Glitch season reward name

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[glitch season reward name]
[glitch season reward name]

[Needs description]

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: [glitch season reward name]s)
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Item number: 10207
Description ID: 286010589
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Obtained From

The Swagger Shop (1,000 swagger) (You must earn 1,000 swagger during a numeric season to purchase this item.) (First purchase, only available during PvP seasons 42 and 46)
The Swagger Shop (2,000 swagger) (You must earn 2,000 swagger during a numeric season to purchase this item.) (Second purchase, only available during PvP seasons 46)

When Used

  • Has a "implement" link rather than use, which displays one of the following (depending on many times you have implemented in total):
At 1 implementation:
[This needs implementation.]
At 2+ implementations:
[This needs more implementation.]
At 4+ implementations:
[This needs some more implementation.]
At 11+ implementations:
[This needs a lot more implementation.]
At 37+ implementations:
[This needs a ton more implementation.]
At 69+ implementations:
[This needs even more than a ton more implementation.]
At 111+ implementations:
Whoa .


  • The first time per day this item is Implemented increases a hidden Implementation counter by 1, capped at ???.
  • Starts a fight with a %monster% when attempting to eat this item (item is not actually consumed).
    • The "implement" button links to "inv_use.php" (which increases the Implementation counter), instead using "inv_eat.php" instead (by macro or by url manipulation) starts a fight with a %monster%.
    • You can accomplish this by copying the link on the [implement] button, pasting it in your URL bar, and then replacing "inv_use.php" with "inv_eat.php" in the URL.
    • A chat macro can be used to implement the counter and fight with:
      /use glitch season reward name && /goto inv_eat.php?pwd='+pwdhash+'&which=3&whichitem=10207
  • Can only fight the glitch season reward monster 1/day. Having multiple rewards does not increase the number of fights per day (instead multiplying the reward).


  • Prior to July 2019, this item was not marked as public.
  • Prior to November 6, 2019, it had a basic [use] link.


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