Glimmering roc feather

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glimmering roc feather
glimmering roc feather

This is a glimmering feather from a roc, a bird very similar to the Charles S. Duttonhawk. You suspect that it contains great untapped magical potential, and for those about to use the roc feather, we salute you.

Type: spleen item (good)
Toxicity: 4
Level required: 4
Selling Price: 100 Meat.

(In-game plural: glimmering roc feathers)
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Item number: 3368
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Obtained From

Welcome Back! (Form of...Bird! using Vicious Talon Slash and/or All-You-Can-Beat Wing Buffet at least fifteen times)

When Used

You stick the feather in your mouth and absorb the energy contained within it. Then you stick it in a little too far and some of the energy comes back up.
You gain 20-30 Fortitude.
You gain 20-30 Mysteriousness.
You gain 20-30 Chutzpah.
AdventuresYou gain 6-10 Adventures.
(You gain 4 Spleen.)


  • A Roc is a mythical bird.
  • Sticking feathers in one's mouth is a reference to Jeff Noon's book, Vurt, in which the characters consume color-coded feathers in order to access a shared alternate reality.
  • "For those about to use the roc feather" is a reference to the AC/DC album For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), itself a tribute to the Roman tradition of the salute given by gladiators in the arena to the emperor, about to fight each other to the death.
  • The Charles S. Duttonhawk refers the the TV series Roc, which starred Charles S. Dutton as the title character. "Roc" was also the name Dutton used while an amateur boxer in his youth.


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