Gorgolok, the Demonic Hellseal

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Gorgolok, the Demonic Hellseal
Monster ID 888
Locations A Volcanic Cave (Seal Clubber)
Hit Points 400
Attack 200
Defense 180
Initiative 100
Meat None
Phylum demon
Elements None
Resistance 40% physical and elemental; soft damage cap
Monster Parts flipper, head, tail, tentacle, torso
Claw of the Infernal Seal, heart of the volcano, Instant Karma
Manuel Entry
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Gorgolok, the Demonic Hellseal You're fighting Gorgolok, the Demonic Hellseal

The rocky island shudders beneath your feet as a tremendous rumbling shakes the cavern. An explosion of lava bursts from the fiery lake, and you cover your face to protect yourself from flying droplets of red-hot magma.

Dramatic organ music fills the air as you slowly lower your hands to witness a monstrosity rise from the molten rock. Wreathed in flames, Gorgolok levitates into the air, his skin burned black and red, and long claw-tipped tentacles sprouting from his spine, writhing in the steaming haze.

Howling wordlessly in pain and fury, he swoops down at you, knocking you backwards. You hit the stone altar heavily and sit, dazed, as the demonic beast prepares to charge you again.

There is a blinding flash of light, and a chorus of heavenly voices rises in counterpoint to the ominous organ music. You watch, mystified, as your Hammer of Smiting transforms before your eyes, becoming an ancient short-handled sledgehammer, the iron head engraved with glowing runes of antiquity. As the light fades, the hammer rises into the air, pulling you to your feet.

Gorgolok roars again, the only discernible word being: "DESTROY!" One of his tentacles stabs at the ground; the claw breaks off in the rock, but quickly regenerates. Then, there is a low rumble, and with a tearing, splitting noise, long bony spikes burst from the floor and shoot into the air, surrounding Gorgolok in a protective cage that shifts and whirls around him. "DESTROY!"

Hit Message(s):

Gorgolok's razor-sharp fangs clamp shut on your shoulder. You scream in pain as he shakes you like a rag doll and then throws you toward the edge of the stone island. You manage to catch yourself at the lip of the platform, and shakily climb to your feet. Ow! Ow! Ooh! Ow! Ugh!

Gorgolok charges toward you, knocking you backwards with the force of an oncoming train. You are slammed backwards into the stone atlar[sic] and gasp with pain, feeling a grinding in your chest that indicates several broken ribs. Argh! Oof! Oof! Ouch! Ugh!

The demonic seal's spearlike tentacles pierce the air, attempting to skewer you where you stand. You parry each one desperately, but one sneaks through your defenses and opens a large gash in your <kidney>. Ooh! Argh! Ugh! Ow! Eek!

Gorgolok grabs you and lifts you into the air with his new arms. You struggle mightily to free yourself and eventually do, but not before he rakes at you with his flippers, opening long parallel gashes in your chest. Argh! Ooh! Ugh! Ooh! Argh!

Critical Hit Message:

You gasp in pain as you are skewered by half a dozen burning, clawed tentacles. Ooh! Argh! Oof! Ooh!

Miss Message(s):

Gorgolok's razor-sharp maw clangs shut only inches away from your shoulder as you dive to one side.

The demonic seal's spearlike tentacles pierce the air, attempting to skewer you where you stand. You parry each one desperately, and barely manage to keep them at bay.

Gorgolok charges toward you, but you dive and roll underneath him at the last moment. His eyes glow redly in the dim light as he turns to face you again, the very picture of beserk insanity.

Gorgolok attempts to grab you with his claw-tipped tentacles, but you dive out of the way and the arms grab only empty air. He roars incomprehensibly, filled with rage and frustration.

Fumble Message:

You struggle to keep your balance as the cavern shakes from Gorgolok's howls of rage. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Upon defeating him:

"NO! NO!" Gorgolok roars furiously. "YOU NOT DEFEAT ME! I DESTROY YOU!" With one final, desperate leap, he throws himself at the stone altar. The ancient glyphs flare with a dazzling white light, and the ancient shrine explodes.
You are thrown head over heels, and land on your back on one of the floating stepping-stones. Momentarily stunned, you can only watch as the entire mountain begins to shake. Huge boulders fall from the ceiling, sending gouts of lava spraying out of the lake. You recover your wits just enough to get to your feet and scramble for the tunnel entrance. You risk a quick look backwards -- the central island has collapsed into the magma, and Gorgolok is nowhere to be seen.
You make your way through the cavern tunnels as quickly as you can, with the ground shaking under your feet and a wave of molten rock hot on your heels (literally). The upper levels are full of hellseals, but in their confusion and panic they hardly notice you, and you race out of the cave entrance just ahead of the rockslide that buries the opening forever. Looking up, you see smoke pouring out of the top of the volcano, but it and the earthquake soon subside -- looks like there's not going to be a full-scale eruption, luckily. Fleeing the underground tunnels was one thing, but you wouldn't have bet much on your chances of getting off this island alive if the entire thing had exploded.
Bruised and battered, you make your way past the spawning ground, where the baby seals, mothers, and the few males to escape the collapsing tunnels are standing around bellowing in confusion. They too largely ignore you, and you collapse on the beach near your rowboat, panting for breath.

Sealclaw.gifYou acquire an item: Claw of the Infernal Seal
Karma.gifYou acquire an item: Instant Karma
Heartomtn.gifYou acquire an item: heart of the volcano

Occurs after Flying In Circles (Seal Clubber)


  • The Instant Karma and the heart of the volcano only drop if you completed the lava maze at A Volcanic Cave
  • At the start of the battle, Gorgolok has 6 bone shields that each absorb damage. While any bone shields are active, Gorgolok takes 0 damage from all sources:

Boneshield left1a.gif Boneshield left2a.gif Boneshield left3a.gif 1 4a.gif Boneshield right3a.gif Boneshield right2a.gif Boneshield right1a.gif

  • To damage him, you must break each of his 6 bone shields using a club (the Sledgehammer of the Vælkyr), as you would against traditional Infernal Seals. One shield is broken whenever you do an individual attack that has at least 101 damage, however, multiple attacks in a single turn can be effective: Cavalcade of Fury is able to break up to 5 shields in a single turn.

Boneshield left4.gif Boneshield left2.gif Boneshield left3.gif 1 4a.gif Boneshield right4.gif Boneshield right2.gif Boneshield right3.gif

  • Attempting to damage a bone shield with less than 101 damage, or without using the Sledgehammer of the Vælkyr:
You hammer on the bone spikes with all your might, but X damage isn't enough to break any of them.
  • Even if this damage would exceed 101 (such as from Frigidalmatian (effect), it is reduced to 0 if it was not from the Sledgehammer.
  • Damaging a bone shield with the Sledgehammer of the Vælkyr (101 damage or more):
You deal X damage to one of the massive bone spikes surrounding Gorgolok, snapping it.
  • After breaking 6 bone shields, Gorgolok can be damaged by all sources.
  • Damage Reduction acts like so:
    • First, all attacks do 60% of their normal damage, rounded up
    • Afterwards, if the damage dealt from a single source would otherwise be over 75, then a soft damage cap kicks in. The resultant damage is 75 + (X-75)0.65, rounded down, where X > 75 is the damage before the soft cap.
    • This soft damage cap also affects the bone shields, meaning that you will actually need to deal more than 101 damage to break each shield.
  • This monster cannot be copied.


  • The events that occur when Gorgolok is defeated are likely at reference to Agrajag's attempt to kill Arthur Dent in Douglas Adams' "Life, the Universe, and Everything," with Agrajag setting off the altar to attempt to crumble the mountain down on his foe.