Gleaming the Cube

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Gleaming the Cube
Gleaming the Cube

As you're stumbling around in the dark, you find an alcove that is lit by a weird, phosphorescent glow. You see a pyramid in front of you built out of boxes of wine. Well, it's more of a ziggurat. Remind me to tell you my "ziggurat lighter" joke sometime.

As you watch, a freakishly deformed rat hops up and down the ziggurat. It has orange fur rather than brown, and its muzzle is stretched into a long, toothless snout. As you watch, pondering how a beneficent god could allow such a creature to exist, it falls off the ziggurat and vanishes below. You grab one of the wine cubes and leave before it comes back.

Issuebox.gifYou acquire an item: boxed wine

Occured at The Rat Infested Tavern Cellar (pre quest).


  • Once you had completed the Typical Tavern Quest, this adventure would no longer have been available.


  • The "ziggurat lighter" joke is a reference to Mighty Bjorn's History Lessons, which can be found here.
  • The orange rat with a toothless snout is actually the video game character Q*bert, who was known to jump around on a pyramid made out of cubes.
  • The name of the adventure is a reference to the 1989 movie Gleaming the Cube.