Green pill

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green pill
green pill

Wait. What does this one do?

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

It unlocks a tattoo. That's what it does.

(In-game plural: green pills)
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Item number: 9067
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Obtained From

Source Terminal
Entering "undelete", then "1msuper1337" (clued by the Source Terminal Puzzle)

When Used

  • With the tattoo:
If you get a tattoo of a second rabbit, before long you're gonna be absolutely covered with baby rabbit tattoos.
  • Without the tattoo:
You take the pill and an image of a white rabbit appears near your shoulderblade.
Source Tattoo You have unlocked a new tattoo.


  • As are many things associated with the Source Terminal, the placement of the white rabbit refers to The Matrix. Specifically the part in which, after Neo is told to follow the white rabbit, it happens to appear as a tattoo near the shoulder blade on DuJour (Ada Nicodemou).


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