Gorgonzola, the Chief Chef

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Gorgonzola, the Chief Chef

Gorgonzola, the Chief Chef is located in the League of Chef-Magi. Gorgonzola decides whether or not you may enter the guild by giving you a challenge. Passing the challenge will unlock all sections of the guild.

Challenge Text

  • Initial text:

"You wish to join the League of Chef-Magi?" Gorgonzola asks, looking you up and down. "Very well, but first you must prove your abilities."

"How do I do that?" you ask.

"Not far from here, in the Haunted Pantry, there resides a poltersandwich. You..."

"A what?"

"A poltersandwich. A particularly angry manifestation of a sandwich ghost."

"A sandwich ghost? Sandwiches have ghosts?"

"Only the really delicious ones. I want you to find and tame this particular poltersandwich, and return here with it."

  • Followup text:

Gorgonzola looks up as your return. "Have you captured the poltersandwich?"

"No, not yet. To be honest, I'm still having some trouble with the concept of a sandwich ghost."

"Many foods can produce ethereal spirits," he says, "particularly when baked goods are involved. Just last week, I got called to the Mall, south of the Border, to exorcise a cinnabonshee."

"I guess if I wanted to live the life of a sane person, I wouldn't be trying to join this guild."

"That's the spirit!"

You hand the captured poltersandwich to Gorgonzola. "Well done!" he says, as he seals the ghostly sandwich within a rune-etched plastic baggie and puts it in the fridge. "You are now an official member of the League of Chef-Magi. Welcome to the club!"

He winks at you with a broad grin, then after a brief pause, adds, "You know. Like a club sandwich."

"Right. Got it," you say.

"Oh, you should talk to Brie about getting yourself some new skills. Gouda can hook you up with provisions.

Oh, and if you want to borrow the guild Meatcar, talk to Blaine. He's back there in that box."

  • After the challenge is completed:

"Welcome back, Initiate! Relax. Meditate. Palaver with your fellow Adventurers.

And be sure you remember to speak with Brie from time to time -- as you grow more powerful, she will have more and more to teach you.

Additionally if Blaine has a task for you:

If you wish to explore the mystical possibilities of a relaxing trip to The Shore, ask Blaine where he left the keys to the guild Meatcar. You'll find him in a box in the back."


  • The guild entrance challenges were changed on July 14, 2011. The old challenges can be found here.