Glob of Blank-Out

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glob of Blank-Out
glob of Blank-Out

This is a messy, sticky, drippy mass of Blank-Out. It reminds you of that time you had a handful of partially-dried white paint, and you walked around wondering why you were walking around with a handful of partially-dried white paint.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Lets you escape from combat without spending an Adventure
(usable a few times before it goes away)

(In-game plural: glob of Blank-Outs)
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Item number: 4872
Description ID: 440477610
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Obtained From

bottle of Blank-Out

When Used

You smear part of your handful of Blank-Out on the monster until you can't see it anymore. And if you've learned one thing from urban legends about ostriches, it's that what you can't see can't hurt you. You mosey off.

If the glob of Blank-Out is used up:

As you're moseying, you notice that the last of the Blank-Out is gone, and that your hand is finally clean. Yay!


  • Ends combat without consuming an adventure. Can be used five times before it is consumed.


  • This item became a quest item with the February 17, 2014 trivial update.


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