Gilded ancient cursed chest

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gilded ancient cursed chest
gilded ancient cursed chest

This is a chest that has been gilded like a lily shouldn't be. It was dredged up from the unknown depths of the ocean, and carries a terrible, terrible curse. Unfortunately, the curse has a side effect that prevents you from telling anybody what the curse is (other than this part,) so I can't tell you any more about it.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: gilded ancient cursed chests)
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Item number: 3018
Description ID: 598368925
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Obtained From

The Poop Deck
Set an Open Course for the Virgin Booty
Ocean Treasure

When Used

The chest won't open. Looks like you'll need to find a key.
The gilded chest opens with an eerie creak, and you survey its cursed contents.
Pieceof13.gifYou acquire some cursed pieces of thirteen (36.4% chance)*
Pearlonion.gifYou acquire some cursed black pearl onions (9.1% chance)*
Cracker.gifYou acquire some cursed sea biscuits (9.1% chance)*
Rum.gifYou acquire some cursed bottles of rum (9.1% chance)*
Blackrum.gifYou acquire some cursed bottles of black-label rum (9.1% chance)*
Ccannonball.gifYou acquire some cursed cannonballs (9.1% chance)*
Voodooskull.gifYou acquire some cursed voodoo skulls (9.1% chance)*
Scroll1.gifYou acquire some cursed dirty joke scrolls (9.1% chance)*


  • Opening the chest grants 3 (40%), 4 (40%), or 5 (20%) of the above items.
  • For each chest opened, you get about 1.4 cursed pieces of thirteen and about .35 of each other item.
  • Opening the chest consumes both the chest and the key.


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