Gingerbread cigarette

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Full list of gingerbread monsters affected.

Effect of free insta-kill on the daily encounter limit.

gingerbread cigarette
gingerbread cigarette

The best thing about being a smoker is cigarettes. The best thing about not being a smoker is not dying because of smoking-related illnesses.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

Placate a gingerbread man

(In-game plural: gingerbread cigarettes)
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Item number: 9237
Description ID: 483871542
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Obtained From

Gingerbread Civic Center
Midnight in the Civic Center (buying cigarettes)

When Used

You hand the gingerbread man a cigarette. He says "Oh, hey, thank you. That's just what I needed!" and strolls away, puffing merrily and having a slowly but surely deleterious effect on his health.
  • Otherwise:
This monster doesn't smoke.



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