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This is a handheld catapult designed for hurling gifts down chimneys. Unsurprisingly, wielding it makes every one of your enemies look like a chimney.

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed giftapult)
Damage: 5 - 10
Cannot be discarded
Gift Item

Allows hurling of Gift Items

(In-game plural: gifts-a-pults)
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Item number: 4852
Description ID: 804389248
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Elf Alley
What a Tosser for 50 hobo nickels (occurs semi-rarely)


You give your opponent the gift of a rock in the face, and the gift of X damage. Merry Crimbo! KERBLAM! BONK! BONK!
You grab an empty beer can out of a nearby dumpster, load it into the gift-a-pult, and fire it at it for X damage. Merry Crimbo! SMACK! SMACK! POW!
You pry a brick off of a nearby wall, load it into the gift-a-pult, and let it fly, dealing X damage. Merry Crimbo! KERBLAM! WHACK! WHAMMO!
  • When using a Gift Item as a combat item:

You load the <item> into the gift-a-pult and pull the trigger. <specific item combat message>


  • Makes gifts combat items, dealing damage that appears to scale to the rarity of the item. Items purchased from the gift shop appear to do slightly more than 10% of their price in damage. As of 29 June 2013, spading is ongoing by /hardcore.
  • While it uses the "Items" menu in combat, and works with funkslinging, the V for Vivala mask does not increase gift item damage (there was a bug where it did on the rollout of the content, though).
  • Using URL manipulation, a player may throw any gift item. However, since this is unintentional, no message is given and 0 damage is done. Two exceptions to this are the left and right halves of a heart necklace, which have messages, but display %dmg for their damage (and deal 0 damage).



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