Gr'zl'x, The Bugbear

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Gr'zl'x, The Bugbear
Gr'zl'x, The Bugbear

Ah, greetings, fellow bugbear! Oh, I see. This is that holiday on which you filthy humans dress as superior beings to disguise the shortcomings of your own pathetic flesh. I understand it is customary to give treats to you when you come begging. Very well.

These are... umm... bugbear delicacies. Yes, this is what bugbears eat when we really want a treat. I would eat some with you now, but I just ate some a few minutes ago.

Enjoy, filthy human!

Cog.gifYou acquire an item: cog
Spring.gifYou acquire an item: spring
Sprocket.gifYou acquire an item: sprocket

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Bugbear Costume.