Gnollish toolbox

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Gnollish toolbox
Gnollish toolbox

This is a toolbox dropped by a Gnollish Gearhead. It's probably got machine parts inside it.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 23 Meat.

(In-game plural: Gnollish toolboxes)
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Item number: 533
Description ID: 885780882
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Obtained From

The Degrassi Knoll Garage
Gnollish Gearhead

When Used

You dump out the Gnollish toolbox.
Cog.gifYou acquire some cogs
Tank.gifYou acquire some empty meat tanks
Spring.gifYou acquire some springs
Sprocket.gifYou acquire some sprockets


  • You will receive 2-3 items from each toolbox (averaging 2.5 items per toolbox).
  • In essence, the methodology of determining what items are in the toolbox is to roll 1d2+1 to determine how many items you receive, and then roll 1d4 that many times to find each item.


  • Prior to the Degrassi Knoll revamp on August 27, 2013, this item had the image:


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