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gold crown
gold crown

This is a pretty ordinary gold crown. Not to belittle it or anything -- I mean, just the fact that it's a crown is pretty special, right? Generally you get like one of those in any given country. What I mean is, there's nothing particularly distinctive about its design. It's a gold circle, with points. It looks just like what you immediately pictured in your head as soon as I said 'crown'.

Actually, there is one thing special about it -- somehow it manages to be better head protection than an iron helmet. I'm not sure how that works.

Type: hat
Power: 150
Moxie Required: 60
Selling Price: 100 Meat.

Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3)
Regenerate 2-4 HP and MP per adventure
+10% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: gold crowns)
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Item number: 6000
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Obtained From

The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon


  • May be a reference to the King's Crown in Dragon Quest III, a quest item that many players worked to avoid returning to the king because it was useful for some classes.
  • Golden equipment provides better defense than iron equipment in many RPGs, even though iron is much more suited for the task in real life.

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