Gin-soaked blotter paper

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gin-soaked blotter paper
gin-soaked blotter paper

There are always those brave souls for whom the mere drinking of alcohol is too inefficient or unexciting, and they're always trying to think of new ways to get booze into their systems. Those are the brave souls who snort, inhale, and make suppositories out of martinis. Usually, those people are to be avoided.

This time, however, they may be onto something: this is an absorbent, brilliantly white piece of paper soaked in gin. The wood pulp will help distribute the alcohol in your system, and you can use it to write down phone numbers, should one be proffered.

Type: booze (decent)
Potency: 1
Level required: 3
Selling Price: 40 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: sheets of gin-soaked blotter paper)
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Item number: 4675
Description ID: 242183225
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Obtained from

Infernal Rackets Backstage
A Dicey Situation
The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery (sometimes) (120 Meat)

When Consumed

You suck on the blotter paper. It tastes like someone squeezed out a tree branch. It also tastes a little like paper.
AdventuresYou gain 1-3 Adventures.
You gain 5-10 Fortitude.
You gain 5-10 Chutzpah.
You gain 1 Drunkenness.


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