Globe of Deep Sauce

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globe of Deep Sauce
globe of Deep Sauce

This is a pressurized glass globe filled with Deep Sauce from the furthest reaches of the sea. If there was a little ceramic model of a town inside it, you could have lots of fun subjecting them to a devastating and delicious natural disaster.

(Fancy Cooking ingredient)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: globes of Deep Sauce)
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Obtained From

The Marinara Trench
You've Hit Bottom (Sauceror only)
There is Sauce at the Bottom of the Ocean (1 Mer-kin pressureglobe)



  • All potions require Deep Saucery to cook.
  • You cannot be under the effects of more than one potion at a time, not even the pressurized potion of pneumaticity. Attempting to use another potion before the effect wears off or is removed will give you this message:
You're already under the influence of a high-pressure sauce potion. If you took this one, you'd explode. And not in a good way.
  • Saucerors do not make three of these per cooking -- just one.


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