Gingerbread City

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Using the December 2016 Item-of-the-Month will permanently open up the Gingerbread City for you to access. counterfeit city will give you 1 day access when used. It consists of 3 zones and a leader board for most sprinkles found that day.

Here you can find:

Additional locations can be unlocked:

For tips on how to navigate the area, see A GingerGuide to Gingerbread City.


It's no use. Everything here just smells like gingerbread.
You make the mating call, but it's all weird and echoey in here, so it doesn't work.
  • After you have used your daily allotment of adventures (15-30), the next adventure will be Infrastructure Failure.
  • Attempts to continue adventuring thereafter on the same day give only the message: "The gingerbread city has collapsed."