Golden Kokomo Resort Chip

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When Used

Golden Kokomo Resort Chip
Golden Kokomo Resort Chip

A casino-style chip with gold edging, emblazoned with the logo of Kokomo Resorts and the number 100 (also in white on a white background).

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 1000 Meat.


(In-game plural: Golden Kokomo Resort Chips)
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Item number: 8280
Description ID: 809938599
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Obtained From

When Used

You hand the chip to a nearby hobo, who punches your opponent for 36 damage.
You hand the waiter a golden chip. "Thanks for the tip!" he says with a wink. "I've got your order right here, you just have to pour it out of the shaker."
Theshaker.gifYou acquire an item: The Cocktail Shaker


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