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Trophy Number: 24
Image Filename: gored_to_the_core.gif


This trophy is earned by completing the Defend the Gourd Quest 20 times during a single hardcore ascension.

Gourdcore You're entitled to the "Gourdcore" Trophy, for completing (in its entirety) the Gourd Quest while in Hardcore mode.


  • This trophy absolutely must be purchased before you free the king and hardcore restrictions have been lifted.
  • Defending the Gourd 20 times means working up to giving The Captain of the Gourd 24 spider webs, firecrackers, or can lids (since the first time you defend it, you give him 5). In total, you will have given him 290 of the item.
  • The Disco Bandit and Accordion Thief ability to pickpocket when combat initiative is won significantly increases drop frequency, making it advisable to complete the quest as one of these character classes. If this, along with the frequency of the item drops is not enough to convince you that this is the way to go, another trophy can also be earned here, and an ultra-rare monster could potentially be encountered.
  • Since firecrackers have a 100% drop rate, this may also be another option to consider, especially since Boris can get one every adventure by using Banishing Shout to remove the other monsters and Song of Battle to avoid the non-combats.
  • The Gelatinous Cubeling may drop an item requested by The Captain of the Gourd every 3 turns, which can speed up item acquisition, and can even be collected without actively farming the corresponding monster. Since there is only a one in six chance that the required item will drop, though, relying on this alone will take an average of 5220 turns.
  • The trophy can be acquired in a Bad Moon run.


  • The filename, "gored to the core", is a reference to the Sierra adventure game Conquests of Camelot. If the player is killed by a boar in the forest, they will receive the message "The boar has gored you to the core. Alas, King Arthur is no more."