))
goo bat (X-cubit wingspan) The Goo-Spewing Bat Hole 4 * (Stench Resistance) * (1 + (-Combat Chance%) / 100)
X-odd foot of stalk The Goo-Bedecked Beanstalk Combat Initiative / 3
goog The Goo-Shrouded Palindome Monster Level
X-centimeter goo bone The Goo-Girded Garves 4 * (Spooky Resistance) * (1 + (+Combat Chance%) / 100)
X-cube goo grid The Goo-Splattered Tower Ruins sqrt(Maximum MP)
a massive prism of grey goo A Prism of Goo Floor(Lowest elemental damage dealt / 5) + 11

The goo destroyed when fighting the Prism is calculated by taking the total damage of each element dealt to the prism over the 11 rounds of the fight, then taking the lowest of the five elements dealt, dividing the damage dealt by five, then adding 11 as per the other scaling monsters.

Additionally, an arbitrary number of goo shapes can be fought in The Goo Fields, and each have special abilities. All shapes begin with base stats of 10 HP, Attack and Defense, and increase in all stats by 1 for each goo shape you defeat over the course of the ascension. They will all drop 1 unit of goo, except for the square which drops 2 units.

Goo creature Ability
grey goo orb Nothing?
grey goo torus Reflects spells
grey goo triangle On hit, inflicts 3 turns of Goo Vibrations (-50% to all attributes)
grey goo hexagon Has 3x as much HP and 4x as much Attack & Defense as other goo shapes
grey goo square Has 4x as much HP as other goo shapes, worth 2 units of Grey Goo
grey goo cross At the start of combat, steals half of its maximum HP from you
grey goo heart Has 10x as much HP as other goo shapes
grey goo hourglass Encountering this monster and winning the combat costs an additional 3 Adventures, even if CLEESHed or the hourglass is replaced. If you run away or banish the Hourglass, you do not lose additional adventures.
grey goo octagon 90% damage resistance
grey goo squiggle On hit, inflicts 1 turn of Really Quite Poisoned (-70% and -9 to all attributes)
grey goo star Attacks 5 times per round


  • Finishing a Grey Goo run that began while it was still the current special challenge path -- that is, between August 15th, 2020, and November 14th, 2020 -- rewarded players with 50 (in both Hardcore and Normal) additional karma the next time they visited Valhalla.
  • Finishing a Grey Goo run while it was the current challenge path gave players a inert grey goo ring.


  • The Astronomers of Loathing spotted A Ball Of Gray Goo years before it arrived in the Kingdom.


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