Gnirf, the World's Sneakiest Gnome

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Gnirf, the World's Sneakiest Gnome

Sneakgnome.gif Hello, Tall One! I am Gnirf, one of the sneakiest of the Sneaky Gnomes. Would you like some training in the arts of Sneakiness?

Train for X Adventures
Get Sneaky!

Gnirf, the World's Sneakiest Gnome is located in the Desert Beach at The Gnomish Gnomads' Camp. Here, you can train your Moxie more effectively than you can at the Tan-U-Lots Tanning Bed in the Clan Rumpus Room, but at certain Moxie levels the Tan-U-Lots Tanning Bed is actually more efficient:

    Moxie from 1-46:     Use Gnirf
    Moxie from 47-127:   Use Tan-U-Lots
    Moxie 128+:          Use Gnirf

Each adventure spent here results in between (M/10)+2 and (M/5)+5 Chutzpah, where M is base Moxie.


The hut is empty. Looks like the world's sneakiest gnome sgnuck away already.